Bridge engineering is completed ahead of jade Maduo section

Recently, the reporter learned from the Yushu Republic to the construction site, a key project in Qinghai province of China Railway twenty bureau two companies participating in the construction of jade high-speed highway D1 standard bridge structure project schedule requirements than the owners completed one year ahead, for the 2016 total Jade Road fully opened to traffic time. It is reported that a total of two jade road is a total length of nearly 670 kilometers, a total of twenty projects participating jade Department of China Railway Bureau two, D1 single segment length of 45 kilometers, the design of large and medium Guan Qu 5, culvert 27, culvert 1, corrugated pipe culvert 40, subgrade embankment of the 1 million 860 thousand party, Ping Junhai pulled in 4200 meters in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau hilly wetlands, "Sanjiang source" national natural environmental protection, high requirements on ecological environment construction. In order to ensure that the construction tasks assigned by the owners, the project department for many years in the area, the construction of seasonal frozen soil actual situation, resulting in the progress of the project, the quality of safety has led the forefront of 15 civil construction units. The bridge concrete structure engineering requirements of the owner of the year completed 30% of the total, the excellent organization of the Ministry of technology of the project team and the construction of sophisticated equipment entering the construction, in the first section of the full range of D first to complete the bridge structure to complete the whole project, the proportion is 170%, the culvert project completed on schedule, by the owners on site management as the "standard of civilization site". In addition, the project department in permafrost area combining with the design scheme and hired professor Luqiao experts at the scene to guide the construction of pile foundation according to the depth of frozen soil implanted 2 to 5 meters of steel casing, solve the frozen section of the bridge pile foundation in plateau land cold winter conditions are not the construction problems of cracking. After the majority of construction workers round the clock stepping up construction, the bridge structure projects to completion area.  

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