t’s easy to offend customers in business


is paid great attention to the words, maybe not too easy to offend customers, but many shopkeepers are inadvertently offend customers, they also are not completely known, leading to the business of the shop is getting worse. Therefore, the operation of shops, daily need careful treatment, so as to ensure the development of the store business.

"boss, my son just bought new shoes out of your store? When I was shopping in your store, I didn’t know if I was still wearing it But soon came home to find the children today to buy a new shoes lost, the son did not know that the small shoes lost? A pair of shoes."

heard the voice of the customer, I immediately stood up, ha ha, no ah!"

did not forget, the customer said, "I also picked up a casual look, who is the only shoes to wear, because it is the only one, did not leave, I went to other places looking for someone?"

"good! I can help you ask and see if anyone saw shoes, do you what place?" I asked.

Guo Lou." "Give me your phone, and if I find someone to pick up one of your son’s shoes, I’ll let you know." "Ah! Thank you so much! I’ll go to another store."

said, sister-in-law out of my shop, I sat down and saw the floor friends blog comments. Just write a comment, sister-in-law turned, stormed. I saw her and asked, "did you find it?"

no, I do not find, it looks like a little angry sister-in-law, why? You see, she just went to the store I fear is segmentation of the flesh, out of her shop, I just ask, go look, you see the boss. Did not pick up, is not picked up, why go into it? The shop is not in random…… What about the businessman? Like this store, like the boss, I henceforth will not go to her shop segmentation cutting, thanks to my younger brother was still in the country to open a canteen, canteen need meat, often to cut her shop. After my brother said not to give her flesh, I Qi instrument so much to see her face segmentation butcher, why?"

from Daisow, I have learned, I just started to do business, so treat customers. Once an aunt to my shop to buy a packet of spices, go back, open the door and found the key to find out, come to my shop to find. I am also very angry, "did not see, did not see, why do not you believe it? Go out, go out, go somewhere else……"

maybe the shopkeeper is a careless act, too

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