The further strengthening of the urban function and carrying capacity of Xining Lake New Area

With the Qinghai Grand Theatre, Qinghai science and Technology Museum and other landmarks in Xining City Lake District, started the construction of the core area, this year plans a total investment of 10 billion yuan, the implementation of various construction projects 49 of the center of the Lake District, Lake District of the city function and city bearing capacity further strengthened, the taste of the city effectively upgrade.

at present, a number of landmark buildings, heavyweight enterprises, public service facilities located in the lake area and run. It is understood that the new year in 2013 the implementation of all kinds of construction projects 48, completed a fixed asset investment of 6 billion 686 million yuan. Among them, the Qinghai sports center built and put into use, Wenhui Bridge opened to traffic, sea bridge main project is completed, the new Hualian city commercial complex, the main cap hotel. The total investment of 10 billion yuan to promote the Kunlun Avenue, sea bridge, road west area fully completed this year, started along the Huangshui river ecological tourism leisure zone and green street construction projects, strengthening the Lake District construction. At present, the hospital has started construction of the lake, Lake Park kindergarten enrollment, high school, Lake Kawa Ni, to promote the construction of the region, in population increased to 15000, the Lake District construction and development to maintain good posture. (author: Jiao mi)


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