Qinghai Lake water level rose 1 59 cm per day

according to the Provincial Meteorological Research Institute of satellite remote sensing monitoring, since late August, by the Qinghai Lake basin precipitation increased significantly, the impact of the surge into the lake, the rapid expansion of the Qinghai Lake area, the water level rose rapidly. September 6th satellite remote sensing monitoring shows that the Qinghai Lake area of 4424.99 square kilometers, has been close to the maximum value in the past 16 years, and continued to expand.

according to the monitoring, August 21st -9 month 6, the Qinghai Lake water level hydrological station observed a significant upward trend. In September 6th, the Qinghai Lake water level was 3194.78 meters, compared with August 21st, the water level rose 0.27 meters, the water level growth rate was 1.59 cm / day, is the highest level in 2015 rose 3194.65 meters 0.13 meters, reaching the highest level in nearly 16 years. September 6th satellite remote sensing monitoring of Qinghai Lake area of 4424.99 square kilometers, compared with late September last year, the area increased 25.61 square kilometers, compared with the past 16 years the largest area in late July 2015, basically the same. Rapid rise in the water level of Qinghai Lake, resulting in the southern part of the grassland and scenic cliff has been flooded.

According to the

of Qinghai Lake basin in Tianjun, Gangcha in late August two meteorological stations precipitation analysis, Tianjun meteorological station precipitation (1981-2010) is over 3.7 times more than the average over the same period, the Gangcha meteorological station rainfall over the calendar year average more than 1.6 times. Since late August, the largest tributary of the Qinghai Lake basin Buha River daily flow is generally abundant, the daily average flow up to 361 cubic meters per second, compared with the same period last year and July of this year, the average flow was wet.

according to the Qinghai provincial Climate Center forecast, September in most parts of the Qinghai Lake Basin Rainfall, considering rainfall and flow since September, the Qinghai Lake area is expected late May continued to show rising trend. Meteorological experts suggest that the relevant units to pay close attention to the weather forecast, close to carry out inspections around Qinghai Lake Buha River, Shaliuhe River, Caution! Inspection to strengthen the tourism facilities.


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