Xining city police to clean up the surrounding campus violence toys

April 7th, Xining City Public Security Bureau jointly with the relevant departments of the area around the campus has focused on inventory remediation actions, inventory of various types of violent toys more than 40 pieces.

it is reported that the City Public Security Bureau police brigade combine to create a national civilized city social culture environment hundred days battle action work requirements, strict implementation of the Ministry of public security "eight measures", strengthen the governance of the area of the campus and the surrounding environment, comprehensive purification of juvenile social and cultural environment for the healthy growth of. The morning of April 7th, together with the city police brigade District Education Bureau, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, development of culture and Sports Bureau, social health bureau and other departments, on the area of Nanshan Road Primary School, eleventh middle school of Xining city surrounding conducted a focus on inventory remediation action. The action is mainly aimed at the sale of imitation guns, knives, violent toys and three noes small food stores around the campus store inventory remediation. During the operation, a total collection of more than 70 BB guns, more than 1000, more than 40 pieces of all kinds of violent toys.

through the campaigns, the area around the campus environment has been effectively improved, students and parents have applauded. Next, the police will further increase the inventory of campus surrounding environment remediation efforts to effectively maintain the area of public security environment continued stability. (author: Wang Xiaofang)

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