Xining customs credit management model is favorable to the province’s import and export enterprises

May 8th, Xining Customs Organization 2014 annual import and export value in the province’s Top 80 business representatives, held enterprise credit management policy referral, Interim Measures for credit management of People’s Republic of China Customs enterprise comprehensive interpretation of the General Administration of customs began to carry out December 1, 2014 ".

The "

" method "will make our province import and export enterprises on the equal clearance starting line to develop the international market, to promote fair competition in the market; at the same time, from the past will guide enterprises to compete on price and quantity, to rely on the quality and improve the international competitiveness of credit, especially small and micro enterprises is the science and technology, trade enterprises is an important good for our province." Hao Hanlin, director general of Xining customs comprehensive services.

it is understood that corporate credit management is an international customs supervision mode, but also the General Administration of Customs in accordance with the requirements of the comprehensive deepening of reform, the reform of the enterprise before the classification management, initiative innovation and innovation initiatives. The "measures" focus on the implementation of credit management mode, the implementation of differentiated management for different enterprises, corporate credit rating from high to low for certification enterprises (including senior general certification and certification), the general credit and credit enterprise of three grades, the customs management measures corresponding by loose, convenient to strict and harsh transition. As long as the integrity of corporate compliance, standardized management, regardless of size and the length of time, are eligible to apply for certification. The approach also reduces the threshold for the application of high credit companies, corporate credit processing time is also determined to shorten the period of 90 days from six months.

  compared with the import and export enterprises in the developed coastal areas, the scale of import and export enterprises in our province is relatively small. When applying for the evaluation of AA and class a management enterprises, they are often affected by the import and export performance and scale. In the credit management mode, credit becomes the only consideration of the standard, Xining customs in accordance with the internal control, financial status, law norms, trade security, additional standards 5 categories 18 32 standards for the enterprises to carry out certification, enterprises will be identified as certification enterprises (AEO), a credit enterprise and dishonest business. Certified enterprises (AEO) enjoy the convenience of international trade more than the original AA level, but at the same time, companies will face more stringent regulatory dishonesty.


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