The province’s first slow release fertilizer production line put into production

recently, I provincial science and Technology Department organized experts to Qinghai University and Qinghai Rongze agricultural biotechnology limited company take "the whole film crops special slow release fertilizer development and demonstration" project was carried out on-site inspection and assessment, the project "R & D and production of urea formaldehyde slow-release fertilizer" all the monitoring data in line with national standards, the province’s first the urea formaldehyde slow-release fertilizer production line officially put into operation, fill a in the production of slow-release fertilizer processing field blank in our province.

it is understood that, as of the end of 2015, in the province to promote the use of the whole film double ridge cultivation technology has more than 8.7 hectares. In the more than and 10 years of application, in addition to good water retention and drought resistance and other advantages, the difficulty is too large, high nitrogen loss rate, low utilization of fertilizer and other defects have gradually emerged. In order to solve this problem, in 2014, Qinghai University and Qinghai Rong Ze Agricultural Biotechnology Co., Ltd. jointly declared the development and demonstration of the whole membrane cultivation of slow release fertilizer development and transformation of agricultural science and technology projects. According to the present situation of our province fertilizer R & D and production of blank project, combined with the advantages of scientific research and production advantages, with more than two years developed for potato and corn planting in our province "ureaform slow-release fertilizer formula. And in the modern agricultural demonstration park in Ledu city in the East Sea area, completion of our province’s first urea formaldehyde slow-release fertilizer production line, annual production capacity will reach 20 thousand tons, annual output value is expected to reach 54 million yuan, covering more than 20 thousand hectares of farmland.

according to technical engineer Wang Qingguang introduction, the province’s "urea formaldehyde slow-release fertilizer" R & D and production is to meet the country’s "2020 fertilizer use zero growth" industrial policy and objectives. According to reports, "urea formaldehyde slow-release fertilizer" by the compound fertilizer, formaldehyde and urea through the processing of chemical reaction to obtain a kind of organic fertilizer. Due to the growth of crops in the fertilization period only need to apply fertilizer once again do not have to re apply, save labor and save costs, in China’s southeast coastal areas and Hunan, Hubei and other places are widely used. At present, our province’s production of urea formaldehyde slow-release fertilizer compared with ordinary fertilizer, not only reduce the dosage by 10%, and efficiency increased by more than 10% to more than 15%. In addition, when the urea formaldehyde slow release fertilizer was put into the soil, the nitrogen loss rate was smaller than that of the traditional fertilizer, which avoided the pollution of the groundwater.


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