Xining City area two characteristics of cultural taste smell

Yangko twist up, gongs and drums knock, dragon lion dance, red lanterns hanging high up…… With the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival footsteps approaching, the cultural backbone of the city of Xining has also begun to offer a wonderful cultural package for the public and busy.

this year, Chengzhong district two cultural activities to promote the advanced culture, to show national art style "as the main line, highlighting the" safe and civilized, small scattered, healthy and economical effectiveness "principle, mining show Plateau Characteristic and local characteristics of folk culture, create a set of community culture, the traditional culture in rural areas as a whole, Fire Festival the two cultural packages.

according to reports, the city area will be launched by the broad masses of people welcome the "art show, farmers basketball, Spring Festival Lantern Festival lantern festivals and cultural activities such as" the beginning of the eight month this year, Yu Zheng in the South held folk Shehuo is the beginning of the nine month high pay New Year’s call, Simon stadium held City District Spring snake show a new look "excellent fire performance. During the first fifteen days of the Lantern Festival, the city will be on the south, North street lamp poles permanent lighting renovation, the use of point, line structure, which brings the artistic effect of smart. To build the "central Longmen dragon" theme in the Grand Cross, build the theme "happy central" lamp group in the center of the center of the square, in addition to the layout of "central charm" and "auspicious snake spring", "happiness Avenue" and "Yingbin Avenue", "welcome", "brilliant eighteen", "lantern riddles Gallery", "Happy Garden", "twelve zodiac series" group of 9 lights, creating a "sleepless nights" scene. (author: Sheng Nan Zhang Yongzhi)


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