The two development in Qinghai oilfield has been successful in deep profile control

In order to reconstruct the cognition system, reconstruction of well network structure, restructuring process ground center of Qinghai oil reservoir of Gasi E31 "two development" deep flooding test in the end of this month. The test group had 40 tons of oil wells, the test is successful, provide technical support for the full implementation of the two main Gasi oilfield development.

of Qinghai Oilfield "two development" deep flooding test work from the beginning of July 15th this year, the test focuses on the three-dimensional geological modeling and reservoir numerical simulation, log interpretation of water flooded layer evaluation, dominant flow channels and other aspects of fine qualitative identification. Based on the fine stratigraphic correlation and fine structure review, the distribution model of the single layer and the division of flow units, the distribution of remaining oil, and the interpretation of watered out layers are established. Select the reservoir development of contiguous, the remaining recoverable reserves and water benefit rate high, dominant flow channels generally 1 -6 and IV -4 layer as the object of deep flooding, a total of 15 wells, 30 wells of deep flooding test, flooding the Nissan 12.1 tons of oil flooding. Nissan 53.4 tons of oil, 2675 tons of oil accumulated during the test. (author: Ji Haijian)


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