Xining City Public Security Bureau to ensure the safety of public facilities in the provincial capit

Recently, the Xining municipal public security organs to strengthen the prevention and control of key areas, easy incidence area, incidence period, stolen or destroyed, water supply, drainage covers a much smaller city of Xining, to ensure the safety of urban water supply and drainage. The Spring Festival approaching, Xining water gas group company conducted condolences to the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau, to send them to "protect public facilities construction of safe Xining" banners, letters and 50 thousand yuan condolences.

according to the municipal government arrangements, especially in the fight against theft and destruction of city public facilities of illegal and criminal activities of the special action, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau carefully organized, scientific deployment, strict measures, solid work, to mobilize the security detachment, special police detachment, patrol and other public facilities, in the investigation on the basis of Mopai, increase patrols and density of theft, destruction of public facilities case prone areas and periods, especially increase the night patrol efforts, some of the key positions, to prevent sticking, increase efforts to protect and prevent the destruction of municipal facilities cases occurred in a short time, uncovered a number of municipal public facilities theft case made initial results, save a few million economic losses to the water supply and drainage enterprises. (author: Yao Bin)


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