Xining traffic police adopt golden ideas to create a safe and orderly flow of traffic


since the implementation of open project, Xining city traffic police detachment attaches great importance to the smooth project "to collect golden ideas" for readers advice, careful study of the implementation of personnel, to create a safe and orderly flow of traffic environment. At present, part of the city’s road traffic conditions have been significantly improved.

it is understood, according to the smooth traffic project "provides the reader with golden ideas" and the related reports, the city traffic police detachment personnel through field investigation and argumentation, have solved the "Nanshan Road junction lights not bright", "Xi Huang highway 14 km road gas station near Yongjun no warning signs," "traffic marking cannot read", aiming at the difficult problem of pedestrian crossing, the city traffic police detachment of some sections and intersections of the signal re timing; after school hours, set a fixed duty post in a lot of traffic at the school gate, increase traffic to divert efforts to escort students across the street; the vehicle Luantingluanfang etc. the presence of traffic safety area, combined with the current development of winter traffic rectification work, increase patrol management, ensure the smooth road in the public order; Park turntable signal timing, according to the cycle of traffic flow and flow changes in the situation with reasonable, fine management.


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