Xining half speed upgrade full speed

Since 11th Five-Year, Xining rural highway construction of special funds of 2 billion 100 million yuan, the Provincial Communications Department and the municipal Party committee and government support, Xining new rural highway total mileage of up to 6540 km. However, in the period from 2007 to 2008, the national raw material price rise of non normal factors and other reasons, resulting in 8 rural highway project in the construction of the city was forced to shut down, some road half shut down, and some had just hit the road embankment…… These left behind the road to bring great inconvenience to the villagers.

"half speed, half speed change"

Dahua Huangyuan County town of villagers Zhao Zuzhen driving a private car, with one family, just back from town shopping. When asked to pull North Road "half speed, half of the term low origin", Zhao Zuzhen laughed, he said: "when the road, for the convenience of travel, is half of the road, half opened. Then shut down, it appears that there is a hardening of the road, while the road is the soil, and hardening of the road are not on the side of the left section of the right side, like the old lady’s teeth, uneven. We joked that ‘half speed, half speed’."

at the construction site, Yang Zhongxin randomly selected 5 soil sampling inspection, found that the foundation did not play enough 15 cm after digging, but the soil is not compacted. After the discovery of the situation;

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