Zizu Si Chaanning President of the national well known hospital exchange after the first settlement

from November 9th to 10, the national first settlement after treatment and hospital social work conference held in Xining. Zizu Si Chaanning, director of the national well-known hospitals, on how to further do a good job after the first diagnosis and treatment of hospital social work and in-depth exchanges.

the meeting pointed out, to carry out after the first treatment settlement, hospital social work and volunteer service is to promote the reform of public hospitals, to further optimize service processes, improve the medical service system and improve the quality of service, improve the patient experience, and promote the harmonious doctor-patient relationship, an important measure to let the people truly feel the effectiveness of health care reform.

in recent years, our province adhere to the patient as the center for the purpose, in the provincial medical institutions to explore the implementation of the settlement work after the first treatment, "the implementation of outpatient hospital social work management and volunteer hospital services in more than two hospitals in Xining area. Especially in the beginning of September this year, four public medical institution of the province, prefecture, county and township, based on the province to participate in the "three" Medicare patients, hospital patients to reform the traditional first deposit, the implementation of the new pattern of "after the first hospitalization settlement, optimize medical treatment process, to enhance the level of service and satisfaction patient.

Beijing people’s Hospital, Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, Shangdong Province-owned Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and other well-known hospital president spoke at the meeting made the exchange; the participants also to the provincial people’s Hospital, Xining Second People’s Hospital and other medical institutions "volunteers after the first hospitalization settlement and hospital service field to observe. (author: Li Xin He Jun)

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