Since March 2nd the highest temperature will rise and Western holidays

used a few days before the fine weather of Xining residents, yesterday morning to feel the chill, and from time to time the wind blows, let a person feel the winter comes again. Reporter yesterday learned from the Qinghai provincial meteorological station, Xinjiang by the impact of cold air, windy weather yesterday, part of the province’s area, there 10 winds, Xining average wind of 5 or so, while there are 10 degrees Celsius temperature.

Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Observatory captain Zhang Jinong introduced yesterday, our province, Tanggula Mountain of Yushu, Golog large department, Department, Hainan of southern Huangnan appear more than 8 windy weather, the largest wind appeared in the five province Daoliang region, 10 winds, Xining 5 the left and right wind, as of 16 when the daily maximum temperature is only 4.7 degrees Celsius, one day before the temperature drop of 10 degrees celsius. But across the province did not appear sand, dust, dust storms. Is expected today, in addition to the province of the west, the lake area will have more than six above the blowing weather, the province did not have a significant blow, the temperature will rise slightly. Today, Xining is expected to pick up to the maximum temperature of 8 degrees Celsius, is expected in March 2nd will be the end of the cold air, the temperature will slow recovery, the highest daily temperature will rise to more than 10 degrees celsius. (author: Wang Yalin)


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