Xining from January began to use half a year to punish the party and government organs work discipli

Combine to carry out the party’s mass line of educational practice, the Xining Municipal Commission for discipline inspection plan from the beginning of January 2014, the first half of the time, to carry out serious work discipline, improve the ability to perform "special rectification activities in the city party and government organs at all levels and Party members and cadres.The main contents include:

remediation work regulations on air pollution, water pollution and environmental remediation, stability control prices, and other illegal pornography city’s key work to deal with the false, the orders and prohibitions, dilatory, buck passing and other issues; not to seriously implement the "Regulations" the opposition party and government austerity waste "and the party and government organs domestic official reception management regulations", not according to the provisions of compression three funds, super standard purchase or high-grade decoration over the preparation of official vehicles; violation of public funds tourism, super standard reception, keen to usher in to indulge in, leave idle away in seeking pleasure and other issues; ineffective implementation of the system of cadres, cadres for a long time the post code is not strictly enforce the work; the discipline to work late and leave early, leave work time; secretly go entertainment, Internet chat, play games The play, online shopping, watching movies, stocks and other issues; do not comply with the discipline of the meeting, an important meeting held without missing or early departure; without expanding the scale of the meeting, the meeting promoted grade problems; the administrative law enforcement heavy entity, light procedure, heavy fines, light service; illegal intervention or intervene in the construction project. The employer, the transferring of land use rights, government procurement, intermediary services market.

special rectification activities from January 2014 to the end of June 2014. During the rectification, the county departments will be through the establishment of a suggestion box, open telephone hotlines, receive online reports, issuing questionnaires, visits to the service object, the form of seminars held, solicit opinions and suggestions of service object and the social from all walks of life, and the masses, for self-examination and solicit opinions, in-depth analysis on the existing problems, targeted improvement measures, make a clear commitment to rectification measures, service commitment and implementation, open to the public through websites, bulletin boards and other forms, accept the supervision of the people and the community. City Commission for Discipline Inspection will jointly relevant departments, do not say hello, uncertain time, focusing on spot checks, inspections, unannounced visits, the organization of the media to participate in supervision. Encourage the community, the masses to report typical cases. On the discovery and verification of the problem, and resolutely investigate and deal with a number of informed a group, a number of exposure, strict supervision and rectification, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of serious treatment. (author: Jia Quanjun)


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