The sixth session of the university students around the Qinghai Lake road cycling race

8 13, 2009, the sixth session of the university students around the road cycling race in the East Sea city of Ledu District, firing a shot in the area of the world cup in. 20 athletes from the national team on behalf of the University of the 113 players will be launched for a period of three days.

the tournament organized by the organizing committee, the Provincial Sports Bureau, the Provincial Department of education. Event consists of three stages, the first stage of Ledu criterium race 49 kilometers; the second stage is the stage of the game in Haiyan, a distance of about 46 kilometers; the third stage is set to Qinghai Hunan scenic Jiro sword mountain climbing race, race 6.7 kilometers.

Qinghai Lake college road cycling race around the lake as an important extension of competition structure, has grown into a national college bike enthusiasts the most influential events, events not only to build a competitive and communication platform for college students, has become the training of Reserve Talents Raise bicycle field trials, to implement the national fitness strategy and promote the concept of green development, has important significance to promote the development of cycling.

sea east city relevant responsible person said, the sixth ring road cycling race is Qinghai Lake University District of Ledu in hosting the fifteenth Qinghai Lake international road cycling race eighth stage after the event, and an important road cycling event, which is to improve the Haidong city bicycle sport level, promote the mass sports activities flourished from a positive and far-reaching impact.

yesterday, in the first stage of the competition, Wang Jiale Cao Jianhua of Jimei University, Beihua University and the Beihua University Ze Peng got the first three stages, Wang Jiale to sprint points and individual total score from the top grade wear a green shirt and yellow shirt.


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