Xining affordable housing project award 1 million 90 thousand

because of housing projects in the city’s solid progress, recently, the Provincial Department of Finance issued city urban affordable housing projects 1 million 90 thousand yuan reward fund, this is for the first time in the form of money, the affordable housing project implementation area award.

Since the

in our city since 2008 the formal implementation of affordable housing projects, strictly implement the "spirit of the relevant documents of Qinghai Province, the minimum living guarantee for urban families low-cost housing management procedures", according to local conditions, overall arrangement and innovation, established by the low rent housing, public rental housing, affordable housing in shantytowns, multi-level both the urban and rural housing security system, reasonably determine the scope of construction of affordable housing, construction funds, land supply, preferential tax policies and measures. Active in the fight for the implementation of the central and provincial subsidies policy based on the relevant departments timely and full implementation of the municipal matching funds, and actively explore the local financing platform, provident fund loans and other types of financing channels, to support the construction of affordable housing projects. In the planning and design of the project, taking into account the factors such as traffic conditions and external environment, the municipal facilities and public service facilities construction of affordable housing should be considered. Up to now, the city has accumulated a total of 73192 sets of various types of affordable housing construction, which has been officially completed in the set of 20855. In order to improve financial support to accelerate the progress of the construction, the incentive funds will be fully used for the construction of low rent housing, public rental housing and various types of shantytowns and other affordable housing projects. (author: Xiao Yu City Finance)

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