Carefully organized and orderly Xining city reconstruction of Yushu village road hardening projects

in accordance with the municipal government of Yushu earthquake disaster reconstruction work arrangements, the city Department of transportation to take Yushu Zaduo SA Hu Teng Zhen Nao, the bar ditch, plexus, Sha Qing four villages totaling 16 km village road hardening project construction tasks. Through field investigation and careful coordination, until now, a village cluster hardening project has been completed, with construction completed Jiarilong village subgrade construction, are tied village temple paved roadbed construction color tie. Is expected by the end of October will be completed in four villages in all the village road hardening project.

makes full use of the construction season in Yushu Co., to ensure timely completion of the village road hardening reconstruction task, Xining city traffic bureau leaders personally led to several zadoi County reconstruction project site to understand the situation, organize on-site reconnaissance work, and communicate with the contact state of Yushu and zadoi County, the relevant departments and leadership, construction site, climate the labor, materials, transportation and other investigation, formulate specific implementation plan, the project organization and construction departments clear responsibility, a clear mandate standards, a clear time limit.

Through the

and zadoi County construction sector and a number of highway engineering survey and design units for contact and talks, identified by the Qinghai West Extension traffic engineering consulting limited liability company in accordance with the design, project office and the County Attorney, Hu Teng Zhen construction, layout of the project route, engineering survey, quota design, August 10, 2011 the completion of the project work and preliminary design, and passed by the Qinghai construction engineering survey and design consulting organization of examination and review, successfully obtained approval and the beginning of the project work.

according to the project location and construction properties, content and other special circumstances, Xining city traffic bureau by SA Hu Teng village road hardening project and is responsible for the town of Zaduo County of agsai village road hardening project tied bidding approach in May 25, 2012 completed the project bidding, the bid by Shaanxi Hanzhoung Luqiao Co. Ltd., price 7 million 413 thousand and 500 yuan (project total investment 8 million 400 thousand yuan, including construction costs 7 million 520 thousand yuan, two cost 880 thousand yuan).

the project officially started construction in May 28, 2012. Xining Municipal Bureau of transportation arrangements for the site responsible for the project quality, progress, testing, data monitoring and other specific work to ensure the progress of the project quality and progress in accordance with the specification requirements. Up to now, the village is full of trouble to complete the project, the construction of 1.605 km of cement concrete road, gravel road, 2.395 km. Complete with Jiarilong village construction of roadbed project is 1.105 kilometers, with the village temple construction color tie is stepping up paving roadbed, is expected at the end of October this year, to complete the four village village road hardening project all the time.



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