Huangzhong County brand strategy to promote the county’s economic and social development

 , in recent years, Huangzhong county to implement the brand strategy as an important part of promoting industrial upgrading, accelerate the development of dominant industries, improve the competitiveness of the region, a strong impetus to the county’s economic and social development.

[a recording: we Industrial and Commercial Bureau in Huangzhong County in recent years focus on efficient agriculture and animal husbandry, agriculture and animal husbandry science and technology special aquaculture issue, help enterprises to declare agricultural products and aquatic products trademark trademark, relying on the first prominent geographical advantages, the farm house, garden in standard, improve service quality, guide the registered trademark, the operating characteristics of the road to go. Recording stop]

Huangzhong has also increased the existing registered trademarks, geographical indications defensive, protective registration. They expand the categories of existing registered trademarks in the mobilization of enterprises, extending the registration areas at the same time, the extensive collection of features, the natural landscape and cultural places of historic interest and scenic beauty with regional characteristics such as natural advantages as trademark reserve, prevent others cybersquatting, cause the resource loss. Today, the "eight petal lotus", "Ge Sanghua", "Cameroon art", "great", "ban Zhong Ying" and a large number of cultural products, agricultural and livestock products have successfully registered trademark. As of the end of 2011, Huangzhong has successfully registered trademark of 218, of which there are trademarks of Qinghai province was named as a well-known trademark, the trademark was named as the 6 well-known trademarks of Xining.

actively guide enterprises to carry out the registration of a trademark at the same time, Huangzhong County Industrial and Commercial Bureau also continue to strengthen the protection of the existing trademark, trademark infringement crackdown, effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and enterprises.

Huangzhong County Bureau of Commerce and industry branch chief Li Tianwei:

[a recording: one is to protect the mutual aid A Well-Known Trademark in China as the key for our county reacted strongly, serious cases of trademark infringement cases focus on a check in the end; two is to give full play to the business and two stood for a moment, to lodge complaints, the compensation benefit, actively accepting consumer complaints in a timely manner to resolve the trademark. Trademark consumer disputes; three is to enjoy a certain reputation of the trademark protection in the registration of the implementation of key enterprises, prohibit unauthorized use, registration, to ensure that the use of the trademark infringement to the interests of the people. Recording stop (author: Zhang Yongan)


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