Hand ping an activity kicked off the ceiling of eight violations of traffic violations

In August 9th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment held "in peace" activities, from now until December 31st, the city will focus on the stringent regulation of the 8 kinds of traffic violations, for drunk driving, the vehicle involved in the licensing of card, speeding the overload driving and other illegal activities will be strictly punished according to the ceiling.

at the same time, the city will also be strict regulation of traffic violations prominent bus and taxi, bus does not enter the harbor to correct, do not turn out, side by side, parking site called unit mode and other traffic violations; correct taxi parking, do not rely on the edge of random U-turn, reverse parking, public site, interspersed with Lane showmanship super strong force, "old habits and bad habits". Two wheeled, tricycle, electric tricycle and motor wheelchairs for the disabled will also be the focus of remediation objects in our city, the press lane, high-speed racing, zebra mess and other illegal activities will be strictly investigated and dealt with according to law.  

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