How to make customers feel more professional

is now a lot of people want to let the deal, too hard at the same time, he is not professional, does not lead to customer trust, the deal will lose the natural desire. So, if you want to allow customers to achieve a real deal with you, first of all need to make customers feel more professional. Why do you say that? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

when the door to door salesman, the other party to introduce you feel you are an expert, he will be willing to listen to you after going, because you know what he needs to know what, without the need to spend time to do some meaningful advice.

has a marketing director to the electronics store, just in the door was a young salesman stopped selling their products. The director was not interested in the product, but in turn asked: "what do you do?" I saw the salesman was stupefied, said: "I am a full-time salesman." Director smiled and said, you should not think of themselves as sellers, the most important thing is that you should be the expert guide.

it’s true that customers now prefer an expert salesperson, a salesperson who has mastered the right way of speaking.

fax machine company has just launched a fax machine sales, although the product has an advantage, but has not been able to open the market. Because the fax machine price is very expensive, about fifty thousand or sixty thousand yuan, so very few buyers. In view of the poor sales, the company asked a sales company’s senior salesman to help consider how to push the fax machine to a new field, open the market.

the salesman through some characteristics of the fax machine, the fax machine that has three very important characteristics of these three characteristics is on the market at that time all the communication tools and means can not be replaced, the cross express distance and can transmit data and text. He according to the three characteristics of the fax machine to the market to find must use the three characteristics of customers and must use these three characteristics to solve the problems in the work of customers, soon found the target customers, is an oil company.


of this company have a lot of drilling platform in the Pacific, every day they sent to the helicopter and from two to acquire from the drilling platform and drilling all relevant data, then the data is transferred to the headquarters through a special way, by the headquarters of experts to analyze these data. It can be imagined that two times a day with a helicopter to the drilling platform, if it is the 10 drilling platform, you need more helicopters. Secondly, the data from the drilling platform to the coast, and from the coast to the headquarters, the transfer takes a long time to complete, so the company according to the situation to the oil company to recommend this to a fax machine. Finally, the oil company purchased 1000 fax machines.


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