50 new environmentally friendly buses instead of bus routes on the road to the husband of the 2

July 1st, 50 new environmentally friendly buses to replace the bus route of the first line of the husband on the road to operate 2. This marks the city’s public transport has taken a new step forward, will create a civilized city and environmental protection model city, improve the conditions for the masses to travel, accelerate the development of urban public transport plays an important role.

it is understood that the 50 new environmentally friendly buses all use pure natural gas engine power and exhaust emissions to achieve the national standard of 3, the car comes with heating, car decoration, all of the use of environmentally friendly materials, flooring with non skid quartz material is more conducive to slip, car lights and signs for LED lamp. Other aspects also do the humanized design, get off the floor more convenient for various quasi low age passengers on the front door, back door width of 90 cm, 110 cm wide, can accelerate the speed of the passengers to get off at the back door, there are two plum piles, both inside and outside the front door with emergency switch, in the case of emergency after passengers press the emergency switch to open the door, at the same time, the car is also equipped with safety hammer. In addition, the steering gear can be adjusted at any time, the braking system for the country’s more advanced configuration, improve the safety and reliability, steering wheel with power, reducing the driver’s labor intensity. According to reports, the new environmentally friendly vehicles on the road, the original 2 cars will be adjusted internally, arranged to replace other lines scrapped and damaged vehicles.


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