Luo Huining my heart is with you

"54" on the eve of the provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining depth youth entrepreneurship incubator and university research, on behalf of the provincial Party committee to extend holiday the youth’s blessing, encouraged everyone in the "Internet plus" background, establish entrepreneurial ambitions, Li Yong forefront of innovation, "a popular industry, highly innovative contribution.

Qinghai depth media is growing up from the park engaged in animation film and television production, the promotion of enterprise. Luo Huining watched the anime, praised the young people to create the animation imaginative and lively. Learned that the enterprise animation has started in CCTV, Luo Huining very happy, concerned about the lack of animation industry in Qinghai. The lack of professional and technical personnel, he told the accompanying education departments responsible comrades, the school should cater to the needs of the market opening course, animation talents training, provide support for the development of enterprises. He said to the person in charge of the enterprise and the staff, saw the enterprise to grow up, was happy for you. If you have a dream, you will succeed!

in the normal university students in business incubator, Luo Huining talking with teachers and students around. School official said that in recent years, the school adhere to the school to follow the market, in a targeted manner to adjust the discipline at the same time, to strengthen the training of college students, and now the employment rate of graduates increased year by year. Luo Huining nodded. He pointed out that college graduates can obtain employment, entrepreneurship, this shows that college education is successful. In the context of economic downward pressure, all aspects should pay attention to promote the employment of College graduates. During the conversation, the students spoke enthusiastically;

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