Ministry of Civil Affairs inspection team of the province in 12th Five Year during the central budge

7 month 7 to 8, the Ministry of civil affairs social assistance department of the inspection team of a group of three people, the province in 12th Five-Year, the central budget for the civil affairs project planning and construction supervision. The Inspectorate line of field view of the Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County child welfare project, Longhua Hui Autonomous County Social Welfare Center building maintenance, child welfare projects, and Chengbei District of Xining City nursing home maintenance building project.

7 8 morning, the provincial Civil Affairs Department held a forum to listen to the report of the construction of public service facilities. Inspection team believes that the "12th Five-Year" period, Qinghai province civil construction projects around the central work, enhance the ability to enhance the protection of people’s livelihood, people’s well-being, social services, economic development as the target task, make full use of the central budget funds, the State Department of the welfare lottery public welfare fund, local funds, the provincial welfare lottery. Post disaster reconstruction funds and organizing various district public service facilities 3754, invested 3 billion 640 million yuan, compared with 11th Five-Year growth period more than 7 times. Among them, the national arrangements for the central budget for investment in Qinghai province had 696 million yuan of public service facilities construction funds (including 142 million yuan of local matching funds), arrangement of civil fields planning project 145, the project covers the social welfare and pension services, community services, disaster prevention and mitigation, placement, social affairs and other six systems, and built a number of civil affairs public service facilities, do many people to benefit from the practical work, good results, worthy of recognition, the experience accumulated in the northwest area of similar is worth learning and promotion.

inspection group put forward three suggestions on Qinghai District infrastructure work: one is to speed up the construction project and construction project construction schedule, for years for completion, as "a good start in 13th Five-Year" build. Two is a high degree of attention to the management and use of built projects. After the completion of the project management and service levels to keep up with time, effectively improve the utilization rate of civil service facilities, to avoid waste of resources. Three is to guide social capital to enter, the original facilities for the integration and upgrading, the introduction of professional management service team, and constantly improve the management of nursing home service level, improve the overall service capacity.


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