Huangzhong County DOPA welfare care old love service

July 10th, Huangzhong county held DOPA welfare service activities of respecting and caring for the elderly, Qinghai health school, DOPA students, to live here more than and 60 orphans and the elderly to prepare rich cultural programs and related services.

The construction of Huangzhong county and the 2006

DOPA orphanage, the early completion of only seven people, with the support of the government for the welfare of the constantly increasing, currently Huangzhong county has been admitted to the orphanage DOPA more than and 60 and widowed elderly. Peng Wenlin, Dean of Xining welfare

[] today we recorded the welfare station card respect for the old, the purpose is to let the attention of the whole society and the elderly widows and take care of them, we have Clinic; Welfare Institute, has specialized personnel for medical treatment to them; rehabilitation room, functional rehabilitation training for old people; daily set a weekly menu the meals for the elderly, nursed back to health; and chess room and gymnasium to enrich the cultural life of the old people. [recording]

it is understood that the construction of Huangzhong County currently support pension benefits, has built two welfare homes, four homes for the elderly, basically can satisfy the pension problems of Huangzhong county and five elderly widows face. Director of the Huangzhong County Bureau are Li Lianyin

[] a recording on pension county gives great support, the county government attaches great importance to, in the budget for special funds 1 million 600 thousand yuan, the daily operation of several institutions pension benefits, from the capital to the security personnel, policy supports. County four team leaders are working on this research and guidance. [recording] check (author: Gu words)

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