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community director with a loudspeaker in the district to pull the throat to inform things; propaganda column posted a notice…… This is a familiar scene of the people, and now these ways behind! With the construction of Xining street community network, the community can be issued on the Internet bulletin, residents at home to send a post, a little mouse, the two sides to communicate.

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December 7th, the youth Lane neighborhood committee staff in the morning to open the office on the computer, ready to receive notification from the ancient city of Taiwan office. On the other hand, office staff Zhang Nan sitting in front of the computer, through the QQ to receive messages from the community. Community family planning report, data transmission of the community low-income households, monthly plan summary, community participation in health insurance list, various types of services and activities, etc., all through QQ group and e-mail real-time transmission.

youth Lane community staff said that before the material is good to get the office, need to change, but also to take back the community, and then turn over the past good. Now directly through the QQ or mail transfer, do not run back and forth, save time and effort, but also save the paper.

. To solve the problem in time

street lamp does not light, there are hidden dangers, serious damage to the road, the elderly children travel inconvenience"…… Through QQ group, the residents will be found in a timely manner to reflect the problem to the community staff, staff according to the residents to reflect the problem, timely investigation and settlement.

QQ group is the biggest advantage of easy communication, through good communication to rally the parties to jointly build a harmonious community." North meteorological Lane community staff Wang Hong said. Now join the community QQ group residents have more than a hundred, since the North meteorological Lane community opened QQ community, a lot of problems were raised and resolved, the community residents to participate in community building initiative to improve the.



in August 28, 2007, the first street office site in Qinghai – Xining City, the ancient city of Taiwan office site was set up and put into trial operation. Site related to the work of the street, work guide, convenience services, community forums and other content, is a collection of publicity, service, supervision in one convenient website.

October 2009, West Main Street office site built, the staff of the relevant policies of the government to inform residents through the network; the community activities, pictures, information onto the Internet "sun", to understand the needs of the residents, to help residents solve the difficulties.

now, the community network has become an important channel for people to express their aspirations. Small to property management, urban construction, residents are concerned about the topic of discussion.


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