Dorje Geltan in the province’s overall responsibility strictly extends to the grassroots to promote

8 8, the province’s overall responsibility for the main responsibility of the party to promote the extension of the video will be held, the Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Dorje Geltan attended and spoke.

Dorje Geltan pointed out that to fully understand the full significance of strictly extends to the grassroots, to promote the main responsibility, style construction, discipline construction, discipline and supervision, inner-party supervision, accountability and punishment of corruption extends to the grassroots. Party organizations at all levels should effectively assume the political responsibility of the party governing the party, the clean government and anti-corruption work into the overall strategic layout of the four overall plan to promote. The perseverance to implement the provisions of the central eight spirit, continue to deepen the grass-roots style construction, create a positive political environment delicate gas. To practice the use of "four forms", the cadre’s education management in daily life, truly comprehensive, strict. Party organizations at all levels should be responsible for the management of the party as part of the matter, the responsibility should be to strengthen the supervision and management of the team members and Party members and cadres, so dare to control the strict, really strict tube. The discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should strictly identify responsibilities in the overall positioning, highlight the supervision and discipline of accountability, and resolutely remediation unwholesome tendencies and corruption against the interests of the masses, and earnestly safeguard the interests of the masses.

Dorje Geltan stressed that the party organizations at all levels should take the main responsibility for promoting the comprehensive strictly extends to the grassroots, with a strong sense of responsibility, pragmatic work style, promote the comprehensive strictly the requirements in primary air plant.


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