Cross Harbour Bridge will be built at the Red Cross Hospital

This year, Xining will continue to increase the intensity of the implementation of the project, according to the reporter, this year will continue to build a pedestrian crossing pedestrian bridge in the serious phenomenon of people and vehicles mixed.Since the

because of the Red Cross Hospital pedestrian crossing demand, people and vehicles mixed serious, causing traffic jams during rush hours. The bridge will be built to solve the South Street vehicles mixed phenomenon, improve the traffic rate, and through the footbridge and built the South Street and Kunlun Road underground channel two facilities, to achieve the separation of people and vehicles, improve the traffic conditions of South Street south. Since the installation of self Nanchuan road isolation barrier and traffic lights, the accident rate decreased greatly, but in Nanchuan road mill village near the road car to grab the line phenomenon still occur from time to time. The plan to build the Nanchuan Road flyover will be greatly improved especially the pedestrian crossing conditions of villagers mill village, reduce accidents, and to further promote the Nanchuan road vehicle navigate. Through the combination of Nanchuan Road flyover construction traffic comprehensive renovation project, will effectively improve the Nanchuan road traffic conditions.

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