30 thousand flowers many food festival happy

In May 15th, the seventh session of the Qing food festival main scene Xifeng Wetland Park, the theme of "the plateau welcoming" 2014 Xining East Second · Hehuang Flower Charm Series Concert opening of passion, the popularity of sky clean food festival main venue of the visitors from 14 to nearly 100 thousand people jumped to nearly 130 thousand people, of which about 30 thousand people are admiring the flowers fans, some of whom have to come all the way from Gansu, Ningxia and other counties in our province, only for a flower addiction.

reporter at the scene learned that compared with last year, this year’s concert style of Hehuang flowers has 3 characteristics: five northwestern provinces of flowers Oprah Qi battle, a strong lineup of famous flower princess, overseas; Sophia · Ma Honglian came to the scene to participate in the performance; dance actor in Gansu Province by the two strong combination, and music, dance, beauty effect.

It is reported that

, 6 consecutive days of flowers will sing a theme every day: 16, the theme of "flowers is the heart the words", 17 on the theme of "ten in the fragrance of a flower," 18 day theme "heart of flowers to sing," 19 day theme "a diffuse sound to the party", listen to the flowers 20 day theme "end to sing a All flowers bloom together".


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