I jumped at it Mikmaw firefighter tackles the big blaze

first_img(Gary Falkenham at work in Nova Scotia. Photo: Angel Moore/APTN)Angel MooreAPTN News SaturdayGary Falkenham finishes putting his gear away in a tall green locker at a fire station in Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia.For Falkenham, fighting wildfires is his dream job.“I was the first Mi’kmaw to be trained to fight wildfires,” he says. “If I could preach anything to anyone, it would be to get into it because it’s a good career choice.”When he started, he had no experience and trained for three months.Four days after his training finished, he was on a plane heading west, to the other side of the country – to fight a raging wildfire in British Columbia.“The hardest thing was leaving the kids, that was the first time I’ve been away from the kids since they were born,” Falkenham told APTN News.“My wife was 100 per cent supportive, she was the one who said to go, it would be a great experience. I got to spend 14 days in the woods fighting fires, it was phenomenal,” Falkenham says.Falkenham, 36, has six children and has lived his entire life on a small piece of reserve land in Sheet Harbour on the Atlantic Ocean east of Halifax.The land is administered by the band council in the Millbrook First Nation 90 km to the north.Falkenham says his community has given him a lot of support.Millbrook Chief Bob Gloade says Falkenham is admired in the community.“As representative of the community, it is both an honor and a privilege to have somebody step up help other people in need, especially when it comes to a major disaster like this, going across the country, not only putting his life on the line,” says Gloade.Before last spring, Falkenham was a carpenter and a lobster buyer.“For the last eight or nine years I was the middle man, I worked directly from the fisherman, bought lobster and transported them,” he says.It was a good job, but he wanted to be in the woods and protect the environment.Three years ago, Falkenham decided he wanted to fight wildfires with a group called the Sustained Action Team.“They are the ones that travel, they save the woods. That is the team you have to be on to be exported across Canada to fight fires. But, I did not have a whole lot of fire experience.”When the job came up to work for the Department of Lands and Forestry of Nova Scotia, he knew it was a good career.“I jumped at it, I love being in the outdoors, the wilderness, hunt, trap, fish, and this job came up that I could spend time in the woods and that would be a perfect fit for me,” he said.His perseverance paid off.(Falkenham, right, at work on the Burns Lake fire in British Columbia.)Last spring Falkenham started training. He says a big part of why he got the job was his carpentry skills.“When we are not fighting fires, we do a lot of maintenance around buildings, camps, and parks.”Falkenham is part of the Sustained Action Team of Nova Scotia, a group of 40 specially trained wildfire fighters.Each province has a team that are sent to wherever they are needed during the fire season which is from April to September.Falkenham says last year the team went to Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario.This year, four days after Falkenham finished his training, his team was called to the wildfires in B.C.They joined about 300 to 400 firefighters at a camp near Burns Lake.“Everyone does 14 to 20 days, some just arriving, leaving, people from everywhere. I didn’t know what to expect but the guys I worked with were excellent,” he says.Moments later, his mother Shelley arrives at the station.She is sporting a big smile, and gives her son a bigger hug.She says she was glad he became a fireman, but was worried that he was sent to a fire right after training.“I was happy for him, but the day that he flew, and I got a message from my cousin in B.C.  and they saw him on the news, I thought wow, he is really there.”(Gary’s mother Shelley says she’s happy for him but it took a bit to realize that he was actually in B.C. battling wildfires. Photo: Angel Moore/APTN)Falkenham says he didn’t have time to be scared.He says they started working right away. The days were 14 to 17 hours long, and by the time they returned to the camp they would eat and go to sleep.“First couple of days, we were going to scout out areas, but I was a little nervous because I was still new, and my experience was out of the textbooks,” he says. “But in the end, we went and started fighting the fire and I was more comfortable with that.”They fought the fire on the ground and did a lot of structure protection – attacking fires that were encroaching on homes.In the end, they didn’t lose one house to the fire.“It is hard to tell if we made progress, you are fighting a smaller picture inside a big picture, but we kept the fire back from the houses.”On their last day, they stopped at a local A&W and Falkenham remembers a local man came up to them.“He shook our hands and thanked us for saving his house,” he says. “I could hear the emotion in his voice so that was pretty cool. Makes you feel good.”Shelley says she’s had a lot of positive responses about Gary.“Everyone is saying they are proud, and he is a hero I got a lot of positive messages, and locally, people will go up to him and say you are doing good out there.”His chief agrees.“He is a great young man and definitely a role model in our community,” says Gloade.The job of a wildfire fighter is seasonal, the fire season ends in September and begins again in April.This suits Falkenham just fine.He says this will give him time to be a dad.“My kids are in hockey. Our winters are wrapped up at the rink. My family is the most important thing in my life. I hope to be a good role model for them and my community,” he says.amoore@aptn.ca@angelharksenlast_img read more

Arrivals down dramatically for Grand Bahama Nassau better with cruise stop overs

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, August 4, 2017 – Grand Bahama – The Central Bank of the Bahamas report is out and it shows a devastating reality; that Grand Bahama has seen a tourism dip of nearly 17% and air arrivals to the island are extremely concerning and are down over 40%.    Even cruise ship arrivals are down for the country’s second city, by 12%.The crippling blow dealt by Hurricane Matthew is largely to blame for the loss of room inventory, investors, airlift and bookings.    Grand Bahama is losing the largest ground of all the country’s islands in the tourism sector, and overall, according to that Central Bank report, arrivals nationally are down 2.2%, in a trend which saw the same period last year dip, though just slightly.   New Providence is doing best, with sea arrivals up 14.7% and overall tourism is improved by 7.3% for the Capital.#MagneticMediaNews#arrivalsdownforGrandBahama#TheCentralBankofTheBahamasreportPhoto credit: Bahamas Weekly Related Items:#arrivalsdownforGrandBahama, #magneticmedianews, #TheCentralBankofTheBahamasreportlast_img read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 7 key features and specs that are missing

first_img10:55 Samsung Event Comments No secure face unlockIn that same vein, because the Note 10 only has a standard front-facing camera, it can’t carry out any secure facial scanning like the iPhone XS’ Face ID and the LG G8’s time-of-flight camera, which maps your face with infrared. Instead, Samsung has stuck with fingerprint scanning, which it moved from the back of the phone to inside the screen.122-samsung-galaxy-note-10-note-10-plusThe Note 10’s S Pen. Sarah Tew/CNET No camera in the S PenA rumor speculating that Samsung was going to put a camera inside the Note 10’s S Pen may have seemed far fetched, but it didn’t sound too crazy considering Samsung had apparently filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office, according to Patently Mobile. The patent was for an “electric pen device” that “includes an optical system including a lens and an image sensor.”As we now know, the camera didn’t make it into the S Pen this time around. But who knows what this patent has in store for future Note iterations. For now, Samsung updated the stylus to have more remote control over the phone’s camera. Called “Air Gestures,” you can now switch the camera lens, change camera modes and zoom in and out with the wave of your S Pen. Tags Galaxy Note and Note 10 Plus are here to wow you Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus look incredible 1:53 No headphone jack and no dongleOne of the most notable features missing from all the Note 10 phones is a headphone jack. The familiar audio port began disappearing in 2016 when Lenovo/Motorola and Apple lopped it off their phones. Since then, the feature became a rarity among premium phones, and up until the Note 10, Samsung’s Note line was one of the last high-end phones to include the port.Those who are eyeing the Note 10 devices will have to make do with using Bluetooth headphones or carrying around a dongle that surprisingly, does not come included with the phone (Samsung is selling it separately for $10 extra). But for others adamant about holding onto their wired headphones, there are still some phones available to accommodate that, including Samsung’s own Galaxy S10 line. 008-samsung-galaxy-note-10-note-10-plus-dongle-headphonesThe Note 10 welcomes you to the dongle life for $10 more. Sarah Tew/CNET Note 10 bids farewell to microSD  Being able to increase your phone’s storage with a microSD card used to be a common capability for Note owners. Unfortunately, the Note 10 will not have expandable storage. Keep in mind that the larger Note 10 Plus still has a microSD card slot, but if you’re considering the 6.3-inch Note 10, you’ll have to make do with just built-in storage. note-9The Note 9’s microSD card slot. Angela Lang/CNET Head of Mobile for Samsung Electronics America Suzanne De Silva told CNET that the company decided to get rid of the microSD card slot so that the phone could be thinner but have a bigger battery. Interestingly, the Galaxy S10 has expandable memory and it’s as thin as the Note 10 at 0.31-inch. The Note 10 also has a smaller battery than the Note 9, which also has room for a microSD card slot.True, the phone’s 256GB of onboard memory should be plenty to store all your photos, videos and apps. But if you’re planning to have the device for years down the line and you don’t use cloud storage, expandable memory is a convenient feature to be able to fall back on.No redesign overhaulWhile it’s true that the New 10 phones come in eye-catching colors like Aura Glow and Aura Pink (in the UK), the devices look relatively the same as last year’s and even the year before. The thinner bezels and smaller hole-punch camera do keep the phone looking modern, but overall the design remains similar. This is in contrast to one particularly interesting rumor that floated around before the Note 10 event. It speculated that Samsung would adopt a completely buttonless design and the Note would have “active edges” that users could squeeze to navigate the phone, similar to the Pixel 3. Though we don’t get a completely buttonless look, at least Samsung removed one button we can all agree we didn’t want: Bixby.142-samsung-galaxy-note-10-note-10-plusThe Note 10 in Aura Glow. Sarah Tew/CNET No second selfie camera on Note 10Unlike the Galaxy S10 Plus and the Galaxy S10 5G, none of the Note 10 phones have a second front-facing camera. We somewhat expected one — whether it be a wide-angle camera like the S10 Plus or a depth-sensing camera like on the S10 5G — because the Note 10 usually represents Samsung’s ultraluxe line. However, with more Galaxy phones than ever before, it looks like Samsung isn’t throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the Note 10 anymore. By pulling back on a few features, the Note 10 is now cheaper than the Note 9 was at launch, making the phone more accessible to a wider audience.  62 Photoscenter_img 15 Share your voice Andrew Hoyle/CNET Samsung’s latest phones, the Note 10, Note 10 Plus and Note 10 5G, serve as the successors to 2018’s Note 9, and they pack many new features for a phone series that has been around since 2011. The Note 10 Plus, for example, is the company’s first “plus” version of its Galaxy Note phone, and the Note 10 5G is Samsung’s second 5G phone, after the Galaxy S10 5G. In addition to the bigger size and next-gen network capabilities, the Note 10s come in an array of new colors and are equipped with updated camera and video editing tools, like AR Doodle. But there are several other things we didn’t get from the Note 10, too — either specs that were dropped from the previous model or features we anticipated because of the active rumor mill that swirled around the phone before it launched. Read on to see what Samsung didn’t deliver at its Aug. 7 Unpacked event, and tell us what you want to see in the next Note phones. Are you going to buy the Note 10 or are you waiting for something better? Now playing: Watch this: 3D scanner brings real objects to life on the Galaxy… Now playing: Watch this: Mobile Phones Samsunglast_img read more

Kareena Kapoor dazzles in latest photoshoot is it for Dance India Dance

first_imgKareena Kapoor KhanInstagramKareena Kapoor Khan is one Bollywood actress who always leaves fans awestruck with her impeccable style statements besides being an acting sensation. And now, the gorgeous beauty has done is again. A few pictures from her latest photoshoot have been posted by her team on Instagram where Kareena, dressed in sparkling silver gown, looks breath-taking as she posed with her signature pout.Besides the stunning pictures, what caught netizens’ attention was the actress’s team hinting at a new venture on the cards. The pictures had the caption “For the first time ever…coming soon” mentioned and it made fans wonder if the pictures are from her much-talked about television debut with reality show Dance India Dance.It should be recalled that Kundali Bhagya actor Dheeraj Dhoopar, the host of the new season of the reality show, had confirmed that Kareena will judge the show. He told Pinkvilla: “Totally excited and yes, one of the most beautiful and stunning ladies we have. Standing in front of her and hosting is a different excitement. I am looking forward to being on that stage, looking at her and saying a few things.”Before Dheeraj’s statement, reports were doing the rounds that Kareena was approached to take the judge’s seat for the biggest dance reality show on a popular channel. “Kareena has had two to three meetings with the channel with regards to the show. Talks for the same are on and Kareena is most likely to give her nod,” a source told the web portal.The report also said that although Bebo hasn’t yet signed the dotted lines, the remuneration per episode for the Good News actress was touted to be one of the highest in the field. Further, if the deal was sealed, Kareena would be the highest paid actress to judge a reality show.last_img read more

Reliance Jio Airtel in race for Anil Ambanis RCom assets

first_imgMukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel are among the top contenders for the assets of the bankrupt Reliance Communications, Reliance Telecom and Reliance Infratel. Major asset management companies and telecom tower operators are also eyeing the assets and have submitted their expressions of interest (Eols) to compete with the telecom giants.The Economic times reported that about 12 companies have sent their expressions of interest to buy the RCom assets. However, Vodafone Idea was not in the list of suitors. As per the report, Deloitte will manage the bankruptcy process of RCom.RCom’s assets such as 14 broadcasting airwaves, 43,000 telecom towers housed under Reliance Infratel and some fiber and real estate assets are listed for sale. RCom will lose a major part of its present revenue after the license for 800 MHz 4G spectrums expires in 2021.The Anil Ambani-led telecom company has been in news for the long-standing debt of about Rs 46,000 crore. ET reported that the company owes money to 39 financial creditors. The company and its units also have hundreds of operational creditors.Airtel is eyeing RCom’s assets in view of upcoming 5G plans after acquiring the airwaves. The company had faced a setback following the success of Jio, and is looking to revive its market share by buying RCom’s airwaves.However, with private equity firms seeking deals in the sector, the battle for the asset acquisition might get intense. Their interest would mostly lie on the assets rather than spectrum, which increases the competition between the telecom giants.According to the latest reports, a consortium led by Canada’s Brookfield Asset Management was in talks to buy Reliance Industries’ Reliance Jio Infratel unit in a multi-stage deal.last_img read more

Savion Glover Dance Holiday Spectacular

first_imgSavion GloverIn a performance bursting with holiday cheer, Savion Glover, the reigning king of tap returns for the holidays, bringing an unforgettable evening of heart-pounding dance, bright lights, and joyous sounds. The concert will be at George Mason University’s  Center for the Arts , Route 123 & Braddock Road on Dec. 19 at 8 p.m. Tickets cost $32-$54. For more information, visit cfa.gmu.edu or call 1- 888-945-2468.last_img