Twilight Touch Weekend

first_imgEighteen teams will compete across the mixed, women’s and men’s divisions.Some of Canberra’s finest touch players will be on show including Bec Beath, Pippi Langford and Australian representatives, Matt Atkins, Dean Taylor and Josh Wilkinson. Another Australian representative, Jake Evans, will line up for the Hunter Hornets.As part of the weekend, ACT junior teams will participate in a feature match during the break on Saturday night. The Twilight Touch Weekend will tap-off from 2pm on Saturday with the semi-finals and final held on Sunday.last_img read more

SMU’s Yanick Moreira Tweets Frustration With Goaltend Call, Calls Out Kevin Durant, Apologizes To Fans

first_imgYanick Moreira called for questionable goaltend.In what was one of the craziest endings we’ve ever seen in an NCAA Tournament game, No. 6 seed SMU lost to No. 11 seed UCLA on a goaltending call. The call was somewhat questionable, but it gave the Bruins a one-point lead, eventually sending them into the Third Round with a 60-59 victory. Following the devastating loss, SMU senior forward Yanick Moreira, the recipient of the goaltending call, took to Twitter to express his frustration. I would like to apologize for all the SMU fans as senior I shouldn’t make those type of mistake.. I’m really sorry— Yanick Moreira (@Ymoreira35) March 19, 2015“@KDTrey5: Yep that was a goaltend.” You right ref thank you for end my college career— Yanick Moreira (@Ymoreira35) March 19, 2015These guys don’t deserve it . It really hurts . All those mile run in the summer all those 2 a day to end my college career like this— Yanick Moreira (@Ymoreira35) March 19, 2015Here’s the play. Was it the right call?last_img read more

Rice Football Signed A 7-Year-Old Boy With Leukemia In A Very Special Ceremony

first_imgRice Leukemia SigneeRice Leukemia SigneeThe Rice football program landed a very special recruit on Wednesday. Seven-year-old Ziggy Stoval-Redd, who is battling leukemia, signed with the Owls during a special signing ceremony. Accompanied by his mother and Rice head football coach David Bailiff, Ziggy received a warm round of applause from the Owl team. Here’s the video:Whenever stories like this pop up in the sports world, it always warms the heart a little bit.last_img

OOCL Modifies Asia NAEC Coverage

first_imgzoom OOCL, a Hong Kong-based shipping company and a member of the G6 Alliance, plans to start implementing its Asia – North America East Coast Winter Program in response to seasonal changes in market demand. The service changes, which are subject to regulatory approval, include the suspension of the China East Coast Express 2 (CEC2) service from Week 45 and the new port of call on the company’s China East Coast Express (CEC) coverage.Last eastbound sailing on the CEC2 will be the BVA (Bellavia), with an estimated time of arrival at Da Chan Bay, China, on October 30, 2016.CEC2 South China/Southeast Asia port coverage will be provided by OOCL’s current CEC service.CEC service will add Da Chan Bay port call to enhance South China coverage.The enhanced service will be effective from Week 44 via BRX (Bremen Express), with an estimated time of arrival at Kaohsiung on November 3, 2016.The new port rotation of the CEC service will include ports of Kaoshiung (Taiwan), Da Chan Bay, Shekou,  Hong Kong, Yantian (China), Singapore (Singapore), (via Suez Canal), New York, Savannah, Charleston, Norfolk (US), (via Suez Canal), Singapore, Cai Mep (Vietnam), Hong Kong, Kaoshiung.last_img read more

Bryson Starts Youth Sports Coalition to Improve PG County Athletics

first_imgBy Mark F. Gray, AFRO Staff Writer, mgray@afro.comDr. Rick Bryson has long been an advocate for youth sports and participatory activities in Prince George’s County. Bryson has put his money where his money mouth is by creating the County’s Scholastic Sports Awards Banquet and has now begun a new initiative designed to improve the quality of youth and participatory sports.Dr. Bryson’s latest cause is the creation of the Youth Scholastic Coalition, designed to support and advocate for the activities kids participate in while collaborating with the scholastic support network for young athletes throughout Prince George’s County. Building bridges for youth and scholastic sports athletes with an academic support network has been a passion for the longtime podiatrist since his days as a baseball dad when his son was growing up and competing in Accokeek.The PG Youth Sports Coalition hopes to improve the quality of baseball field throughout the county. (Courtesy Photo)During that time Dr. Bryson built a relationship with St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Fort Washington. For three years youth baseball players from the District and Prince George’s County participated in an academic development program that served as the genesis for the establishment of the coalition. They competed on the field while “barnstorming” throughout the DMV for games during the summer.However, the players also participated in a Scholastic Aptitude Testing Program at the church for 12 weeks over three years. The synergy between the athletics and academics for that group of players helped prepare them for the road to college. Several players part of the initial group would head to schools such as the U.S. Air Force Academy and Morehouse College to pursue their college degrees not just as athletes.“Sports is one thing, but academics will carry you which is what we’re trying to stress,” Bryson told the {AFRO}. “It was a lot easier to get the kids to participate in the learning phase when their peers were a part of the program.”There are many organizations in the community that provide academic and athletic options for youth as individuals and the Coalition is working to connect students with groups that will able to provide additional information and services. For example, organizations with athletic–based programs can expose their participants to services offered by an academic-based program. Those programs can include everything from college preparatory test tutoring to advising families about the NCAA eligibility clearinghouse requirements for potential college student-athletes.“Most groups are focused on the specific activities of their respective organizations, but the Coalition’s focus is on addressing issues that concern everyone,” Bryson said. “The basic premise of establishing the Coalition is the belief that collectively, organizations can be more effective in addressing concerns and issues that have an impact on the community, if there is a positive atmosphere of collaboration.”The Coalition is also serving as the advocate for the various needs related to youth sports programs in P.G. County. The Coalition assists by lobbying to improve facilities and interacts with various state and county officials to engage them in addressing issues of concern for high school sports participants as well. In addition to providing academic support and access to potential scholarship opportunities, one of its goals is to make access to quality fields a priority for all sports participants.The greatest challenge that faces the Coalition is developing corporate partnerships to help sponsor the programs Dr. Bryson and his group are working to establish. Grantors typically look favorably on civic organizations that partner with other groups to address community needs and services. The Coalition helps facilitate these partnerships.“We are aware of the various needs related to youth programs,” Bryson said. “We are working to identify grant-funding sources from various government and non-profit organizations.”last_img read more

Red Bee media will provide additional broadcast se

first_imgRed Bee media will provide additional broadcast services, including access services, rich metadata and sports analysis software Piero, as part of an expanded deal with BT Sport.The firm first announced in April that it had been chosen by BT to provide playout, channel and media management services for BT’s new live sports offering, which went live this month.Red Bee, which was acquired by Ericsson earlier this year, will now also  provide live and pre-recorded subtitling and audio description services, rich metadata services and its 3D sports analysis software, Piero.last_img read more

Make sure you have a neutral setting Dont talk t

first_imgMake sure you have a neutral setting. Don’t talk to the child about liberty, obedience, or anything along those lines before asking the question. Make sure that you are feeling neutral too. You should want to know the child’s opinion, sincerely. If the child answers more than a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No,’ write down precisely what they say. Then, if necessary, write down your interpretation of what the child said and why you interpreted their meaning that way. We’re all born knowing the truth, but by the time you’re four or five years old, they’ve beaten it out of you. – Attributed to Bob Dylan I think I’d be a bit more charitable than Mr. Dylan; I’d say that we’ve only had the truth partly beaten out of us by the age of five. I think truth endures in us, at least to a significant extent, up till puberty, after which it is beaten into submission over the next decade or so. The Crazy Years We all have experience with the tumultuous years that begin with puberty: First we are slapped with a rush of hormones. That triggers a reproductive imperative. That’s crazy-making enough, but then we find ourselves inside of a rigid, status-based system… a system that massively influences all of our potential mates. That’s a recipe for the corruption of thought, and it does corrupt our thoughts. Orson Welles was an unusually clear-thinking and experienced child… far more experienced than average. He spent his days (he was what we’d now call home schooled) reading the works of Shakespeare and all the existing Greek tragedies, repetitively. As a man, Orson was once interviewed about his young days. The interviewer asked what he had thought of teenagers. Orson replied, “I thought they were absolutely insane.” I think all of us can understand why. Getting to the Truth So, if we want to get a glimpse of human nature before it’s stressed and shaped during the crazy years, we should really go to pre-teens. Granted, kids are not the pure saints they are sometimes imagined to be… and it is true that these kids are already sexualized and trained in status these days… but there remains, in most of them, some residue of honest thinking. They have not yet been dragged all the way into the conformist way of mind. My hypothesis is that most of us are born as natural libertarians – having a built-in bias toward liberty. And I have a clean way of testing this idea: Go to pre-teens, in a neutral setting, and ask them a very simple question: Shouldn’t you be allowed to do anything you want, as long as you don’t hurt anyone? My guess is that the results would show a large majority agreeing with the statement, and the younger the respondent, the higher the percentage. A Challenge to You I’d like to propose we actually run such an experiment. I’ll be pleased to coordinate and publish the data. In order to ensure that the results are meaningful, I recommend the following: After you write down the answer, feel free to continue the discussion with the child if fitting, but not if there are other study participants in the area. Keep them neutral.    Can I ask you a question? I want to know what you think about this. Since children have notoriously short attention spans, ask the question only after you have calmed them and centered their attention. I suggest something like this: As I say, I’ll be pleased to tabulate and publish the results if one or more of our readers want to run the experiment. I think the results might be very interesting… and quite possibly very useful. Paul Rosenberg FreemansPerspective.comlast_img read more

Disabled campaigners have welcomed the longawaite

first_imgDisabled campaigners have welcomed the long-awaited publication of draft legislation to create Europe-wide access laws.The European Commission – the European Union’s executive body – finally published a European Accessibility Act this week, 15 years after promising to outlaw the discrimination faced by disabled people in accessing goods and services.It said the act would set “common accessibility requirements for certain key products and services”, including cashpoint machines and other banking services, personal computers, telephones and television equipment, telephony and audio-visual services, transport, e-books and e-commerce.The publication came the day before the UN’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities (3 December), which this year had a theme of “access and empowerment for people of all abilities”.The proposed European Accessibility Act would complement Britain’s own Equality Act by making existing voluntary European access standards mandatory across the European Union (EU).The act’s publication comes only two months after the United Nations said it was “concerned” that a European Accessibility Act had not yet been adopted by the EU, and gave it just 12 months to explain how it would be introduced.Yannis Vardakastanis (pictured), president of the European Disability Forum (EDF), said the act could “contribute to the empowerment of persons with disabilities to better enjoy the freedom of movement of persons, goods and services in the European single market”.He said the act had been a “top priority” for EDF and its members for many years, through its Freedom of Movement campaign.But he said it was too early to comment on the content of the act itself.He said: “In the coming weeks and months EDF and its members will work together with the EU institutions, partner organisations and other stakeholders to make this piece of legislation meaningful for 80 million people with disabilities in Europe.”The European Blind Union (EBU) also welcomed the act’s publication.Wolfgang Angermann, EBU’s president, said: “We have faced discrimination for long enough.“Along with our partners in the European Disability Forum, we will respond thoughtfully to the consultation which has just opened on this proposed legislation.“After that, we will be urging all those involved in the legislative process to ensure this new law is fully effective and thorough.”Marianne Thyssen, the EU’s commissioner for employment, social affairs, skills and labour mobility, said: “Disability should not be a barrier to full participation in society, nor should the lack of EU common rules be a barrier to cross-border trade in accessible products and services.“With this act, we want to deepen the internal market and use its potential for the benefit of both companies and citizens with disabilities. In fact, we all may benefit from it.”The commission believes the act will make it easier for companies that want to export goods and services within the EU, and will help small business “take full advantage of the EU market”, with disabled people benefiting from “a greater supply of accessible products and services at more competitive prices”.Without the act, each EU country would continue to develop different laws as they implemented their accessibility obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.Richard Howitt, the Labour MEP and co-president of the European Parliament’s all-party disability rights group, said European officials had “shamefully dragged their feet” on a promise made 15 years ago to outlaw disability discrimination in access to goods and services.  Howitt, who played a key role in negotiating that promise in 2000, said it would have been long-forgotten if it had not been for “16 years of relentless campaigning by disabled people’s organisations”.Howitt said: “It is shameful how long disabled people have been forced to wait and the foot-dragging by anyone and everyone in Brussels has to stop right now.“Echoing the slogans of disability activists, this is much more a victory by rather than for disabled people themselves.“When I helped negotiate the EU law against disability discrimination in access to employment in 2000, the European Parliament was promised that action to outlaw the same discrimination in access to goods and services would soon follow.“Today, we are close to achieving what for many years has simply only been a dream and equality itself is finally being given equal treatment.”He added: “Although I am proud that Europe has made progress in the past on disability access rules in relation to the installation of lifts, for some public transport and on the internet, the bitter truth is that a large swathe of the built environment remains a ‘no go’ area for people with disabilities in Britain and in Europe.”There will now be a period of eight weeks’ consultation, followed by legislative procedures in the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union.last_img read more

Rice economist Antonio Merlo named dean of Rices School of Social Sciences

first_imgShare9Rice UniversityOffice of Public Affairs / News & Media RelationsDavid Ruth713-348-6327david@rice.eduAmy McCaig713-348-6777amym@rice.eduRice economist Antonio Merlo named dean of Rice’s School of Social SciencesHOUSTON – (March 23, 2016) –Antonio Merlo, the George A. Peterkin Professor and department chair of economics at Rice University, has been appointed dean of Rice’s School of Social Sciences. The appointment is effective July 1.Antonio Merlo“Antonio has done a remarkable job of enhancing the reputation of Rice’s Department of Economics in just two years, and we expect the same level of passion as he takes on this new role,” said Rice President David Leebron. “Antonio’s expertise and leadership are well-suited to making Rice’s School of Social Sciences even more vibrant and visible not just on campus, but also in Houston and throughout the world.”“It is a great honor to be chosen as the next dean of Rice’s School of Social Sciences,” Merlo said. “Since my arrival at Rice in the summer of 2014, I have been extremely impressed by the university’s extraordinary accomplishments and future aspirations. I am thankful for President Leebron and Provost (Marie Lynn) Miranda’s trust in my skills and ability to lead and advance the School of Social Sciences to an even higher level of excellence and impact.”As dean, Merlo will oversee the departments of Anthropology, Economics, Linguistics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Sport Management. He will also supervise interdisciplinary programs, including cognitive sciences, managerial studies and policy studies; the school’s research institutes, centers and programs, including the Hobby Center for the Study of Texas, the Social Sciences Research Institute, the Douglas S. Harlan Program in State Elections, Campaigns and Politics and the School of Social Sciences Gateway programs; and the Master of Global Affairs and Master of Energy Economics degree programs.“There are tremendous opportunities on the horizon for Rice’s School of Social Sciences, and we are excited for Antonio to step into this new role and continue his work with the exceptionally talented team of faculty, students and staff at Rice,” Miranda said. “Antonio’s energy and creativity are always apparent, and we expect many wonderful innovations under his leadership.”The first member of his family to graduate from college, Merlo earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and social sciences from Italy’s Bocconi University and a Ph.D. in economics from New York University. Before coming to Rice in 2014, Merlo taught at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Minnesota and New York University and has held numerous visiting positions throughout the U.S. and Europe.Merlo’s areas of expertise are political economy, public economics, empirical microeconomics and bargaining theory and applications. He has published numerous articles in leading economics journals, including the American Economic Review, Econometrica, the Journal of Political Economy and the Journal of Economic Theory. He is an elected fellow of the Econometric Society. He also serves as a research fellow of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, the Center for Economic Studies and Ifo Institute for Economic Research and as a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research.Since coming to Rice, Merlo has led efforts to create a new professional master’s degree in energy economics and added an endowed chair position and recruited several highly respected economists to the department.“I am delighted to have the opportunity to work collaboratively with all departments, institutes, centers and programs in the social sciences,” Merlo said.Leebron and Miranda said Lyn Ragsdale, the Radoslav A. Tsanoff Chair of Political Science, who has led Rice’s School of Social Sciences for the past 10 years, made many important contributions to the school and university. Ragsdale will remain a faculty member in the Political Science Department and will continue to be active in Rice’s Master of Global Affairs program. She has a forthcoming book titled “The American Nonvoter,” which she co-authored with Jerrold Rusk, a professor of political science at Rice.For more information on Merlo, visit more information, contact Amy McCaig, senior media relations specialist at Rice, at 713-348-6777 or news release can be found online at Rice News and Media Relations via Twitter @RiceUNews.Related Materials: Antonio Merlo biography: University School of Social Sciences: School of Social Sciences Twitter: Merlo photo link: credit: Rice UniversityLocated on a 300-acre forested campus in Houston, Rice University is consistently ranked among the nation’s top 20 universities by U.S. News & World Report. Rice has highly respected schools of Architecture, Business, Continuing Studies, Engineering, Humanities, Music, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences and is home to the Baker Institute for Public Policy. With 3,910 undergraduates and 2,809 graduate students, Rice’s undergraduate student-to-faculty ratio is 6-to-1. Its residential college system builds close-knit communities and lifelong friendships, just one reason why Rice is ranked No. 1 for best quality of life and for lots of race/class interaction by the Princeton Review. Rice is also rated as a best value among private universities by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. To read “What they’re saying about Rice,” go to you do not wish to receive news releases from Rice University, reply to this email and write “unsubscribe” in the subject line. Office of News and Media Relations – MS 300, Rice University, 6100 Main St., Houston, TX 77005 AddThislast_img read more

Twitter to Disclose Who Paid for Ads on its Platform

first_img Next Article 2019 Entrepreneur 360 List Reporter This story originally appeared on PCMag Michael Kan Twitter to Disclose Who Paid for Ads on its Platform October 25, 2017 Amid criticism that Russia exploited Twitter to influence voter sentiment in last year’s election, the service will now clearly label political ads as such.On a Tuesday blog post, Twitter said it’ll create an “advertising transparency center,” where the public can view all the ads that are running on the platform, and who paid for them. In the future, Twitter will also clearly identify tweets from a political account.Twitter’s transparency center will have a special section devoted to these political ads. It’ll show who bought them, how much they’ve spent on total campaign ads and which demographics these ads have been targeting, including the age, gender and geography.Twitter unveiled the plan days after U.S. senators introduced legislation that would require major online services to adopt similar measures. That includes forcing services like Twitter to create a public file on political ad purchases, and placing disclaimers on each ad, identifying who sponsored them.The legislation is in response to Russia’s suspected role in using social media to interfere with last year’s presidential election. Some of those efforts included buying political ads on Facebook, Google and Twitter, but outdated campaign laws prevent the public from knowing who bought them, according to the U.S. senators behind the bill.On Tuesday, Twitter said it’s also going beyond electoral advertisements, and will develop stricter policies around “issue-based ads.” However, this will take time, and it’ll involve collaborating with other tech companies, industry leaders and ad partners to clearly define what these policies should encompass.Whether any of these measures will placate U.S. lawmakers remains unclear. But on Tuesday, Mark Warner, a Virginia Democrat who was critical of Twitter’s initial transparency efforts on this issue, praised the company’s announcement.A good first step, particularly public disclosure of ads info. Online political ads need more transparency & disclosure. We need #HonestAds— Mark Warner (@MarkWarner) October 24, 2017Twitter’s blog post didn’t say whether the company supports the upcoming legislation.In the meantime, the company has vowed to crack down on another problem facing the platform: the influence of fake Twitter accounts spreading misinformation, another way lawmakers say Russia interfered with last year’s presidential election.Last month, Twitter itself disclosed that it had found 200 accounts connected to Russian-linked efforts to influence the public over social media. Reportedly, Russian trolls also created a fake Tennessee Republican Party Twitter account that managed to get retweets from President Donald Trump’s staff last year.In response, Twitter has said it’s investing in new techiniques to fight bots and spam on the platform. Twitter unveiled the new effort after U.S. senators introduced legislation that would require tech companies to add disclaimers to political ads. –shares Guest Writer 3 min read Add to Queue Twitter Image credit: Via PC Mag The only list that measures privately-held company performance across multiple dimensions—not just revenue. Apply Now »last_img read more

Speech Input GPS Make Mobile Search Smarter

first_img Speech-based search apps and services such as ChaCha, Microsoft’s Tellme, and Yahoo’s OneSearch cater to the needs of people on the go. Speech Input, GPS Make Mobile Search Smarter Technology Next Article Free Webinar | July 31: Secrets to Running a Successful Family Business When you’re sitting at a computer, a good search engine puts the entire Internet at your fingertips–but that probably isn’t what you want when you are searching from a cell phone. Skimming pages of Google results on a tiny screen with sluggish connectivity can be frustrating, and typing keywords on a small (or software) keyboard is not fun.New mobile search services and apps let you speak (rather than type) search terms and filter results based on proximity (on the assumption that you’re likely searching for something nearby). Microsoft’s Tellme, Yahoo’s OneSearch, and offerings by smaller companies such as ChaCha may not be perfect, but they do try to tailor their searches to meet the needs of mobile users.Applications that accept speech input and return Web results are the latest development. New versions of Tellme and OneSearch (available at launch as downloadable apps for recent GPS-enabled BlackBerry devices) let you search by holding down the green Talk button and speaking keywords into the handset. Speech-to-text technology then turns the digitized audio into text fed to searches that use the handset’s location information.Results on OneSearch look and act more or less like traditional links, organized by category. When I spoke the words “dim sum,” the first results OneSearch returned (under the heading ‘Businesses’) were Chinese restaurants and a link to retrieve more of the same. The restaurant listings included links to maps, reviews, and a call dialer; conventional search results, including an entry from Wikipedia, came next.The new version of Tellme hadn’t appeared at this writing (it should be available by the time you read this), but in a demo it, too, presented a list of businesses. Clicking any entry produced a screen bearing the company’s address and phone number at the top, with icons for relevant info or tasks such as initiating a phone call, displaying a map, or even making a purchase. If you don’t want (or have)the GPS data to guide the search, you can tell your preferred location to Tellme. It does not provide general search results, however.An earlier version of Tellme, which accepts voice input for directory assistance, is available on Sprint and Helio GPS phones. Or you can try out the lookup service by calling 1-800-555-8355, or text search keywords to 83556. Starting today (April 23, 2008), BlackBerry users will be able to get the Tellme app over the air by pointing their browser at; alternatively, they can download the app at .Google doesn’t offer users a voice search app, but you can submit a voice query to 1-800-466-4411, and be connected to a relevant business. Google also supports a range of SMS searches.ChaCha, another search service, invites you to dial 1-800-224-2242 (for voice queries) or text your question to 242 242. In an interesting twist, ChaCha uses real people (called guides) to answer some queries. It took ChaCha only a few seconds to tell me the dates of the Democratic National Convention (August 25-28). But a query about new episodes of HBO’s John Adams elicited information about the network’s series House, which was irrelevant to my search request except perhaps in the marketing sense of “other fine products you might be interested in.” Maybe no guide was on duty…Meanwhile, V-Enable has announced a voice-enabled app for its Free Mobile 411 Web-based lookup service for Sprint users; others can type in keywords and, if they come up empty, opt to connect to a live operator–but in that case, Directory Assistance charges will apply.Go2 accepts text input only, but its menu-based structure acts as a filter that permits you to focus on restaurants, movies, news, and the like–or conduct a general search.Mobile search services expect to make money through ads, sponsored results (Go2’s restaurant search results, for example, included a link to Zagat’s site) and transactional fees (for example, a cut of a movie ticket purchase). Users need only consent to the use of their location information. Since so many of these services are new, it’s unclear what impact advertising will have, and I wouldn’t want to use them without an all-you-can-eat data plan. But for targeted information on the go, they should prove to be very helpful; for once, Google has some catching up to do. –shares Add to Queue April 27, 2008 4 min read Brought to you by PCWorld Register Now » Learn how to successfully navigate family business dynamics and build businesses that excel.last_img read more

Could US Tech Companies Face Overseas Warrants

first_img –shares Image credit: Peopleimages | Getty Images The Obama administration is said to be in negotiations with international governments that could eventually allow them to serve U.S. technology companies with warrants on things like email and wiretaps, the Wall Street Journal reports.The first agreement will likely be signed with the U.K., according to the report. The negotiations were discussed by a senior Justice Department official on Friday. Any deals would not provide access to data from U.S. citizens or residents. They would also have to be approved by Congress and international lawmakers.Complicating matters is a recent federal appeals court ruling that said U.S.-based federal warrants cannot be used on search data stored in overseas data centers. The case, brought by Microsoft, was viewed as a major blow to law enforcement and a win for privacy advocates.Law enforcement argues it should have access to data in the event it can stop or solve a crime. Particularly in the wake of the Snowden leaks, however, technology companies do not want customers to think they are participating in government surveillance.The move to allow foreign governments to access U.S. Internet company data could make that divide even greater. Privacy advocates aware of the negotiations are already decrying the proposals, saying that it would put individual liberty at risk.Looking ahead, any U.K. deal would serve as a template, the Journal says. But Congress has dragged its feet on updates to legislation like the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), which dates back to 1986. July 19, 2016 Add to Queue Next Article 2 min read International Business Don Reisinger 2019 Entrepreneur 360 List Apply Now » This story originally appeared on PCMag Could U.S. Tech Companies Face Overseas Warrants? Contributing Writer The only list that measures privately-held company performance across multiple dimensions—not just revenue.last_img read more

Gallery New beverage releases launched in March 2019

first_imgThe new launches featured in this gallery are just some of the new beverage products published by FoodBev in the past month. For more of FoodBev’s coverage on new product development, visit our innovations stream or check out our FoodBev Flickr channel. Remember to also follow our Instagram account!Share with your network: Tags: new beverage releasesnew releases Gallery: New beverage releases launched in March 2019Posted By: Harriet Jachecon: April 01, 2019In: Alcohol, Beverage, Functional, Galleries, New products, Soft drinks, Tea & CoffeePrintEmailIn March 2019, many innovative beverage products were released such as Danone’s Stok cold brew releases, a kombucha beer called Kulture Clash Clear Mind, and Coca-Cola’s flavoured sparkling Smartwater.See these and many more in our gallery below. last_img read more

UK makes first conviction over 3D printed gun

first_img Tendai Muswere, 26, pleaded guilty to making the 3D printed gun, in a hearing at Southwark Crown Court in the British capital.Police searched Muswere’s central London home on drugs grounds in October 2017. They found evidence of cannabis cultivation—and also components of a 3D printed gun, capable of firing a lethal shot.Zimbabwean national Muswere, who does not hold a firearms licence, said he was printing the firearm for a university film project and claimed he did not know that the components were capable of firing.”He later refused to comment on what his film project was about,” London’s Metropolitan Police said in a statement.Officers went through his internet search history and found he had viewed videos demonstrating how to use a 3D printer to manufacture firearms which fired live ammunition.A second raid in February 2018 resulted in the discovery of further components of a 3D printed gun.”Muswere claimed that he was printing the firearms for a ‘dystopian’ university film project but he has not explained why he included the component parts necessary to make a lethal barrelled weapon,” said Acting Detective Sergeant Jonathan Roberts, who led the investigation. Citation: UK makes ‘first’ conviction over 3-D printed gun (2019, June 19) retrieved 17 July 2019 from © 2019 AFP Explore further “Muswere was planning to line the printed firearms with steel tubes in order to make a barrel capable of firing.”This conviction, which I believe is the first of its kind relating to the use of a 3D printer to produce a firearm, has prevented a viable gun from getting into the hands of criminals.”Muswere will be sentenced on August 9. 3D printing technology has made it possible for people to make complex objects—including plastic firearms, such as this one produced in the UScenter_img 3-D-printed guns may be more dangerous to their users than targets This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Muswere claimed the printed gun was for a “dystopian” university film project, but police say he didn’t explain why it contained lethal parts A student was convicted on Wednesday of manufacturing a firearm using a 3D printer, in what London’s police said they believed was the first such successful prosecution in Britain.last_img read more

Chandrababu Naidu protests poll panels unilateral decisions

first_img COMMENT ‘EC taking orders from Modi govt’ COMMENTS SHARE Published on Chandrababu Naidu Andhra Pradeshcenter_img national elections SHARE SHARE EMAIL Elections 2019 On the eve of the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in the State, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and Telugu Desam Party President N Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday lodged a protest with the Chief Electoral Officer, Gopalakrishna Dwivedi, objecting to what he called “the unilateral decisions taken by the Election Commission on complaints lodged by the YSR Congress Party leaders.”He met Dwivedi along with his party leaders to submit the complaint and then spoke to the media. “We have registered our objections in the letter, and orally explained our position very respectfully to the officer, and requested him to conduct the elections in a free, fair and impartial manner,” he said.Arbitrary transfersNaidu said there should be a level playing field and the Election Commission (EC) should not act in an arbitrary manner and take unilateral decisions. “Several IAS and IPS officers were transferred and relieved of election duties, based on false and frivolous complaints lodged by YSR Congress leaders. Even the Chief Secretary was transferred. The District Collector of Srikakulam was transferred even before the election code came into force. How can such actions be justified or defended? The autonomy of the institution comes into question if such actions are taken. Under PM Modi, the credibility of all institutions is eroded,” he said.He also said a series of raids by the Income Tax Department officials in the State were going on at the houses and companies of Telugu Desam party leaders. “It is utterly undemocratic and against the guidelines of the Supreme Court. Such high-handedness has never been witnessed in the country before. Democracy is in danger. We have to save the nation, save democracy,” he said.He said a letter was submitted by 66 highly-respected former bureaucrats to the President against EC’s style of functioning. “The Modi government is utterly unresponsive and undemocratic. I appeal to all democratic forces in the country to join hands and save our great State and the nation,” he said.   April 10, 2019last_img read more