The Zidane doubts on the left

first_imgThe Real Madrid leaves his infernal week, the first leg against the City and the Classic, without making clear who is the owner of the left white side. Mendy he had done with the headline vitola, cornering Marcelo, and Zidane protected him in the Ciutat de Valencia to avoid a possible yellow that would have cost him the penalty (for being the fifth) against Barcelona. Everything seemed to indicate that he would repeat the title he held in the Champions League against the other Mendy, but Zidane offered eleven to the world one hour and ten minutes before the Classic … and the one that was was Marcelo. An amazing decision especially seen the discreet performance of the Brazilian in the defeat against Levante and that he was generating a certain connection with Hazard, but Hazard is gone. Also that Mendy, who praises his defensive consistency, deep down has had to ‘cut’ when pulling up. This was confessed by the French international last week on RMTV. “In Lyon he defended less and attacked more”. Just the opposite of the image that is being generated now in Madrid.The Classic, despite the initial surprise of its alignment, served Marcelo to generate one of those images that change states of opinion. As if to the veteran Madrid side I would have grown a third lung, he won a race to Messi with 1-0 and in the 72nd minute he finished lifting the Bernabéu. For the action itself and for the celebration of the side itself, which raised its fist as if it had scored a goal. Shortly after, the datum on television showed it in figures. Messi: 29.5 kilometers per hour of top speed. Marcelo: 30.9 km / h. Vinicius to protect the backA moral victory of Marcelo sustained in a tactical plan of Zidane who protected him, paradoxically, with Vinicius. The instruction came from the bench, and Vini complied He stole up and back. Five recoveries, even more than Marcelo himself (three). He was also attentive to the toppings. A work to which Zidane gave merit. “It was very good also in defense, that’s what I want, we have to defend all.”The result of everything is that the position of three is the most discussed of the whole team. Mendy has played more minutes (1,608 ‘) but Zidane refuses to clearly proclaim a headline, especially with Marcelo’s weight (1,437 ‘) in the dressing room and his ancestry among the fans. Be that as it may, Mendy or Marcelo, the left side has no owner.last_img read more

61,000 subscribers waiting

first_imgWithin the Real Madrid they continue studying, thanks to the possibility of teleworking (the offices of Valdebebas and the Bernabéu They are empty, except for the security guards), all fronts open for the entity due to the burdensome stoppage of the competitions. Another of the collateral damages of COVID-19 refers to the situation of the 61,000 subscribers for the League, which includes the 19 matches of the Championship and range from 2,024 euros of the West Side Grandstand (the one that gives Paseo de La Castellana) to funds, where the most expensive is Grandstand (1,092) or the payment of 4th amphitheater of these funds (414 euros the cheapest).Well, given that there are six League games to play and that they will surely be played behind closed doors by decision of Health (the government already announced that until 2021 large concentrations will not be allowed), subscribers wonder what will happen to those meetings that have already been paid in the annual fee since last summer. And what will happen to those of the subscription of the next course, that they will not be able to see them in the stadium until the public can return to the stands? The club is aware of this concern from its subscribers and has several options to deal with the problem. One would be to reimburse the money with a bank transfer, applying the aliquot part to those six parties, which represent a third of the total payment. Those encounters are before Eibar, Valencia, Mallorca, Getafe, Alavés and Villarreal. The other option would be to talk to the subscribers interested in renewing their subscription for the 2020-21 season and lower the equivalent of those six games in the total fee. A logical compensation and more if you have to add the number of matches of the next course that will not be able to enjoy the face factor either.Madrid waits cautiously before making a decision since, for the moment, it is not even fully guaranteed that the competition will resume, although everything indicates that LaLiga will be concluded during the months of June and July. Since it would be played behind closed doors, AS has already reported that these six pending matches will almost certainly be played in the Alfredo Di Stéfano and not at the Bernabéu. But that will not comfort much subscribers, who in either scenario will have to settle for watching it from home. The coronavirus is to blame …last_img read more