ArcelorMittal Begs Workers to Abandon Strike Action

first_imgArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company, with a presence in 60 countries and an industrial footprint in 18 countries.The management of ArcelorMittal Liberia has appealed to its striking workers to end their action and return to work while their leadership engage in dialogue to find an amicable solution to their concerns of “bad labor practices.”In a press statement yesterday, the company admitted to being grossly affected by the ongoing strike action, which the employees instituted in the company’s load and haul department in direct opposition to the agreed position of their union representatives recently.The company though described the strike as illegal; the management said it is still willing to go into negotiations with the aggrieved employees and sort things out peacefully.“ArcelorMittal Liberia is committed to communicating openly with its employees. Unfortunately, in this instance, no warning of the strike was given, and due to the huge operational costs of a strike, we are urging our workers to go back to work while we continue discussions with them on the issues that are important, including wage levels, working hours, children’s education and health,” the company said in a statement yesterday.“In addition, the company is due to start negotiating a collective labor agreement in a month’s time so all these issues would be discussed in detail during that process,” the company’s statement said.The strike action became necessary when workers assigned at Mounts Gangra and Torkadeh accused the company’s management of neglecting its responsibilities and not engaging in fair labor practices.The demands of the aggrieved mine workers, particularly from the load and haul department, includes removal of the “Zero Week” in their work schedule; provisions of better housing and healthcare facilities and an increase day food stipends.The part of Area “O” where most of the striking ArcelorMittal Liberia workers live. The workers are demanding better housing facilities.“They are giving US$0.50 per day as lunch, but we will not receive the money in some cases, and for three months at a time.  If you are unfortunate to begin work from Wednesday, then you fall in the Zero Week, meaning the time that the employee worked for will not be marked,” said another worker.Working conditions, according to the employees, are not favorable, because there are no good housing facilities and no drugs for the workers at the hospital.ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company, with a presence in 60 countries and an industrial footprint in 18 countries. The company recorded a revenue in 2017 of $68.7 billion crude steel production of 93.1 million metric tons, while iron ore production reached 57.4 million metric tons.In a related development, a retired worker of the former Liberian American Swedish Mining Company(LAMCO) has commended the workers of Arcellor Mittal for their decision to quietly stay away from work rather than engage in open confrontational protest action.Mr. Joseph Flomo, a retired driver, said the stay home action completely nullified the presence of armed Police who he said would have invariably resorted to strong arm tactics including the use of live ammunition to fire on workers. But the stay home action, he said, took all by surprise and is proving to be a more successful form of engagement with Management who now have no option but to engage the workers in dialogue.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Green Scorpions in sting operation

first_imgGreen Scorpions are out to ensure major construction projects comply with environmental regulations. Rejoice Mabudafhasi is the deputy ministerof Environmental Affairs.(Images: Bongani Nkosi)MEDIA CONTACTS • Moses RanditsheniSpokespersonEMI+27 82 448 2450 RELATED ARTICLES • SA marks Year of Biodiversity• Going green for 2010• Greening it up in Cape Town• Clean-up drive along SA bordersBongani NkosiSouth Africa’s Green Scorpions, also called the Environmental Management Inspectorate (EMI), are out in full force to ensure major construction projects comply with environmental regulations.After taking their campaign to the Eastern Cape, they hit Limpopo province on 6 December 2010 for a week-long inspection of Eskom projects. They are examining compliance at Medupi power station and the Spitskop substation.Medupi power station is one of the biggest construction projects currently on the go in the country. Power utility Eskom is building a coal-fired power plant there that must be operational by 2012 to boost much-needed national electricity supply.The inspections are part of the National Environmental Law Compliance Campaign of the Department of Environmental Affairs. The Green Scorpions have already inspected sites in Free State and KwaZulu-Natal as part of the drive.KwaZulu-Natal’s operation took place in October and included an inspection of Transnet’s 555km-long multi-product pipeline that runs from Durban to Jameson Park in Gauteng. The Green Scorpions found the construction to be progressing well in terms of environmental compliance.“The main objectives of the campaign are to monitor adherence to conditions stipulated in environmental authorisations, environmental management plans and waste management licences, as well as to improve the general status of compliance within the regulated community …” said spokesperson Moses Randitsheni in a statement.The Department of Environmental Affairs will take “appropriate enforcement actions in the event of non-compliance”, he said.The installation of Neotel’s fibre-optic cable that runs from Germiston in Gauteng to Cato Ridge in KwaZulu-Natal will also be examined during the week of 6 December. The cable, which runs via Mpumalanga and the Free State provinces, is one of the initiatives to improve broadband coverage in South Africa.Non-compliance bustedThe Eastern Cape leg of the campaign in October and November uncovered environment violations in some projects, although most were found to be compliant.Waste management company EnviroServ was found to have constructed and subsequently operated a storm water dam and a leachate treatment plant at a landfill site without obtaining a required environmental permit. It has also failed to implement recommendations made in an external audit report, according to the department.“All non-compliances detected during the inspections are currently being reviewed and will be met with appropriate enforcement action where necessary,” said Randitsheni.Overall compliance is satisfactory at the deepening of the car terminal berth at Transnet’s East London Port – a project that was completed in November.The Green Scorpions noted, however, that the required water-quality comparison data for the estuary was still outstanding and the management of the dredged materials stockpile on site was inadequate, the department said.No major non-compliances were uncovered at Transnet’s projects at the 11 000ha Coega Industrial Development Zone in Port Elizabeth. The projects include the construction of a port control building, two additional berths at the container terminals and an administrative craft basin.Likewise, there were no major violations at the South African National Biodiversity Institute Working for Wetlands projects in the Eastern Cape, which involve the rehabilitation of degraded wetlands in the Hogsback and Tsitsikamma regions. The projects began recently.“Inspections at other sites found that construction had been completed or is proceeding at generally acceptable standards which are in compliance with the environmental legislations,” Randitsheni said.last_img read more

Video Tutorial: How to Create Annihilation-Inspired VFX

first_imgLooking for more video tutorials inspired by your favorite VFX? Check out these articles:Video Tutorial: How To Get The Stranger Things LookCreate Transparent Titles Inspired by Dunkirk in Premiere Pro and FCPXCreate a Glow Warp Title Transition Inspired by Marvel’s Thor: RagnarokHow to Create a Star Wars-Inspired Hologram in After EffectsHow To Create a Stranger Things-Inspired “Upside Down” Look In this video tutorial, learn how to use some free RocketStock assets and Adobe After Effects to create Annihilation-inspired VFX.If you’ve seen the trailer for the upcoming Alex Garland film Annihilation, then you’ve seen some of the stunning VFX from the film. In the trailer, we see strange animals, beautiful overgrown forests, and (perhaps most notably) a strange fractal-covered bubble-like wall with interesting colors and textures.Image via Paramount Pictures.In this video tutorial, I’ll show you how to pull off a similar effect using Adobe After Effects and a freebie pack from RocketStock called Nebula. The pack contains 19 4K space background elements created organically and captured in-studio. Although we call these assets space background elements, you can use them for many other purposes and effects. In this tutorial, we’ll use the elements from the Nebula pack to bring interesting textures and colors to the effect, and we’ll use some relatively advanced rotoscoping techniques to help us get there. Tracking The ShotThe first step in almost all VFX compositing shots is to track the shot. In this case, we will need to be able to composite in 3D space.To do this, we’ll use the built-in Camera Tracker in After Effects. Once you have your shot tracked, you’ll select the tracking points in the area where you want to add your textures. In this case, the tree line is where we want to add our effects. Luckily enough, that was the area in the image with the most contrast and tracking data for the tracker to pick up.Select the tracking points you want to use, right-click, and select Create Camera And Solid. This will add a solid in 3D space as well as create a camera for it. For the duration of this project, you can use the position data from the tracked solid to place your textures and effects correctly in 3D space.Rotoscoping the ShotThe next step is to rotoscope the shot.Every shot will be different, as far as this goes. However, in this case, we needed to separate the ground and the character in the foreground from the tree line in the background. That way, we can add all of our textures and effects below that layer, and everything will be separate.This is by far the most time-consuming part of the effect. There are also many different methods for achieving a good rotoscope. Some people choose to use the rotobrush tool in After Effects, and some people choose to do frame-by-frame animation of a mask on the layer.However you choose to do it, be sure that you are very thorough and that you take the time to do the rotoscope right. A very easy way to ruin a compositing effect is to do a bad job rotoscoping.Creating The TexturesTo create this effect, you’ll need to create a texture that looks somewhat like the natural randomness and colors that you’d see on a soap bubble.To do this, create two different layers with the Fractal Noise effect. Alter the contrast and scaling until you get something that you like. Then, on the topmost of those two layers, you’ll add a Colorama effect. Here, you can delete a few of the unneeded colors and change them to the colors that you want. We went with a light pink, baby blue, and faint yellow.Set the topmost layer to hard mode.Then, you’ll use the Turbulent Displace effect to give it the warped bubble look. Add time expressions to the evolution of both layers to allow both layers to animate on their own.Use the Nebula ElementsNow, you can bring in one of the elements from the Nebula pack to create a luma matte for your bubble texture layer.Layer your bubble texture into the shot below your character and ground layers, and make it 3D. Then, you can use the Motion Tile effect to spread the texture across the entire shot. Now, add a fractal ambience element from Nebula above the bubble texture layer, and add the same effects to it until it has filled the shot to your liking.Then set the track mode on the bubble layer to Luma Matte. This will use the luminance values from the Nebula element to reveal the bubble texture where the brighter areas are.From here, you can customize however you like — duplicate layers, add glow, correct colors, etc.If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the Nebula freebie from RocketStock.last_img read more

U.P. bypoll results show people’s promise of better future: Omar Abdullah

first_imgThe National Conference working president Omar Abdullah described the bypoll results as “people’s promise of a better future after 2019.” “Congratulations to Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati for the stupendous performance in Gorakhpur and Phulpur. Thank you for giving people the promise of a better future,” said Mr. Abdullah. In a tweet packed with sarcasm for the BJP, Mr. Abdullah wrote: “Dear friends in the BJP, thank you for your hard work and continuing efforts to prove me wrong. I’m truly grateful. Sincerely, your friendly opposition guy.”last_img read more