MH370 relatives: Please don’t give up search

first_imgRelatives of passengers presumed dead on Malaysia Airlines flight 370, which disappeared off the WA coast in 2014, have pleaded with Australia not to abandon the search for the aircraft.Family members of MH370 victims met Australian investigators leading the A$180 million search for the Boeing 777 in Perth on Wednesday.They told The West Australian newspaper of their anguish and frustration that their loved ones remain lost 2 1/2 years after the plane disappeared.Jennifer Chong, whose husband Chong Ling Tan was on the doomed flight, appealed to the Australian, Chinese and Malaysian governments to continue the search.“Please don’t give up on searching for MH370, for our loved ones, for us and for the flying public,” the Victorian mother said.MH370 disappeared on March 8, 2014, after communications were cut during what was to be a routine flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.The search is due to be suspended in December when Dutch search company Fugro completes the current 120,000sqkm search zone.The Australian, Malaysian and Chinese governments agreed on the suspension in July in the absence of “credible new evidence” pointing to the plane’s location.Ms Chong was among a group of Australian, Chinese, Malaysian and Indonesian relatives of MH370 victims who were in Perth to meet the crew of theFugro Equator ship, which was in Fremantle for a crew change yesterday for its search in the remote southern Indian Ocean.Malaysian Grace Nathan, whose mother Anne Daisy was on MH370, appealed for help to find evidence before the search ended in December.“It is our understanding that if they dismantle the whole search, it will take a very long time to remobilise it because they will have to have the assets come back to the location and that will take time,” she said. “It’s everyone’s best interests that something comes up sooner rather than later.”Ms Nathan, a lawyer, said she would raise the issue when the group meets Australian Transport Safety Bureau officials in Canberra on Monday.The group praised the Australian Government, which has contributed A$60 million to the search. But they were disappointed with the Malaysian Government’s handling of the tragedy.Ms Nathan said the Malaysian officials leading the investigation into the plane’s disappearance had refused to meet victims’ relatives despite repeated requests. “We don’t understand why they never want to see us, speak to us. We struggle to come to terms with this,” she said.The relatives met US lawyer and investigator Blaine Gibson, who has found 10 pieces of debris, some confirmed to be from MH370. They praised his efforts and believe it is credible evidence to continue the search.last_img read more

Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast, May 16, 2019

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Partly to mostly sunny skies will be here today and temps should again be about 5-7 degrees warmer than yesterday. The entire state will be rain free today, but northern areas will see clouds build this afternoon ahead of rain that will be around tonight. Showers and thunderstorms develop near midnight tonight in the far NW part of Ohio, and then spread over the rest of the state from there. The rains hold over Ohio through most of Friday as well. Rain totals are expected to be .25”-.75” with 80% coverage. After a few lingering clouds to start the day Saturday, the entire state sees sunshine, for the rest of the weekend, although Sunday clouds will be increasing along with gusty winds. Temps will be well above normal for the weekend, perhaps the warmest in 8 months! Scattered showers arrive over the state Sunday evening and continue through the overnight. However, we continue to see minimal moisture to work with, so our rain totals remain at few hundredths to .5” with coverage at 70%. A large part of our forecast for next week remains dry. Sunshine dominates for Monday and Tuesday. Sunshine also dominates from Thursday through next Sunday. However, if you notice a small window of time missing, that is the one little hiccup that could upset the whole apple cart next week on dry weather. We continue to watch an exceptionally strong storm complex rip through the central and western corn belt next Tuesday night through Wednesday morning. Right now we still think that most of the action stays west. However, models are all over the place with precipitation. For now, we are still going to stay dry, but say watch the period closely. IF moisture does manage to expand east…it could easily bring a few hundredths to to .25″ of rain, just enough to interrupt our drying. So this will end up being the huge key to a substantial dry window, and perhaps the best planting opportunity we get for the year. Time will tell. The map at right shows 10 day rainfall potential. The rest of the extended period has a little more activity returning. Memorial Day itself, we turn out cloudy to partly sunny with a few scattered showers and thunderstorms moving in. We are raising rain totals for Memorial Day to .25”-.75” with 60% coverage. Tuesday the 28 still looks like the wettest day of the period as we are upping our rain potential there to half to 2 inches and coverage at 80%. The rest of the extended period we are keeping dry with partly to mostly sunny skies the 29th through the 31st. However, the most recent runs of extended models are trying to bring in more moisture. We want to see more data before jumping on something like that.last_img read more

Painting With Light: How To Fundamentally Approach The Craft Of Cinematography

first_imgMany of us focus heavily on cameras, gear, lenses, and other equipment as a means to create a cinematic image, but there is so much more that goes into making a cinematic image.The most important tool that you have as a cinematographer is your knowledge of the craft, because the more you understand the fundamental science of your work, the less you will need to rely on your tools.Creative ChoicesArguably one of the most important aspects of your style as a cinematographer, is your ability to make unique creative choices based on the script or project that you are working on. Above and beyond all else, being able to conceptualize the look of a film (usually along with your director) is what you are hired to do, so it’s always important to bare that responsibility in mind. Even trained cinematographers often fall into certain styles or habits and start to repeat themselves on projects that vary significantly in tone and style, and when this happens the films they work on run the risk of feeling dull or uninspired.The best way to approach any project as a cinematographer, is to prioritize “the look” that you’re after. Look at the film early on and question it. What type of mood needs to be set in each scene? When are the major plot points, and what can you do to emphasize them with the lighting? How can some of the themes and motifs in the script be adapted visually? These sort or basic questions will easily help you to identify some rules and parameters that you set up early on that will ultimately affect the tone of the final film. For instance, you might decide that scenes with a certain character are going to be backlit to emphasize their personality, or that any time you shoot daytime exteriors, you will underexpose as a means of creating an unsettling tension even in brighter moments of the film.Lighting ScienceKnow what you want the film to look like is one thing, but actually knowing how to achieve that look is another. It’s so important to understand lighting science as a cinematographer, as it will ultimately make your life so much easier and make your work so much better. By lighting science, I am referring to things like lighting ratios, light quality, and color. Simply understanding the basics of a three point lighting setup really isn’t enough – Not only because you won’t always want to use a three point setup, but also because any traditional lighting setup can look vastly different based on the lights and modifiers being used. For example if you use a tungsten lamp as your key light and point it directly at your talent, it is going to set a very different mood than if you were to flip that light around, bounce it off a white board, and create a softer light. This look will vary even more once you factor in the distance of the light/source from the talent as well as the type of light and bulb strength.The bottom line is that lighting science is crucial to know if you want to be able to work quickly on set while still getting the great, stylized look that you’re after. The great thing about understanding lighting inside and out, is that you don’t necessarily need an elaborate lighting kit to get the look you’re after. A trained DP can work magic with natural and practical lights, especially when shooting with a camera that has a decent sensor (just about an DSLR these days fits that bill!). At the same time, an inexperience DP can have all the best lights and modifiers in the world and the scene can still look poorly lit. If you’re just starting out, I would suggest working with natural light or practical lights (such as lamps, street lights, etc.) first, as it is a very organic way to understand the science of lighting by experimenting. As you start to need lights, bounces, negative fill, or any other tool, you can then expand your kit and make the purchases that you actually need based on your own work.Camera MovementThe last thing I’ll touch on here is the importance of camera movement. If we take a step back and remember the first point that I made with regards to making creative choices on set, your camera movement (or lack of it) is one of the best ways to define your look. For a simple example, imagine the difference in tone and feeling of a film shot entirely hand held and one that is entirely locked off on a tripod. The mood instantly changes. As you might imagine this notion extends quite far and ultimately every scene must be approached critically to decide what type of camera movement works best. A dolly shot? Handheld Tracking? Possibly a small jib move? All of these techniques will help the viewer to understand the filmmakers intentions with the scene, so make sure that you choose your camera movement wisely.It’s also very important that you don’t over-do camera movement. Just because you have a slider doesn’t mean it should be used in every shot. And too many different types of moves shouldn’t usually be employed in the same scene (unless very carefully choreographed) or else the scene may become cluttered and unfocused. For instance a big jib shot might work well to open up a scene, but then if you cut back to it again, or even end on a reverse of that same jib shot, it will feel redundant. Another example would be if there is a dialogue scene at a dinner table, and the wide shot is pushing back and forth on a dolly, while the closeups pan back and forth between the actors on their lines. In some unique circumstances this might actually look good, but if it’s a romantic dinner setting or a quiet meeting between friends, this will feel way too intense.ConclusionLighting is really so much more than the tools that we have. If you are able to craft a scene beautifully and intentionally using your knowledge base on light quality, lensing, and camera movement, your work will look fantastic. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to shoot on the best gear – I of all people can relate! But always remember that the gear is only there to capture the best version of an already beautiful scene that you are creating, rather than capturing an image and hoping the camera and post-production will do the work for you.If you are interested in learning more about lighting I highly recommend checking out the Lighting for Video series here on PremiumBeat’s website. While you’re there read up on the latest filmmaking news or learn some more creative filmmaking techniques.What techniques do you use when approaching cinematography? Share in the comments below.last_img read more

Magazine Printing Supplier Raises Ink Prices

first_imgThe Flint Group, a printing and packaging supplier, has announced 10- to 12-percent price increases to its publication inks. The price hike is effective June 1.The increases, the company says, are necessary to offset escalating costs of raw materials, energy and freight. “We have taken extraordinary measures to reduce costs within our manufacturing and delivery operations and to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality products to our customers,” said Mike Green, vice president and general manager of Flint Group North America’s Publication Inks Division. “Since October 1, 2007, however, [the division] has received over 100 raw material price increases from our global supply base.”Magazines and catalogues make up the bulk of the company’s heatset products, a Flint Group spokesperson tells FOLIO:. It is not immediately clear how each of the company’s products would be affected by the hikes.In an e-mail to customers, magazine printer Lane Press—a Flint Group client—acknowledged the coming price hike, noting that ink typically makes up less than 5 percent of its overall printing costs. Founded in 2005 and owned both privately and by private equity group CVC Capital Partners, the Flint Group posted $3.1 billion in revenues in 2007.  The company is headquartered in Luxembourg, Germany, but its Publication Inks Division is located in Plymouth, Michigan.last_img read more

Buyout Window Closes Layoffs Loom at Time Inc

first_imgWednesday was the deadline for representatives of the Newspaper Guild to notify Time Inc. brass about how many staffers accepted buyout offers as the company looks to eliminate as many as 500 from its overall workforce.Time Inc. is expected to begin slashing jobs as early as next week. The number of cuts will depend on how many volunteers stepped up for the buyout packages. I was told today by a company spokesperson, not unexpectedly, that Time Inc. won’t be disclosing the number of employees who accepted the buyouts.The New York Post’s Keith Kelly has a relatively detailed outline of how the layoffs might play out: The publisher’s biggest magazines (Time, People, Sports Illustrated, Fortune and Money) could eliminate 90 editorial positions—as many as 40 possibly coming from Fortune. During a recent earnings call, Jeff Bewkes, CEO of Time Inc. parent Time Warner, said the company will incur a $100 million charge during the fourth quarter as it begins a restructuring of Time Inc., primarily in respect to its news group. He said the restructuring will be “more targeted” in comparison to the massive changes that were made this time last year, resulting in around 600 layoffs.And about those layoffs last year: They were made department-by-department, instead of happening all at once as part of a collective announcement. News of more and more and more layoffs were unveiled in slow motion. We saw the same thing happen this fall at Condé Nast. Following the closure of Gourmet, Cookie, Elegant Bride and Modern Bride, hundreds of layoffs happened, but were announced at a painfully slow pace, over several weeks. It must have been a killer for employee morale. (In fact, morale hit such an “all-time low” the company reportedly hired a crisis intervention expert.)As Time Inc. gears up for its latest wave of job cuts, I hope, for the sake of its staffers, that the axe falls swiftly and that workers aren’t paralyzed, waiting for days and weeks for the final word about whether they will remain employed.last_img read more

All Good Friday Roads Lead to Calvary

first_imgBy Rev. Dorothy S. Boulware, Special to the AFROGood Friday is the day Christians gather to corporately commemorate the suffering of Jesus Christ on the cross to seal humankind’s redemption in God’s eternal plan. And gather they do in all corners of the world, noon to three o’clock, with worship, word and prayer. “Despite our earnest efforts, we couldn’t climb all the way up to God. So what did God do? In an amazing act of condescension, on Good Friday, God climbed down to us, became one with us,” theologian William H. Willimon wrote in his book, Thank God It’s Friday. “The story of divine condescension begins on Christmas and ends on Good Friday.”(Stock Photo)So in most denominations there is some gathering on Good Friday, following the Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday service marking the giving of the commandment to love one another. At the end of the service that can involve foot washing, the altars are cleared of all decorative array and all is bared to prepare the sanctuary to represent the stark reality of Good Friday.“The  corporate observance allows us to share in a real way the meaning of Good Friday, i.e. the love of God that transcends all reason and took him to self-sacrifice on an old rugged cross.  The community observance gives us shared time to reflect on, react to, and re-embrace the awe-inspiring grace of God that reaches out from Calvary in a way that we can scarcely apprehend,” said the Rev. Dr. Bertha Borum, pastor emeritus, St. John’s Transformation Baptist Church. “The world offers no observance that causes us to pause and take this all in.  Only our corporate celebrations give us an experiential reminder of the depths of Jesus’ love and sacrifice for us.  It quickens our faith and helps us to soldier on with renewed determination individually and as a community of faith.”And the Rev. Clarinda Burston, pastor of Miracle Church of Baltimore, said we need it now more than ever before. “The observance of Good Friday helps us to never forget the series of events that led up to the resurrection,” Rev. Burston said. “Within the spectrum of present day societal differences we must remain true and committed to what we believe and express that belief openly without apologizing. Good Friday observance helps us to do just that.”Aside from the preaching of the seven last sayings of Jesus, not much has escaped iteration and cultural update, including the length of the service. As women have gained more liberty in ministry, they have emerged from signature preachers to filling the entire pulpit roster of the day. Young people who are still ministers in training are being scheduled by their pastors to engage the word at a time more suitable for them, midnight, and most of these services are totally filled.When our grandparents went to church on Good Friday morning, there was no expectation of returning before the dinner hour, and everyone in the household was mandated to attend.But the all-day service has morphed into a one-hour express Calvary experience, some early in the morning, others in the evening. And yes, in most cities, services can be found throughout the day.The day traditionally ends with a fish dinner supplied by the host church with all the accoutrements sure to crash the Lenten fast.Some of the Baltimore services:*First Apostolic Faith Church of Jesus Christ. 27 S. Caroline Street. 21231. 7 pm. – 7 Women 7 Words*Gillis Memorial Christian Community Church. 3016 Park Heights Ave. 12 noon*Greater Harvest Baptist Church. 1617 W. Saratoga Street. 21223. 8:30 a.m.*New Shiloh Baptist Church. 2100 W. Monroe Street. 21217. 12 noon*St. John AME Church. 810 N. Carrollton Avenue. 21217 – 7 Women 7 Words*Shiloh Christian Community Church. 825 Yale Avenue. 21229. 7 p.m.last_img read more

CARL Forster was rewarded for his performances at

first_imgCARL Forster was rewarded for his performances at on loan and dual-registration when he faced London last Thursday.The young prop came off the bench to make his first appearance for Saints this season.Carl, 21, has ironically been on loan at London this year and played for both Rochdale and Whitehaven too.“We have tried to rewards all our players over the Easter period,” Saints Head Coach Nathan Brown said. “Carl didn’t play last weekend but got a chance. It now means all of our players with Super League experience have had a game“We are learning a bit more about our squad and the players too. It’s fair to say although we have a number of player unavailable, one or two could argue they could be playing.“Hopefully as the next three or four weeks develop we will see guys put their hand up and say they should be in this team.”last_img read more

SAINTS would like to pass on their best wishes and

first_imgSAINTS would like to pass on their best wishes and thanks to all the players that are leaving the Club at the end of the season.Chairman Eamonn McManus said: “It is always difficult when any player leaves the Saints as they have become part of the family we have at the club.“A number of players have been with the Club for a long time and have contributed both on and off the field to the cause. They have represented Saints professionally and we wish them all the best for the future.“Our Past Players Association ensures the links with these players are never forgotten and we look forward to welcoming them back to Langtree Park in the future.”Sia Soliola joins Canberra Raiders in 2015 after agreeing a two-year contract. He made his debut for the club in 2010 and has made 117 appearances – scoring a crucial try in his final appearance in Saturday’s Grand Final.Willie Manu is retiring from rugby league after a lengthy career. He signed for Saints for the 2013 season from Hull FC and has appeared 47 times for the club.Former Gold Coast Titan forward Anthony Laffranchi is returning to that club to take up a player welfare role. He joined Saints in 2012 and scored 19 tries in 71 appearances.Paul Clough has joined Bradford for the 2015 Championship season. In total he made 189 appearances for the Saints, scoring 24 tries – including a hat-trick against Warrington – before joining Widnes on a season long loan. He has won two Challenge Cup medals with the Club.Academy product Gary Wheeler will be moving on to another club after being at Saints since he was 16. He signed from Blackbrook and represented England at under 15s and 16s as well as touring with the winning Saints Academy side to Australia in 2006.His career progression has been curtailed somewhat by injury but he’s played 64 times for the Club.Carl Forster is also moving on to Salford after making his debut for Saints in 2011. The forward has had spells at London and Whitehaven in his career and will be seeking more guaranteed game time at another club.The Club and Richard Beaumont have agreed to part ways half way through the forward’s two-year contract. The former Hull KR prop has been struggling with injury throughout the course of the season curtailing his chance of making his first team debut. He leaves with our best wishes and good health for the rest of his career.With the lack of reserve team football and the current Academy structure – a scheme Saints vehemently voted against – the Club has reluctantly been forced to release three players.James Tilley, Alex Clare and Connor Dwyer are unable to play in the current Academy system and with no other way for them to gain game time will leave the Saints to find other clubs. James has signed for Rochdale.And finally, after a short-term contract and an unfortunate jaw break in the game against Warrington, Shannon McDonnell has played his last game for the Club.He joined Saints following a long period on the sidelines to put himself in the shop window after leaving Hull earlier in the season. He played three games for the Club, scoring three tries.last_img read more