Optimization of branch website select the pros and cons of the two level domain and two level direct


two domain names, the main form of main branch website domain name, such as "bbs.admin5贵族宝贝, Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝". The website and so on, believe that most webmaster understand. Some of the big portal using the domain name to branch construction and so on. Why, the weight of the two level domain is given in the search engine is higher than the two level directory. In the optimization of consistency, the same keyword ranking, ranking the two level domain, often will be higher than the two level directory read more

Love Shanghai issued new initiatives to support more mobile web site

from the beginning of 2014, love Shanghai to speed up the mobile of its own transformation, but also greater efforts to promote the transition to the mobile network. As of the end of 2014, the number of mobile stations increased by 105% over the previous year included the love of Shanghai. Data report agency CNNIC survey also showed that the love of Shanghai mobile search users penetration rate has reached 96.3%.

November 17th, Shanghai Senior Product Manager Molili love to share some love Shanghai mobile friendly guide to Mobile friendly. The guide pointed out that when the mobile users in the mobile phone on the spot according to one of the search results, in addition to meet the demand of the search results, search results, page loading speed, page browsing experience with mobile terminal adapter and other factors, will affect the mobile user experience satisfaction. read more

How to update the enterprise website content quality


of each industry is industry related knowledge, terminology, users want to understand the content, at the same time, in the creation of the article should always stand on the user’s point of view, think about if you are users will want to understand what, if you really do not know, then, can through the online message, and love Shanghai know, SOSO ask these places to understand what is more concerned about the common problems of users, and then put it in the solution, users often concern, understanding of user needs. When you put on read more

Thinking for counter attack Shanghai dragon long tail keywords breakthrough point

is now more and more long tail keywords by the attention of webmaster, mining long tail keywords is a headache. But the user has some habits do you have on. The title plus the number of hits will be much higher, such as six skills, Shanghai dragon chain love Shanghai platform outside the chain of seven etc.. The long tail word timeliness and pertinence. As long as you go to the summary, you will find a big secret, the traffic is your most concern about how to retain customers.

the long tail word has several people to do? You do, your flow. read more

Keywords ranking unstable rescue method experience

1. no signature propaganda, because of instability, we all love to big BBS to publicity, but the forum website needs to have many points to let you send the chain or to other places of publicity, so many webmaster first thing beautiful signature, water everywhere, as a result, it will cause website ranking the possibility of instability.

now the website is more and more difficult to do, want to put the site keywords ranking up, it is prohibitively difficult, because even a few days went up and down, to see every member in each big forum post propaganda, oneself also follow publicity, but the effect is very poor, and even had to row up keywords the rankings off, this shall not let me consider it carefully, not easily publicity. read more

Magical love Shanghai website snapshot quickly uncovered behind the problem


this paper will be to show the use of a love Shanghai to quickly identify the case snapshot website, hope to provide a reference for all flexible use of snapshot love Shanghai. The first to introduce the general situation of the case. The case involves the website "www.***.net". The problem is: at the bottom of the site navigation links in the specific circumstances of It is without rhyme or reason. disappear, see Figure 1:

disappeared Figure two

should have been the bottom note is "the copyright for all network, please indicate the source: 贵族宝贝***.net for network, thank you!" but the results into "the copyright for all network, please indicate the source: 贵族宝贝 for read more

Love the sea search Shanghai dragon the Japanese website reached four station full resolution


highlights: a peculiar domain 1. of Japan’s Shanghai dragon website domain name: 贵族宝贝yes- Shanghai,.Net/. First, the.Net is not the most senior of the best domain suffix, secondly it in yes and Shanghai Longfeng middle added the "-", worth plummeted, according to common sense, the search engine is not love.

search results are really strong……………….

Shanghai Shanghai dragon


love Shanghai natural ranking results we love Shanghai natural ranking results. No. 1 and No. 6 blue arrow is love Shanghai products ranked side and Shanghai encyclopedia no ground for blame, love and the weight of the highest quality, in the first row is none. Secondly, in second webmaster tools is one of the tools we detected Shanghai Longfeng personnel must use, high visibility, wide applicable people, many webmaster webmaster to use statistical tools, webmaster tools bring huge traffic and chain. The third is the highest reputation of the Shanghai Phoenix Forum, registration number, originality is very high, the study and discussion of students and workers in Shanghai Longfeng are very popular. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform officially launched Discuz structured data plug in

third, rich web content in search of love Shanghai show, enhance the rate after the user clicks to install the plug-in, plug-in push through quality content can be obtained in a richer display in Shanghai in search results, improve the user clicks.

Step four: enable

some time ago to see the famous IT blogger Lu Songsong article, claimed that love Shanghai Webmaster Platform will launch a Discuz program for the website included the plugin, designed to accelerate the contents of the forum included, and display quality resources, click rate and enhance the quality of the display rate of resources. read more

How to do web site optimization effect is good that you really know


want to is the need to continue to optimize the website as a popular website, website optimization to special care and patience, to continue learning website optimization experience, to optimize their websites, improve their ranking, fame will create a site. These are small as small website optimization method we sort, I hope you need to optimize your friends can learn more, early website optimization, website development to get better.

1, rethink the website

for many website managers, will find their own website while building up, but there are a variety of problems, the urgent need to optimize site can provide better access to experience. Even the website managers, for the website optimization problem is also not much experience to say, so the website optimization in the end how to do? The following small for everyone to tidy up the website optimization method, hoping to provide a little reference information for website optimization friends. read more

The use of anchor text need to pay attention to the problem in Shanghai Longfeng optimization

First talk about the important role of

then analysis the anchor text links should be how to set. Generally speaking, the anchor text is actually a keyword web content on the page, usually on the home page description, although there are words of the site, but it can’t set the anchor text links, in addition to the column page keywords, should not set the anchor text. Set the anchor text link is relatively simple, usually a lot of free site program with intelligent setting function, only need to select the keywords, and then click properties, set to jump URL, it can form a link anchor text. Here, the anchor text links to the final jump on the page and the content must have the keyword relevance, if there is no correlation, then not only will not have a good optimization effect, but also bring great negative impact to the site. read more

Shanghai Dragon heavy margin of regional differences in the keywords you pay attention to

is also a keyword, in different regions according to different search habits of local customers, search volume, the degree of competition it is not the same. The words like ceramics, we can see from the graph search volume in the Guangdong area is very high, a word is the same, in Inner Mongolia, Qinghai and Shaanxi in these areas is very few, if your customers are in Shaanxi, you do this word is simple is up, traffic is scanty but can bring, because the local people rarely search this word.

on the target keyword popularity, search volume, the attention of users, the user clicks the everyone is refreshing, it is important to know that the choice of target keywords, but sometimes we will find a very strange phenomenon that oneself use target keywords competition degree, search the amount is not too low, the number of clicks is not low, also soon put rankings do go in front of. But why my site traffic is not going to list or not. I think about this question stumped many friends, heavy margin Shanghai Longfeng here according to their own a little experience to share with you to help you solve the problems with the friends. read more

Talk about what is the reason for the website optimization excessive

‘s website may also lead to excessive site optimization, internal link optimization, you can make your site structure more clear, also can make search engines faster website content.

before do website optimization must first determine the keyword optimization, after is the title of the website, decent appropriate arrangements, do not blindly add a lot of keywords in the site above, these practices are very unfavorable for website optimization.

has many owners in order to enhance the rapid keyword ranking, will not hesitate to carry out the keywords description text on the home page, the inside pages are still some such operation. These methods are not desirable, if a site had certain effect in a very short time, a long time, it may be reduced or K right, these serious consequences I think we do not want to see. read more

360 to search against lightning love Shanghai Tencent

(reporter Li Bin) after Shanghai announced the acquisition of 91 wireless love money, 360 recently officially announced the launch of "lightning mobile phone search", covering software, games, e-books, music, ringtones, wallpapers, themes and other seven categories to download resources.

"lightning is mainly located in the mobile phone mobile phone search application search, users in the mobile phone to search the corresponding application, a key installation to mobile phone. "Lightning PC version of mobile phone search" (leidian贵族宝贝), mobile phone version (m.leidian贵族宝贝) version two. Use the PC version, the user computer must first install 360 mobile phone assistant, then the mobile phone connected to the computer through the USB cable or WiFi, it can be applied to mobile phone sent directly to the mobile phone and install. Using a mobile phone version of the lightning search, can be directly installed mobile phone application. However, the application of "mobile phone search search lightning" is limited in the application field of Android. read more

Effect of site open speed which causes

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

, as far as I am concerned about as follows:


special chain optimization:


two, the site in the design of improper will also affect the opening speed of the website, we do in web design must first understand site procedures, do the best out of the website front page can generate static HTML, when used to access the page is not returned by the database, directly in the host space directly feedback to the user, thus greatly improving the speed of the site visit, the web design proposal designed by DIV+CSS structure, thus reducing the unnecessary code. read more

Search engine optimization optimization white paper love Shanghai what reference

second, make sure the web page can be user safe and comfortable reading. I found that in the optimization process, with many enterprises website or personal website "in many advertisements especially some illegal popups, personal Adsense advertising, there are many websites directly by malicious attackers placed many trojan virus, which is the search engine to determine the most basic elements of quality web pages, if the web page quality the problems in terms of security, but also can easily imagine rankings, the love of Shanghai search engine mainly from several aspects of content publishing, advertising effect, access speed for web content to judge the quality of. I think we should start from the base station, "words must be reasonable layout, mainly in the size of the text, paragraphs, paragraph alignment etc.. Secondly, "must go to a regular check to ensure the quality and safety of". Finally, web access speed, web server space access speed, don’t let them wait too long time, so as to effectively reduce the rate of jump out. read more

Shanghai dragon new ideas can let you earn double money

to solve these problems, I want to give you advice is: the strength of the failure is temporary, no power, success is temporary. Don’t believe the myth.

: the first rank changes lead to depression.

technical staff at first we designed a set of keywords optimization in accordance with the requirements of customers: Baoding blue ribbon | postpartum weight loss | postpartum breast shaping | postpartum recovery | postpartum weight | Tongru lactagogue. Soon, the Shanghai Dragon technology, these words were in love in Shanghai home, but technicians found it did not how much traffic for the blue ribbon. The reason is that these words traffic is not high, this effect is not good. Our technical staff occurred after the consultations, the visitors to the site, since they are mothers, what words can not only high traffic, and can bring the accurate flow for the blue ribbon read more

Shanghai dragon how to perform keyword strategy

here for a simple example, recently in optimizing a prize.the school website, so how do I plan on such a station keywords? First, my position is whole and Beida Jade Bird Education and training related keywords, so long as it is to think about the Beida Jade Bird IT training class can be, so I want to do is through the relevant tools, I need to do what kind of keywords, the second is the long tail word, in fact such a station may have tens of thousands of the long tail word, there is no outstanding achievements, such as the day to do it, believe that the light of these long tail word can bring considerable large flow. read more

Subvert the past experience of Shanghai Longfeng optimization

A: in fact, Shanghai Longfeng optimization, are groping on your own, everyone’s style is different, with its own unique style, there is no 2 personal style is exactly the same, the experience of the predecessors is not wrong, it is also possible to find out his own, but we cannot completely copy today, the predecessors said content important, we will make mad? Tomorrow that predecessors said the chain, then we can send a link madly? It is not, we do Shanghai dragon, want oneself to slowly try, slowly groping, groping a suitable for their own site optimization experience, because the love of Shanghai and clear pointed out that the Shanghai dragon optimization algorithm. read more

Taobao keyword analysis quality customer experience secret

was yesterday to write an article about how to find good keywords, but writing a day still feel badly written, find words too much, the intention of customers themselves to think what would ask, flagship store shop word, long tail keywords tool mining, including acquisition keyword analysis. Write a day still feel good yesterday, summarized out 123, therefore decided not to write the word, find the method of everyone has a different method, the word is too much, to see Ali mother the love sea search will be able to select a N, for the new, how to judge the word of competition only is the key, therefore today do not find that word, said word analysis. read more

Shanghai blue sky love the new algorithm the first major update all the error index decreased


included the continuous decline in the news source site

this is a news website, apparently included decline is very serious, I believe is the impact of blue sky algorithm. But in addition to see included reduced outside, not much decline in the rankings. It should be found to love Shanghai but the plot is not estimated is "left behind were observed".

since November last month launched the blue sky love Shanghai algorithm has been for a long time, love Shanghai Lantian method mainly for sale, soft news source site directory behavior. Facing so many grassroots AdSense and enterprise owners of the injury should be not so strong, but also love Shanghai Lantian algorithm Skynet algorithm, a large bucket algorithm after rectification, not many sources of news websites there are more or less affected. read more