The latest web site title written specification [die] excessive optimization


as everyone knows, the page title, usually is the focus of attention is the core of the search engine, the direction of Shanghai dragon Er are optimized to adjust from the station early late!, home page, column page, project page, details page title (keyword, description) optimization, from first to last is critical. By chance, Xiaobian see some traces, and after careful analysis, only this piece of content — the latest web site title written specification [die] excessive optimization. Welcome to correct deficiencies, add read more

Three small details when you ignore the website optimization

is often found in practice, some links clearly open normal, but when I use XENU tools to check the dead links, but that I was a dead link, so I went to the dead links page where the source file to check, it was found that some of the link and the link is not a standard. For example some front. Other signs, especially when using a relative address, why is this link, the browser can open it, because the browser has a certain error correcting function, when it will open a page, automatically to supplement the information so that the pages open. So when we check the dead links, best can use some tools to detect. read more

High weight website Shanghai dragon direction content quality win

quote authoritative website information, for example we do Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon to write a personal blog, a lot of knowledge about Shanghai dragon in the blog, here because of the need to refer to the encyclopedia, Shanghai will love love Shanghai or Google webmaster optimization guide refers to the south the contents in the article, the content is the authority content search engine released, we quote that web content is based on the content of the authority, the authority must improve a lot. read more

Entrepreneurship story Dwolla do not take the road to subvert the payment industryTwo years of inter

has hatched two years in the hammer VR project dissolution, probably means that the hammer in the VR industry direction, strategy changes. According to business information, think of Beijing science and Technology Limited mainly engaged in technology promotion service, software development services, not related to hardware. It is likely that the hammer retains the hardware part of the business, and the new company is likely to engage in software, content related research and development and services. read more

How to use the search engine platform advantage promotion right know, this is also our common channel, I was the day before the name made 5 questions, each question has an answer to 3-4, since a reply with connection answer and choose the best answer, and then let the brothers help you brush, pageviews, usually, second days on the baidu page, the top of the well, a good brush, Baidu will know Baidu in the mobilized four or five questions on the homepage, and these questions are you.

1, entry soon announced at the baidu channel is the second library, now Baidu Library Review comparative strict, but we do about Shanghai Longfeng promotion is a, we should all be done, the document name that you want to do, more content, I test content too few documents with after not simply by the content, some more you can, put your information in the header of the local image can also, if in alongside the "copyright" is more simple (not through the explanation, you know). read more

On site optimization of Shanghai Longfeng detail analysis

!Although the basic knowledge of the ! The

above is me for the "details" of the Shanghai dragon, now we are doing something everyone knows, but who do the details, do carefully, then the search engine of the highlands of Shanghai dragon is who, SKF Bearing 贵族宝贝 www.skf-bearing.n>

now fight outside the chain is very laborious and time-consuming. Sometimes we find that others do not have their own site outside the chain, but the ranking is very good, in the front row of their own, that no matter how hard the multiple chain or not. The growth of each station will know: the chain can not rise too fast, and unstable factors of the chain too much, a lot of chain fast effect is small. The chain is to steady growth! Of course I said this does not mean that no longer do the chain! At present is to search engine oriented domain, we fight for every inch of land! read more

How much of each big search engine optimization means love Shanghai score proportion

look at the chain of information announcement love was out of the sea, according to the observation and analysis of the author, all external links the site including chain, anti chain for love in Shanghai between the proportion of 30%-35%, perhaps many webmaster will think why the chain ratio now there are so many webmaster friends do not know? Whether the observed recent love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, the two time this year are associated with links to websites, from which we see that the chain site is the focus of the current adjustment, but also the focus of search engine, search engine more importance why adjustable linking with normal and relevance, is nothing more than the chain said the proportion is very high, is worth owners to spend time to do, from the current form some news sources, industry, high PR website submission links help website ranking ahead. read more

Analysis of factors related to the site Links Shanghai Dragon

love Shanghai weight value

The website of

exchange links, from other PR sites can probably understand the structure of quality and quantity, the website external links to the site, the most important is the quality of the chain, we all know that if a website is punished by search engines, and it links to the web site will be subject to certain implicated, and in exchange the link is on both sides of the PR site is not too large, such as a web site PR7, which links to the web site PR is 2 or 0, this time Google will find PR2 site may be purchased on PR7 links, and low PR value of the site may be punished. read more

Do love Shanghai know details the construction of the high quality of the chain do not worry

2, do

, a successful Shanghai dragon will pay more attention to the details of the grasp, to know the details is king. Then a successful love Shanghai know promotion personnel, need more attention in every detail, only in this way can we effort, we can do to promote their website the most efficient without being hurt".

how to fill out the most perfect account information? This problem is estimated that we will be interested, here I want to say only one thing: from the perspective of people’s psychology, the love of Shanghai as a personal point of view, the love of Shanghai account as a real person. People have different preferences of the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, disgust, so in the choice of classification and keyword related to select some of the possible broad field, when answering questions also answer some problems in other areas may, let Shanghai know that you love is not just to mix the chain, you also want to help others people. read more

Enhance the operation strategy of Shanghai Longfeng site conversion rate

transformation to solve user problems which

The so-called



users here think your product is OK, goods than three after your product has more advantages. If today he >

some advantages compared with the same industry, where we, our products after what certification. Relative to peers our price is how much, how about material, customer service service. Then through such a contrast to dispel the doubts users, but it doesn’t end here. The product is also good, come back tomorrow to buy it". read more

Grassroots webmaster talked a little bit in 2013 the construction of the chain

: shared chain

2, sell link website

?This year, Shanghai launched the green love


here, I can only say: Shanghai dragon anyway will not die, will have the ability to open up the chain construction of new world, only some have no ability, only so, the chain improperly belittle oneself, 213 years of construction is not only method, method has changed. Recently love Shanghai introduced a variety of algorithms, undoubtedly to our Shanghai dragon staff is not a small blow, in fact, we can see that the love of Shanghai recently updated algorithm, are based on the chain of human as the focus of the fight against objects, so we should be calm and think about what we do outside the chain, in the end there is no value in the value? Where? These are worthy of our reflection is not read more

Analysis on the influence of the snapshot of the rankings


Shanghai dragon Er to start the day’s work, the first thing is usually query website ranking and site web site, look at the latest time and weight of the position of the home page snapshot. Many are concerned about the Shanghai dragon Er website snapshot, of course I was no exception. I want to reiterate here that Dennis:

for the site command we are not unfamiliar, many Shanghai dragon Er query it is to watch the latest web site snapshot, and the fact that snapshot affect keyword ranking? I can clearly tell you "NO", because the index server and directory server receiving love Shanghai is not one of them is the division of labor. How do you explain!? is also very simple, if you look carefully will find that the snapshot time not many website ranking page snapshot time is site, which verifies that the. read more

Good wind leveraging blog right to share the experience of optimization

Although analysis

forearmed nopreparation, blog link also need a control process, this process is also the site

is a website with the most fundamental quality not reflected in the content, and different search engines have different weight assignment. But there is no denying the fact that link plays a very positive role in the website optimization process, no one will ignore the link function. In the link of construction, a lot of people want to play the first is friendship exchange links, exchange links to general good quality. The number of links but a web site can exchange is limited, more than a certain amount (about 50) not only can improve the site weight, but also be mistaken for search engine link factories, dangerous down the right punishment. Links is more suitable for quality, but can not meet the requirements of the number of links. read more

Do the following station optimization let you stand up cattle

description, it is best to describe the provisions in 83 characters, the description to our Lord keywords on the front, as if I stand is the women to join, so I put the Korean women to join… On the front, the spider crawling.

The reasonable application of Keywords

8. internal links, this is also very important, the general is very high weight of the chain to the other important home page, here, or be careful not to have too much home page link to other pages, because it may cause you to page down the right, as long as the first page link to important pages can if the page, some useless by the spider crawling, you can also use these pages to drive home. The chain is also very important, you can make a table to tell myself that the page needs to drive home. < > read more

Analysis of the role of the anchor text site optimization and Shanghai Longfeng effect

, for example, if a and B are in the article about my lottery website development company article a, the content of a mention: search engine optimization. "When they have talked about the a". So the a will also receive Shanghai Longfeng effect.

I think the anchor text of the Shanghai dragon effect will be more and more low

The The

so we get a conclusion:

with reference substitution will replace the anchor text.

(5) finally, we think, anchor text, CO citation etc. they will only interdependent association rather than who was who had replaced, because. read more

Do the site within Shanghai Longfeng Optimization good included sort show

to do on the site to do this three aspects included: good, good good sort, good show. The three is based on the principle of search engine to do, for example, included, not only related to the content of the website, but also relates to the search engine spiders to crawl "and so on, according to the following three aspects which tell you exactly how to do the internal optimization Website:

search engine for website construction, mainly divided into three parts: how to make the search engine website in the content, how to get a good ranking in the search engine, how to let users from many of the search results, click on your website. In simple terms, is the collection, sorting, display. read more

Do not easily believe that the advertising alliance networkNew stationmaster’s first pot of gold

left the company for five years because he couldn’t see the future. After his resignation, a movie station, this was years ago, at that time all the energy to do station, busy awfully, choose the system, collect data, find a template, do optimization, busy for quite a while and finally fix the website.

ad connection is not credible,

choose a good reputation, click rate and high union hard, I have registered the sh419 alliance, nine wins, et ninth, advertising alliance, the first video alliance, eFriendsNet, alimama, Yiqifa, thunderbolt alliance, hee oh…… A few of you can’t remember your name. These alliances either do not accept new sites, or ad click rate is too low, hang up for a while have to give up. Then from a movie station when I saw a movie collection of advertising, very attractive, follow the code to find the past, the original is double alliance advertising, registered a try so much, anyway, not this one. Hang out for a few days, it feels good read more

Webmaster must read 2009 webmaster trustworthy profitable AllianceWorking is not the only way out E

first search alliance information you need to know to make money on the Internet, see the online negative information about the alliance is not much, of course, there are also some malicious attacks and the fall stick, but can be used as a reference standard.

09 years, the owners of the main money union pros and cons

1, shlf1314 Adsence


can also check the advertising union announcement, study the alliance’s capital status and capital flow, and ensure the reliability of income.

is now the situation is that many owners are dependent on every kind of alliance to make money, really good union can bring huge gains for the webmaster, but if in doubt, join the wrong alliance, not to earn money not to say, but also waste a lot of time and resources, and finally come to a white read more

BuzzFeed founder social network EQ defeated QMa Jiajia again shooting traditional entrepreneurs do

suddenly to the age of the Internet, this generation of people on the Internet, 90, 95, 00, no childhood is experienced material scarcity, grew up in the general affluence of the situation, so what kind of situation?

I think there are probably two schools:

because the generation grew up and experienced the age of material deprivation, the theme of the whole age was how to work hard, how to work hard and become an elite. This is the 1 stage of a society’s urbanization process, that is, to follow elitism, break away from the public, leave cock wire, break away from the "low-end", and create alienation. I want to have culture, I want to study, I want to go abroad, I want to buy famous brand, become different from the people in our village, is considered to be a success. read more

Learn the necessary Wangzhuan mind whatShould blogs make money How to make money

positive attitude,

execution is Wangzhuan core, execution = stick. Not to persist, to do a good wangzhuan. You can insist on writing every day? You can insist that every update your own website? Can you do Wangzhuan? Can you hold? Only to >

everything has two sides, either good or bad; attitude is nothing more than a positive attitude and a negative attitude. If a person thinks about the negative all day, then the person is sure to cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. For example, you are just contact Wangzhuan newcomers, and you wished to learn all the skills of Wangzhuan, immediately earn more money, what want to rush is the result of what things have to do it. Positioning must be accurate, he is a Wangzhuan rookie, that position is a rookie, learn basic things, rather than to learn those things that don’t belong to you. read more