The latest web site title written specification [die] excessive optimization


as everyone knows, the page title, usually is the focus of attention is the core of the search engine, the direction of Shanghai dragon Er are optimized to adjust from the station early late!, home page, column page, project page, details page title (keyword, description) optimization, from first to last is critical. By chance, Xiaobian see some traces, and after careful analysis, only this piece of content — the latest web site title written specification [die] excessive optimization. Welcome to correct deficiencies, add read more

Three small details when you ignore the website optimization

is often found in practice, some links clearly open normal, but when I use XENU tools to check the dead links, but that I was a dead link, so I went to the dead links page where the source file to check, it was found that some of the link and the link is not a standard. For example some front. Other signs, especially when using a relative address, why is this link, the browser can open it, because the browser has a certain error correcting function, when it will open a page, automatically to supplement the information so that the pages open. So when we check the dead links, best can use some tools to detect. read more

High weight website Shanghai dragon direction content quality win

quote authoritative website information, for example we do Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon to write a personal blog, a lot of knowledge about Shanghai dragon in the blog, here because of the need to refer to the encyclopedia, Shanghai will love love Shanghai or Google webmaster optimization guide refers to the south the contents in the article, the content is the authority content search engine released, we quote that web content is based on the content of the authority, the authority must improve a lot. read more

Entrepreneurship story Dwolla do not take the road to subvert the payment industryTwo years of inter

has hatched two years in the hammer VR project dissolution, probably means that the hammer in the VR industry direction, strategy changes. According to business information, think of Beijing science and Technology Limited mainly engaged in technology promotion service, software development services, not related to hardware. It is likely that the hammer retains the hardware part of the business, and the new company is likely to engage in software, content related research and development and services. read more

How to use the search engine platform advantage promotion right know, this is also our common channel, I was the day before the name made 5 questions, each question has an answer to 3-4, since a reply with connection answer and choose the best answer, and then let the brothers help you brush, pageviews, usually, second days on the baidu page, the top of the well, a good brush, Baidu will know Baidu in the mobilized four or five questions on the homepage, and these questions are you.

1, entry soon announced at the baidu channel is the second library, now Baidu Library Review comparative strict, but we do about Shanghai Longfeng promotion is a, we should all be done, the document name that you want to do, more content, I test content too few documents with after not simply by the content, some more you can, put your information in the header of the local image can also, if in alongside the "copyright" is more simple (not through the explanation, you know). read more