Successful stationmaster must have the spirit of bright sword

before the article, and A5 editor said sorry, I have limited knowledge of text. But I’m really writing with my heart. Hope to give us these grassroots webmaster, a growth platform, I hope this article can be included. I believe you have seen the TV series "sword", recently read a master about the sword spirit video, think that is very reasonable. Today I want to talk about it with you network in the world of sword spirit. In fact, all industries have success, observe them all with the sword spirit. A5 has a lot of stories about the achievements of the webmaster. While we admire their success, we do not know the hard and hard work behind success. People who do web sites know that a successful website requires perseverance and perspiration, and that talent or opportunity is only a foil or ornament. There is no shortage of geniuses in all trades, but people often see only a few geniuses, and ignore the successes of hard work and sweat. But if you want to succeed in this field, then we must also have the sword spirit. read more

Personal webmaster where’s our future

, like most people, I am a personal webmaster, such a personal webmaster, all day in the city for living in displaced, on the network. Inadvertently, QQ has recorded Chinese users bit by bit, 10 years of growth in the road and I, after 4 years of stationmaster road is still nothing, still smoke in the familiar QQ Sound Meditation, thinking about my future · · · · ·

& middot;

, 4 years ago, I was in junior college. At that time, the Internet is in a state of disorder, and even making money is so baffling. Under the guidance of interest, I began to learn to do web site. Unlike other people, the first time I did it was to earn money, because I was thinking about how to make money when I was in college. Although eager for quick success and instant gain, but just caught up with a good period. Although the time is not very understand SEO, just as the network of various materials to engage in East West things, but doing doing, found their own web sites do customized ringing tone of the first Baidu keyword "free customized ringing tone" suddenly a month later. Then, after consulting an expert, I put SP ads, even a month down, there are 3000–4000 income. read more

Qigihar talent network under the line to promote the road

February 24th, after an emergency, Heilongjiang, Qigihar, Hecheng talent online line, on-line publicity immediately placed in front of us. Previously, there was a website for local recruitment. Now the site is closed. How do we get more recruiters to know about us,

?The main problem after the

website is on-line is the recruitment information enrichment. Several of us have been able to find a lot of recruitment information through various channels and spend hours filling in the content. Start studying website promotion issues. read more

Share network marketing experience need more exchanges before progress

boring and group chat today, never so positive, suddenly found that communication is a good thing, only know that they will not have access to the Internet, communication, feel a waste of time, but there is always wrong, exchange time, and of great significance, so after the need for more exchanges, more exchanges have no progress experience. I like this, are using the network to make money, the industry called network marketing, do SEO, do the bidding, do online and so on, but eventually, a word for "money", or a list of points to talk about it. Let’s hope everything connects, read more

The network process of a female stationmaster

In fact, their professional

is not very good, but due to popular network, like network, also learn to do the site. Remember the first website that you made, because of the space cost problem, already disappeared. Taking into account a variety of factors, I think if you want to develop a web site, you must have your own space and domain name, that is, the ownership of the entire web site. So after that, I bought space and decided to run a website. That’s the now. The location of the site I considered for a long time, have not know what kind of site is good, and later in view of oneself is a woman, and before this is also engaged in, so positioning in this site.   read more

Webmaster should pay attention to a few mistakes

China greatly small Adsense is difficult to gauge, some experience, some most webmaster ranged from a green hand, 2; this paper probes into some misunderstanding easily into the webmaster. These misunderstandings are the blind spots in the mind. They may go out of their way at once and eventually delay their time and experience. For this reason, do a detailed explanation here.

the first misunderstanding: content misunderstanding

has a saying: "content is king, link is emperor"." The emphasis is on the paramount importance of content in website construction. But someone will go into such a misunderstanding, content and content. Busy collecting all day, busy busy all day post, not easy to warm, but the efficiency had no effect. Some webmaster is taught: when the web site is submitted to the search engine, it must be full of content, can not be completed on the hair. Of course, this is correct, but when you collect tens of thousands of content, Baidu may not include you 1% pages. So don’t make content for content. To build a good website frame column, a hundred article is released, released to promote. While the content added, reflected in the later regular regular increase, instead of the explosive growth of content; this will make you stop showing a good momentum of development, but also is more likely to win the favor of Baidu Google. You don’t see some articles on the Internet, tens of thousands of sites, access to a small amount of poor, you do not see some of the content of the website is solid, but included less and less? read more

Discussion on word usage and attribution in nternet operation

recently and had research on Internet operations relationship words and ownership of things, also a lot of information search on the Internet, but also to find some work for several years to do operation friends, found a lot of people and companies including some veteran operators for Internet operation between words and ownership confused with is not uniform, so many got in the field operation of the Internet the new person is confused. In order to make the operators in the Internet field more professional, more systematic, more unified, and more clearly the attribution of relations, is the focus of this article. read more

How do you change the garbage station to the flow station

I began to do stand at the end of 07 years of

, the time to do the movie station really fail every day to a few IP, this phenomenon lasted only 09 years in January, because I thought a long time, how to know some traffic rules.

1. soft wen. [most of this is known],

2. uses Baidu to know and stick it. [now, every day for me to IP500 more, as long as there is perseverance,]

3. uses popular blogs to promote it. [that is, post and post, of course, not too obvious publicity, you stand]

4.QQ. I believe the QQ customers how to widely apply for a new QQ every day with new friends send you one by one station information] read more

t is a false proposition that the evolution of local communities is differentiated by the micro blo

              [editor’s note], the author of this article, Zhou Ning, Ning Zhe, founder of the network, Sina, micro-blog, @ dream of Hong kong. Sina micro-blog was launched in August 14, 2009. In the past three years, the rapid development of micro-blog has greatly promoted the progress of social media. The author believes that the development of micro-blog has enabled local communities to have a more precise positioning of themselves.

with every footprint of micro-blog, the industry will repeatedly put forward some similar questions: will BBS be replaced by micro-blog? How does the local website operate differently? read more

Left hander pornographic door the aftermath also shock

"pornographic" with the passage of time, will be more clear, now the picture has been A Jiao, Cecilia Cheung, Elva Hsiao, Bobo Chan, Niki Chow, Jolin, Yang Yongqing, Joey Yung and other pornographic actress, have been released, Edison Chan pornographic incident a full set of pictures has been up to more than 400, becoming the 2008 year of the rat first entertainment circle of big earthquake, with the last actress Liu be on a par with the event.

I guess it’s hard to calm down in a short while. The entertainment, Internet, police and Internet users are busy for a while, and many people are excited now. read more

Crazy webmaster will bring more confidence to your CyberFair

May 17, 2009, "fourth China Internet webmaster will be successfully held in Beijing the Great Wall Hotel, this will be the growth in the end" as the theme, jointly organized by Comsenz and those left behind. "China Internet investment fair" Secretary General Zhang Xinliang invited to participate in the meeting, and with the local webmaster continued "ten thousand miles" leading edge, and carried out more in-depth exchanges.


conference is also set up 8th Anniversary Chinese Internet webmaster webmaster celebration party conference scheduled for 1200 people All seats are occupied., swarming into the venue, nearly 2000 people, unprecedented; "friends, brothers’ voice ‘handshake and embrace" can be heard without end, everywhere, but these have not expressed among the participants of the inner joy. Annual meeting is not only a head of the party, it is a grand network of crazy PARTY, as if the financial crisis is the press never happened; as the loyal friend and future partner, your CyberFair Secretary Zhang Xinliang moved and inspired, feel in and around the station together with the old friends meeting the grand blessing, "Chinese network industry will bring a full range of the reform of the economic system, the reform of the power station is around The core, and set the online transactions, investment, financing and product exhibition in one of the "Chinese fair" will be the change of the platform; the crazy years webmaster will bring greater confidence to your CyberFair – "together to create brilliant". Zhang Xinliang said was the scene of many webmaster identity. read more

How does a webmaster deal with planned site closures

A long time

users often ask us if a website is closed in Google search robot, then the site in Google search results in the "visibility" will have a negative impact. Sometimes, site closure is an inevitable event: webmasters may temporarily shut down websites because of routine site maintenance or legal or cultural considerations. The reputation of the site can be adversely affected if you do not explicitly declare the site closed for the above reasons. Although we can not guarantee the site search, index or ranking, but we can still have some way processing program sites in close event, in order to avoid the site closed on the site in the search results in the "visibility" negative effect. read more

DC observation the recent new strategy to adjust the observation network

network has recently introduced a series of new strategies listed here:

1.NET domain name price reduction of 29 yuan, the current price of 110 yuan;

2. exclusive host I excellent price 1100 yuan, the current price of 4500 yuan;

3.G5 type virtual host 40 percent off, the current price of 1178 yuan;

4. security business mail 40 percent off, the current minimum price of 600 yuan;

5. exclusive I type, two years down 2000, the current price of 10000 yuan;

6. exclusive II-C type 8800 yuan;

7. standard website services, price 1000 yuan, the current minimum price of 2888 yuan; read more

How to use B2B website platform to do free internet marketing

is now using the network B2B platform for more and more sales, business is getting bigger and bigger, on the contrary, network marketing competition has become increasingly fierce, network ordering information day by day. I have a lot to do direct sales and trade friends, they have been in the 07 years before and after the use of network marketing to make a pot of gold (like Alibaba, HC and other B2B platform), at that time, not just the popularity of network marketing, network marketing and many people, they use the registered users free release of the commercial product information so the achievements of today’s network marketing BOSS; was also a lack of a perfect marketing planning website industry is in a stage of experiment and exploration; after several years of adjustment, the industry website marketing are no longer as monotonous, with the increase of users, so that the free membership fees and the difference is more and more big, free membership the product information is always in charge of members, especially the popular products, the first seven or eight pages are not likely to find the free user product information, so many users feel lost Looking out of online marketing. read more

How gorgeous is the little red book going to make 700 million of its sales in half a year

Hunting cloud network

(text / Jiang Jixue)

users, users, users, in the eyes of little red book co-founder Ceng Xiulian (she is more accustomed to using LindaZeng self proclaimed), the user is family like existence. Speaking of little red book, she said every word can not be separated from the "user" these two words, she said: "users, let us become the leader of the sea Amoy community."."

The beginning of


in June 2013, in the United States for Mao Wenchao by the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial atmosphere inspired, gave up millions of dollars in annual financial work, decided to return home and work in the Tencent policy development, LindaZeng co founded the overseas shopping community share little red book, and by the real funds favor, millions of dollars to get angel investment. read more

51Talk acquisition of 91 foreign teachers Gong Haiyan face defeat dig enterprise users


DoNews feature in January 19th (reporter An Hong) "I hope you do too much attention and acquisition related questions", media communication at the 51Talk acquisition of 91 teachers, CEO Huang Jiajia solemnly asked. He also revealed that, after the completion of the acquisition, 51Talk will continue to adhere to the foreign teacher 1 to 1 product strategy and to Philippines foreign teachers as the main resource for teachers two core, and to teenagers and enterprise users for the development focus in 2015. read more

BTAUTO Yuan Hui why the car electricity supplier so difficult

so strong vertical category, why can not become the mainstream of the electricity supplier craze


Yuan Hui, assistant to the president and deputy general manager of Yi Yi Pai

as the vertical field, automotive and real estate subdivision has been doing very well, even the easy car network, Soufangwang such listed companies, but this two so the vitality of the vertical category, but can not become the mainstream commodity boom in business. Of course, as the property, due to intermediaries, developers and supply and demand problems in this area is indeed difficult, but as a relatively standardized car products, why is it so difficult? read more

‘ve been a dirty webmaster for years

wanted to end this life many times, but every time she went out, she couldn’t find a better job and went back to the Internet career I had no use for.

to be honest, I’m not a bad guy. I’m a hot blooded young man. I’ve been studying in University for 2 years. I’ve gone to Shantou, worked for several years, worked as a foreign enterprise, and also worked as a private manager. I did a lot of work and worked as a director. Wandering for a few years, what experience, and nothing left. Money, woman. read more

Ling Kai personal Adsense lack of online staff to work

I started from the site to now almost three years, and in the industry is also a small reputation. Ready to start the site recently a lot of friends asked me, what is the most difficult to do? To tell the truth, for me, the biggest difficulty is not creative, do not promote, but can not find suitable business partners, the premise is that I don’t have enough energy and resources to recruit, manage and motivate employees.

all roads lead to Rome. In this absence of energy and money, I can only think of other ways to do my work carefully. And some entrepreneurs after more than a month of discussion, the author finishing three years to do their own webmaster experience. read more