Hebei poverty returned overseas venture development fund to help returnees entrepreneurial wealth

returnees entrepreneurship has become a common phenomenon, most of them in order to seek better development opportunities. But there are a lot of returnees are still poor moderate day. Yesterday, Hebei province started poor returned overseas business development fund, to help the smooth development of entrepreneurial activity returned overseas.

1 13 in the morning, the poor returned overseas business development fund of Hebei province held a ceremony in Shijiazhuang, China Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Qiu Yuanping, vice governor Qin Boyong, the fund’s founder Mr. Li Hui pressed together to start the ball, marking the fund officially launched. read more

What are the key learning methods of English Enlightenment Education

now, education has become the focus of attention of many families, especially for English learning, so many parents headache, after all, is not the mother tongue, learning will certainly be some difficulties. So, how to let the child received a better English Enlightenment? Make it easier for them to learn?

A, phonics

teaching method in weapon. It is not only in English speaking countries children learning English pronunciation and spelling, reading comprehension ability and improve teaching methods, is for beginners to learn English pronunciation rules and spelling skills in English as second language. read more

Mayor Zhang Ruishu Award for the 2015 Qinhuangdao ten entrepreneurial Heroes

2015 is a new year, of course, there are many pioneering heroes of the contribution, therefore, Qinhuangdao recently held a ten entrepreneurial Hero Award Ceremony, the meeting is very important, the mayor and deputy mayors are in.

3 19, 2009, Qinhuangdao, the top ten entrepreneurial Hero Awards ceremony was held in the Grand Hall of the people’s Government of the Harbour District of the city of. Municipal Committee, mayor Zhang Ruishu attended the ceremony and award winners.

read more

Open convenience food stores to do a few things which


entrepreneurs, in the choice of when projects are very cautious, as the saying goes, hunger breeds discontentment, if related to this business is very good, the needs of the people, is worth the attention of entrepreneurs, now there are a lot of people at the people’s food basket, convenience food stores in the vicinity of the community. Convenience food stores is convenient for the residents to buy food, but also with their own pocketbook, really good shooting two birds with one stone. But in the shop, we have to do the following things. read more