Petar Misovski new HC Metalurg goalkeeper

HC Metalurgpetar misovskirakomet ← Previous Story Metalurg suspends players that are boycotting Next Story → “Great” idea WHC Vardar: Make a bet, and get free tickets?! The current crisis that has hit HC Metalurg and the players boycotting the team has prompted the team from “Avtokomanda” to look for some replacements. The first one that has arrived is the goalkeeper Petar Misovski. He has already worn the Metalurg shirt for two times before, and said that he’s delighted to be back in the club with which he has only good memories. The previous number one, Darko Stanic, has already left the club few weeks ago and joined SSG Bietigheim from the Bundesliga read more

Petar Nenadic for Serbia at Mens EHF EURO 2016

One of best DKB Bundesliga players this season, Petar Nenadić, will be in the roster of Serbian national team for the upcoming Men’s EHF EURO 2016! Fuchse Berlin playmaker received a call from NT head-coach Dejan Perić after a year and a half of silence between two sides.-Of course, I will play in Poland. No doubt about that, I am a soldier of my country – said Nenadić forć has played last time in Serbian T-shirt at Men’s EHF EURO 2014 in Poland, where Serbian “EAGLES” were coached by Vladan Matić.The 29 year-old goalscorer began his NT career at Men’s EHF EURO 2010 in Austria.Dejan Perić decided to give a call also to left back Žarko Šešum, goalkeeper Darko Stanić, while still is unknown whether Momir Ilić will change his decision to retire from the national team. ← Previous Story ASIA BATTLE FOR RIO 2016: Four teams, one dream Next Story → AFRICAN LION: Wael Jallouz extends in Barca until 2018! Petar Nenadicserbia read more

World Handball goalkeeper 2017

Arpad SterbikGonzalo Perez de VargasMattias AnderssonNiklas LandinWorld Handball goalkeeper 2017  Loading …CLICK AND VOTE:WORLD BEST LEFT WING 2017WORLD BEST LEFT BACK 2017WORLD BEST PLAYMAKER 2017WORLD BEST RIGHT BACK 2017WORLD BEST RIGHT WING 2017WORLD BEST LINE-PLAYER 2017WORLD BEST GOALKEEPER 2017WORLD BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER 2017 World Handball goalkeeper 2017? Niklas Landin (THW Kiel – Denmark) Arpad Sterbik (RK Vardar Skopje – Spain) Gonzalo Perez de Vargas (FC Barcelona Lassa – Spain) Mattias Andersson (SG Flensburg Handewitt – Sweden)View Results ← Previous Story World Handball right wing 2017? Next Story → World Handball line-player 2017? read more

Draw between RNL and HBC Nantes put RK Vardar at 14 finals

3.Barcelona 13823380:35018 ← Previous Story Kielce get ready for PICK Szeged? Next Story → VIDEO: Amazing Ivanisevic saves 7 7-meter shots for Skjern at TOP 16 2.Nantes14923402:38220 7.PPD Zagreb13229325:3696 Rhein Neckar Lowen and HBC Nantes played 30:30 (13:15) afterwards RK Vardar Skopje secured position No.1 and direct placement at quarterfinal of the VELUX EHF Champions League!The German champions will finish fourth, while HBC Nantes are still on the second place, but if Barca win over PICK Szeged, the French vice-champions will finish third with Meshkov Brest for the rivals at TOP 16.Rhein-Neckar Löwen – HBC Nantes 30:30 (13:15)Löwen: Palicka, Appelgren; Schmid (5), Sigurdsson, Radivojevic (1), Baena (5), Tollbring (6/2), Mensah, Pekeler (2), Groetzki (1), Reinkind (1), Taleski (3), Petersson (4), Keller (2)Nantes: Dumoulin, Siffert; Lagarde (5), Saurina, Guillo (1), Claire (7), Klein (1), Pechmalbec (1), Tournat (5), Emonet (1), Matulic (1), Gurbindo (6/1), Auffret (1), Hansen (1)TABELA: 4.Rhein-Neckar 14653416:39117 6.Wisla Plock13229349:3776 5.Szeged 13616394:38313 1.Vardar13922359:31020 8.Kristianstad13229328:3916 read more

Poll Should Irish people protest more

first_imgPEPPER SPRAY WAS used by Gardaí on protesters outside Leinster House yesterday while another protest blocked traffic during rush hour in the city.New barriers had been erected at government buildings ahead of the new Dáil term in anticipation of protests that started at 5am yesterday morning.So today we ask: Should Irish people protest more? Poll Results: Yes (4698) Not sure (965)center_img YesNoNot sureVote No (3708)last_img

Police to assess Jimmy Savile allegations no investigation yet

first_imgIt is not an investigation at this stage. POLICE IN LONDON have said they will begin to assess the recent allegations made against the late television broadcaster Jimmy Savile.In a statement, the Metropolitan Police Service said it had agreed to take the national lead in assessing information broadcast in an ITV documentary last night. The programme detailed claims from five women that the DJ and presenter sexually abused them on BBC premises when they were teenagers.The operation will be undertaken by the Serious Case Team of the Child Abuse Investigation Command.“Our priority will be to ensure a proportionate and consistent policing response putting the victims at the heart of enquiries,” a spokesperson said. “It is too early to say how many individual allegations there are, and we will be making contact with all those concerned in due course. Scotland Yard said it will be working closely with the BBC investigations unit during the process and the broadcaster has committed to cooperating with the operation. Detective Superintendent David Gray who is leading the assessment asked anyone with information to make contact with their local police.Earlier this week it emerged that at least three police forces had received complaints about the knighted television star but concluded there was not enough evidence to pursue them.One case of alleged rape has already been referred to the Metropolitan Police in London.Jimmy Savile was the presenter of programmes including Top of the Pops and Jim’ll Fix it. He died in October 2011.Jimmy Savile: BBC says it is “horrified” by sexual abuse allegationslast_img read more

Fine Gael TDs challenge Government stance on Croke Park

first_imgEIGHT FINE GAEL TDs have voiced criticism of the Government’s stance on the Croke Park Agreement – saying that while the core pay of low-earning public servants ought to be protected, incremental pay rises and allowances for those at the top should not.In a co-authored piece in today’s Irish Examiner, the eight TDs – Sean Conlan, Paul Connaughton, Pat Deering, Brendan Griffin, Noel Harrington, Sean Kyne, Anthony Lawlor, and Eoghan Murphy – raise a number of challenges to the Government’s position.They argue that pay increases for those on higher wages “must be put back on the table” if the Government is serious about tackling the budget deficit, claiming that such increments will add at least €170 million to the public sector pay bill by next year.They also highlight the “hesitation” in tackling the subject of public sector allowances, which they claim are worth €1.5 billion, when allowances are not addressed in the Croke Park Agreement.The actual savings being made under the deal is also questioned – with the TDs asking whether the figures have been overstated.Read: Government insists Croke Park savings are not overstatedRead: Coveney – Department ‘was being accurate’ in rejecting government’s Croke Park criterialast_img read more

Tough decisions ahead regardless of Troika involvement Minister

first_imgTHE GAP BETWEEN spending and taxation means that tough policy decisions will have to be made in post-bailout Ireland regardless of the level of monitoring by the Troika.That is according to Minister of State for EU Affairs Paschal Donohoe who says that Government must now remain aware of the impact decisions will have on the cost of borrowing.Speaking to, Donohoe says that since we have now chosen to leave the bailout without a precautionary credit line, we must keep borrowing rates low:Even if we were in an environment where we did not have the arrangements that we’re talking about. Because of the need that we will have to borrow in the future to fund the gap between our spending and taxation, we would need to take a set of decisions anyway to allow us to borrow at rates that we can afford. Donohoe says that the Government has been aware of this fact during consultations with bailout partners in Europe and the United States. He says that talks with potential investors in Irish debt formed an important part of the decision taken by the Government to go it alone from the middle of next month:We looked at the input that we had received from the consultation round that we’re referring to, discussed the different options with people who would be buying our debt in the future, who would be experts in how our economy would perform after the exited the bailout.Ireland will leave the Troika’s three year bailout programme on 15 December, but as they themselves have pointed out, the the EU, IMF and ECB will keep Ireland “under a close watch”.Donohoe says however that this will be far less stingent than what pertained under the programme.“The Troika were actually involved in how decisions were made, the micro level of detail regarding how government was run.“What we’re now going to moving to now is an environment in which people are going to be looking at the consequences of decisions rather than being involved in making the decisions with us.”Read: Decision on credit line will make it ‘more difficult’ to access future supports >Read: Gilmore insists: Bailout exit without credit line was not for political reasons >Read: Minister Paschal Donohoe hopes for route back to FG for TDs who left party >last_img read more

Shatter Legal clarity for surrogate and LGBT parents by year end

first_imgSPEAKING AT THE Marriage Equality’s LGBT Parenting in Ireland conference, Minister for Justice Alan Shatter said proposals for the reform of family law in areas such as “non-traditional” families will shortly be considered by Cabinet.Addressing the conference, he said his job was to legislate and that he understands that “the process of change will be difficult”.He added: “There will be controversies on the road ahead. Not everyone will agree with all aspects of the Draft Bill. We may not always agree.”Time of changeHe said the conference is being held at a time of change in Ireland and that the Government’s decision to hold a referendum next year on same-sex marriage is “a major step forward on the path to marriage equality”However he said there the key issue that needs to be addressed in advance of a referendum is that of children and parental rights.“The Government is mindful that the position of children in families headed by same-sex couples has been a matter of concern for the Constitutional Convention,” said Shatter.Over 18 months, Shatter said he and the Department of Justice have been engaged in the preparation of “comprehensive legislative proposals to modernise and reform our laws on the guardianship, custody, upbringing of and access to children to reflect the reality of the diversity of family life in today’s Ireland…” where the overriding principle will be the best interests of the child.The objective of the Bill prepared, on the basis of which there will be a public consultation, is to remove the legal inequalities between children in a large range of non-traditional families relative to those living in a constitutional family based on marriage, said Shatter.He added: The Draft Bill will shortly be considered by Cabinet and then published. My objective is that the very much needed new legislation is enacted by the end of this year.LGBT parents“It seeks to provide legal clarity on parental rights and responsibilities in such situations. What I am aiming to do is to address the diverse situations of LGBT parents but also of heterosexual parents whose situations are not adequately addressed under the current law,” he said.Citing international research, Shatter said “children can thrive in a variety of family forms and that there is no one family form which has a monopoly in terms of cherishing a child”.He commended the speakers at the conference, who he said “will help to debunk some of the myths that can bedevil the debate on LGBT parenthood”.He said the research “usefully reminds us that the key to child welfare is good parenting rather than a specific family form”.The Justice Minister acknowledged that the issue was a “controversial” one and that people help strong viewpoints on the matter, suggesting that there is research undertaken which may suggest different findings.However, he said the assumption that the “traditional” marital family is best for children is being questioned. He said while he knew people held strong feelings on the issue he hoped society would be able to “debate positively on these issues”.Surrogacy Addressing the issue of surrogacy and assisted human reproduction, Shatter said sufficient “safeguards” must be introduced. He added:I want to rectify the imbalance in parental rights between the parent who is biologically linked to the child and the other parent who does not have this link. I want the second parent to be able to take the day-to-day decisions relating to a child’s life, as a parent and as a guardian, free of the current legal uncertainty.Very practically, it makes no sense that the second parent would be a stranger in law and that the child would not have secure rights in terms of inheritance and succession.I am aiming, therefore, to develop a system in which a child born through assisted human reproduction using donor material from a third party would be the child of the both members of the couple. Shatter said a legal mechanism allowing the child to have legal certainty in terms of parentage and that would enable a surrogate mother to transfer her parental responsibilities to the commissioning couple should be developed.“I consider that the model of non-commercial surrogacy in operation in countries such as the UK, Australia, Belgium and the Netherlands strikes the right balance,” he said, stating that this model enables commissioning couples to have the possibility of becoming parents but works to prevent the exploitation of poor women in developing countries.“The last thing that we would wish is that our legitimate desire to have children would lead to baby farming or the trafficking or exploitation of vulnerable women by unscrupulous organisations,” he added.He said all these proposals for reform of family law will shortly be considered by my Cabinet colleagues and then forwarded to the Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality for consideration, as well as the Joint Oireachtas Childrens Committee.Myth of the nuclear familyShatter concluded by disputing the “myth” that the nuclear family of married parents and their children is the only traditional family, stating that the “universality of the nuclear family as the only family type is a creation of American advertising of the post-war era”. He said 100 years ago, children would routinely have been living in families that included parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.Shatter concluded:So Anne of Green Gables flourished in late nineteenth-century Canada when rescued by the middle-aged siblings, Marilla and Matthew. Similarly, in the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s endless quest was to get home, not to a nuclear family but rather to her Aunt Em.He said he understood the it would be a debate mired in controversy and not everyone would agree, but he welcomed a healthy debate.Column: The moment I met the woman having my baby>Ombudsman: Children left in ‘legal uncertainty’ without legislation on surrogacy>last_img read more

Satellite images of possible missing plane debris released by Chinese government

first_imgSATELLITE IMAGES ON a Chinese government website show suspected debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner floating off the southern tip of Vietnam, near the plane’s original flight path, China’s Xinhua News Agency reported this evening.The revelation could provide searchers with a focus that has eluded them since the plane disappeared with 239 people aboard early Saturday.The Xinhua report said the images from around 11am on Sunday appear to show “three suspected floating objects” of varying sizes, the largest about 24 meters (79 feet) by 22 meters (72 feet).The report includes coordinates of a location in the sea off the southern tip of Vietnam and east of Malaysia. The images originally were posted on a national defense technology website.No other governments have confirmed the Xinhua report, which did not say when Chinese officials became aware of the images and associated them with the missing plane. They state that verification is ongoing.The search for the plane, which left Kuala Lumpur for Beijing before disappearing early Saturday, has encompassed 35,800 square miles (92,600 square kilometers) of Southeast Asia and on Wednesday expanded toward India.Map shows search areas for missing Malaysia Airlines jet. (AP Photo)Two-thirds of the passengers on the flight were Chinese, and the Chinese government has put increasing pressure on Malaysian officials to find solve the mystery of the plane’s disappearance.It was also revealed that the last message from the cockpit of the missing flight was routine. “All right, good night,” was the signoff transmitted to air traffic controllers five days ago.Then the Boeing 777 vanished as it cruised over the South China Sea toward Vietnam, and nothing has been seen or heard of the jetliner since.Those final words were picked up by controllers and relayed in Beijing to anguished relatives of some of the people aboard Flight MH370.The new Chinese reports of the satellite images came after several days of sometimes confusing and conflicting statements from Malaysian officials.Earlier today, the Malaysian military officially disclosed why it was searching on both sides of country. A review of military radar records showed what might have been the plane turning back and crossing westward into the Strait of Malacca.That would conflict with the latest images on the Chinese website.Read: Malaysia under fire over ‘chaotic’ search for missing jet> Read: ‘Alright, good night’ – last known words of mystery Malaysia Airlines flight>last_img read more

IN FULL Martin Callinans statement on his decision to retire

first_imgThose nearly 41 years, though at times challenging, have been enjoyable and fulfilling. This is due to the standard of people I have worked for, worked with, and led during this period of time.“The work I carried out throughout my career could not have been done without the support of numerous men and women, and for this I would like to thank all who I have worked with during my service.It also could not have been achieved without the support of the many thousands of members of public who I have come in contact with and who I hope I have helped in some small way during my career.“Since becoming Commissioner in 2010 I have never failed to be impressed by the dedication of all serving members and civilian staff even when they faced significant professional and personal challenges.“The last four years have seen major changes in An Garda Síochána, which were always done in the best interest of the community for whom we do our job. Although some of these changes have not always been easy, statistics from the CSO have shown that they have resulted in a reduction in crime throughout the country. This change in delivery of a policing service has, I hope, provided communities and individuals with a sense of safety and security in their daily lives.“I would like to thank the members of An Garda Síochána who I worked with during my time as Commissioner for their support and willingness to adapt for the benefit of the citizens of the State.I have great confidence that the delivery of an excellent policing service by excellent people will continue as it has done since An Garda Síochána’s foundation.“I wish my successor, current members of An Garda Síochána, and those due to join later this year my continuing best wishes and wholehearted support.”Read: Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan has resignedVIDEO: Here are the comments that led to Martin Callinan’s resignationExplainer: 6 reasons why Martin Callinan resigned as Garda Commissioner Catch up: Everything you need to know about GardaGate in one place > IN A SURPRISE move this morning, Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan resigned, with immediate effect.In a statement this afternoon, the 60-year-old said he had decided to retire (not resign). He also made no reference to the ongoing whistleblower controversy and failed to withdraw or apologise for remarks made about former garda John Wilson and Sergeant Maurice McCabe.Callinan was due to retire last August, on turning 60, but Minister for Justice Alan Shatter extended his term in office by two years, which should have seen him lead the forced until August 2015. However, there had been indications that he would call it a day later this year.Here is today’s statement, in full: “In the best interests of An Garda Síochána and my family, I have decided to retire. I felt that recent developments were proving to be a distraction from the important work that is carried out by An Garda Síochána on a daily basis for the citizens of the State in an independent and impartial manner.“Having joined An Garda Síochána in May of 1973, it has been a great honour and privilege to have spent nearly 41 years as a member of this tremendous organisation, serving the people of Ireland.last_img read more

EU agriculture ministers to hold first vote on fishing discards

first_imgEUROPE’S AGRICULTURE MINISTERS will today take the first concrete steps towards abandoning the practice of fishing discards.Ministers meeting in Brussels, at a meeting chaired by Simon Coveney, will hold their first vote on proposals agreed last year which would phase out the practice by the end of the decade.European rules currently mean it is illegal for a fishing vessel to carry fish beyond a country’s quota for that species of fish, or if a fish itself does not meet a ‘minimum’ landing size.This is so that juvenile fish can be left in the water and have time to grow and breed further – but delays in examining a fishing catch often mean that these small fish, or those which are surplus to national limits, are dead before they can be returned to the water.Last June ministers and the European Commission agreed the terms of proposals which would maintain quotas, but eliminate discards on a phased basis – with today marking the first time that a formal vote will be held.If approved today, the proposals will then be referred to the European Parliament for a vote by MEPs. If they also approve it without amendment, the moves become law; if MEPs want them changed, the changes are sent back to ministers for further consideration.Ministers will also discuss the mislabelling of beef products, with an information note circulated by the Irish presidency used as the starting point to discuss a further response to the crisis.Read: EU deal means eventual ban on throwing back unwanted dead fishlast_img read more

Two bodies found in search for missing Dublin men

first_imgTWO BODIES HAVE been found in the search for two Dublin men who had been missing for more than a month.The bodies were found at 4.30pm today on a small island in Louth Sheelin, a lake on the border between Cavan and Meath. The bodies are believed to be those of the two missing men but the degradation of the bodies has made it impossible to make a positive identification at present.The scene has been sealed off for a forensic and technical examination and the State Pathologist has been notified.Gardaí had been searching for two missing Dublin men for more than four weeks.Eoin O’Connor and Anthony Keegan from Coolock in Dublin were last seen on 22 April. A major search operation got underway after their families raised concerns about their safety.The car in which they were believed to be travelling was discovered beside a lake in Westmeath four days after they went missing.Reports at the time suggested that the men’s disappearance may have been connected to a major crime gang and the recovery of a drug debt.This evening, gardaí appealed for anyone with information – particularly those from the boating community on Lough Sheelin or anyone who may have been on the Lough between 22 April and 26 May – to contact Kells Garda Station on 0469280820, The Garda Confidential Line on 1800 666111 or any garda station.- With additional reporting by Michelle Hennessy.Read: Car of two missing men found beside Lough Owel near Mullingar >last_img read more

Commander Chris Hadfield got an award for tweeting as Gaeilge

first_imgCOMMANDER CHRIS HADFIELD probably feels pretty pleased with himself after making it home from space.As we all know, he picked up a lot of fans in Ireland. And among them was Lord Mayor of Dublin, Naoise Ó Muiri:Twitter/Cmdr_HadfieldLast night Commander Hadfield’s daughter Kristin (who lives in Ireland) attended the Lord Mayor of Dublin Awards to pick up this certificate for her father.Hadfield called it “a singular honour”:The Lord Mayor of Dublin Awards are given to a handful of individuals or groups each year who have “made a special contribution to Dublin and its citizens either at a local or city wide level”.We’re guessing it’s amazing photos like this that clinched it:Twitter/Cmdr_HadfieldPrevious recipients of the awards include Imelda May, Marty Whelan, Maeve Binchy and Veronica Guerin.More: Chris Hadfield’s replacements to study plants and fire in space>Some of the many things we learned from Chris Hadfield’s time in space>last_img read more

Met Éireann part of international study using birch trees to monitor climate

first_imgAN INTERNATIONAL STUDY involving Met Éireann is using birch trees to predict how changes in our climate will affect plants.The study, published in the International Journal of Biometeorology, monitored in minute detail the timing of when the ‘bud burst’ occurs, when buds on the tree begin to ‘burst’ and the leaf appears.Along with researchers in the United States, France, and Italy, scientists in Ireland are using a recently developed mathematical model that predicts the annual growth cycle of birch, known as DORMPHOT, combined with a model predicting a warming trend up until the year 2100It found an ‘advancing trend’ in the timing of birch bud burst.This would have a greater effect on the northwest of the country than anywhere else.“These results could have implications for future forest planning, species distribution modelling, and the birch allergy season,” Met Éireann said.There are more than a dozen gardens in Ireland capable of this kind of study, known as phenological gardens, with four of these recognised for international studies.One of these is located at Met Éireann’s Valentia Observatory in Cahirciveen, Co. Kerry.Read: Mary Robinson appointed UN climate change envoy >last_img read more

Apple acknowledges Glassgate by stopping sales of slider iPhone 4 cases

first_imgApple’s iPhone 4 has a revolutionary new design, but that design has arguably been more trouble than its worth. First, the iPhone 4’s antenna attenuation issues caused Cupertino the PR nightmare of the Antennagate debacle. Then, the glass backing of the white iPhone 4 caused light to leak into the camera sensor, causing Apple to indefinitely delay that model. Could it get any worse?Apparently so. According to Cult of Mac, Apple has halted its sales of slider-style cases for the iPhone 4 because of Glassgate… a problem with the iPhone 4’s glass-backed design that makes the iPhone 4 vulnerable to dirt, grit, dust and other particles to crack the back of the device when used with a slider case.AdChoices广告While the iPhone 4’s front glass panel is made of resilient Gorilla Glass, the same can’t be said for the back glass panel, which makes it more susceptible to damage. Apple is aware of the problem, and has ceased orders of all slider-style cases for the iPhone 4, including the latest iteration of the popular Mophie Juice Pack.“Glassgate is a real problem,” said an anonymous source speaking to Cult of Mac. “Apple is not approving slide-on cases right now for its stores.” On the other hand, maybe this is much ado about nothing, mixed with extreme wariness on Apple’s part to spark another Antennagate like public relations fiasco. According to one slide case manufacturer for the iPhone 4, he’s sold over 22,000 cases so far, and hasn’t heard a complaint from customers yet.Read more at Cult of Maclast_img read more

Canadian Research Ship Retrofitted As Hybrid Electric

first_imgThe B.C. government and the Canadian Foundation for Innovation are pledging $17.8 million to outfit a research ship with a new hybrid electric engine. The ship, called the Tsekoa II, will have a brand new propulsion system, powered by a series of batteries, fuel cells, and diesel generators.The ship will be used by researchers from the University of Victoria, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Island University and the University of Alberta, who will be looking into the changing ecosystem along the B.C. coast. Not only will the new engine be better for the environment, but it will also be helpful for research purposes. The quieter electric engine will have less of an effect on the marine animals.AdChoices广告Work will begin on the Tsekoa II over the next few months, and it’s expected to take to the seas once again later this year. However, it will be doing so under a new, as of yet unannounced, name.Via the CBClast_img read more

Buildityourself IKEA Stonehenge requires just a few simple steps

first_imgIf you have ever had the opportunity to construct build-it-yourself furniture, you know full well the success of the whole project depends on the clarity of the instructions. If you have good instructions the project will be a breeze, but if the box contains poorly written instructions, your furniture could turn into a nightmare quickly.Kind of makes you wonder: what kind of instructions those druids had back in 2500 BC when they constructed the monolithic monument in England famously known as Stonehenge? Well I can tell you if there were any IKEA’s around back then, the instructions for Stonehenge might have looked something like the graphic you see below.Good or bad directions? You be the judge.via How to be a Retronaut.last_img read more

Sony demos flexible epaper at SID 2011

first_imgIf all you want to do is read lots of books on the go, then choosing an e-reader over a tablet brings with it a few key advantages. E-readers are thinner and their batteries can last 10,000+ page turns, or over a month in general usage. But just like tablet devices, they remain rigid in a plastic or metal casing.Sony looks set to change that fact by introducing a flexible form of e-paper. The new display was on show at the SID International Syposium, Seminar & Exhibition in Los Angeles last week. It uses an organic TFT coupled with peri-xanthenoxanthene for the semiconductor layer. Spin coating is then used to create the finished e-paper ensuring very thin, even film layers that allow for flexibility without compromising the surface or components in the display.AdChoices广告The e-paper on show was not color, but outperformed current e-reader displays in both size and resolution. Sony used a 13.3-inch sheet that has a resolution of 1,600 x 1,200 and can be bent to a “curvature radius of 5mm.” Such a curvature allows the display to be almost folded over.Read more at Tech-On!Matthew’s OpinionE-readers have a number of ways they can be improved in future models. Color is probably the most desired feature, but also larger and thinner affordable devices would be high on a user’s wish list. This e-paper from Sony may go one step further, though, and remove the rigid casing from such devices.Scaling the Kindle, Nook, or Reader up to 13-inches would require reinforcing the casing and would require a larger case or bag to carry it around in. With this flexible e-paper you could roll it up when not in use instead. That not only protects the screen, but also makes for a much smaller device to carry in a bag.If Sony can get this flexible display showing color then they are certainly on to a winner. The only question that remains is whether it can be produced for around the same price as current e-paper displays?last_img read more

Some PS Vita launch titles require a memory card for saves

first_imgWith the release of the PS Vita in Japan on December 17, Sony moves away from disc-based games to the smaller and more battery-friendly game cards. Just like DS and 3DS games, it’s possible to include memory for saves on these cards meaning no investment required in a separate memory card.However, it turns out saving game data to a PS Vita game card is not a pre-requisite. A developer can choose to require a separate memory card for save games instead. This is exactly what some developers have decided to do for titles that will be available at launch.In total, we know of seven launch games that will require a memory card if you want to save your progress. They are:@fieldDisgaea 3 ReturnDream Club ZeroHot Shots Golf 6Monster RaiderRidge RacerUnchartedWhat hasn’t been explained is why a developer would choose external rather than internal memory saves. One explanation may be it’s just easier to handle. As every Vita game also comes in digital form, the external save option is the only way to save games if you download the game. Maybe some developers just decided to default to external saves for both digital and physical versions?This is sure to frustrate some gamers who will be paying up to $77 per game at launch. Now they have to save up a bit more cash for another card just to save their games.Western gamers will have to deal with the same when the Vita launches next February. Games like Uncharted and Ridge Racer likely won’t switch to an internal save system before heading to the U.S. and Europe.To avoid frustration Sony will have to make it very clear on the game case whether a memory card is required or not. Such information is usually specified on the back of the box, but I suspect we may see a front cover note to stop gamers leaving a store only to find they need to go back to buy a memory card.Read more at Andriasanglast_img read more