Capitalism vs. Altruism

first_imgThe marriage of capitalism and altruism is never very comfortable. One is about making money. The other, though often indirectly, is about giving money. Early in October, SKS Microfinance — a company that makes money lending to the poor — sacked its CEO Suresh Gurumani. In a terse note, SKS informed the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) that the company “had withdrawn all powers and authorities granted to [Gurumani] or otherwise enjoyed by him.” Said economic daily Business Standard in its lead-story headline: “SKS Microfin sacks CEO; shares tank.” Reported, a web portal belonging to TV channel CNBC TV18: “Sacked SKS Microfin CEO may sue company.”For SKS, this is a second round of controversy. It is the first Indian company in the microfinance sector to go in for an initial public offer (IPO). It is among the first half-dozen anywhere in the world to list. (Banco Compartamos of Mexico went public in 2007 and drew considerable criticism.) SKS had a very successful IPO in August, being oversubscribed more than 13 times. Ironically around that time, several big issuers — including public sector majors — were waiting for the markets to improve. SKS raised $358 million. It got around $22 per share, the upper end of the price band. It jumped more than 16% on listing and, today, even after plunging when the CEO was fired, is some 30% above the issue price. According to Nobel-prize-winning economist Muhammad Yunus, who pioneered the microfinance industry in the 1980s by giving small loans to basket weavers in Bangladesh, “Microfinance is mission-driven banking. When you float an IPO you are telling your investors there is a good opportunity to make money off poor people. The message is wrong, the direction is wrong…. Staunch believers of market forces keep saying competition will bring business to people who are now unreached. Over centuries, this has not happened. Competition never brought credit to the poor; it only took it to richer people. That is the route the IPO will take them.”Taking the For-profit RouteYunus pioneered the “social business” model where there is no profit involved for the investor or promoter. SKS and its ilk are taking a totally different route. Wrote The New York Times at the height of the SKS IPO controversy: “SKS was set up as what philanthropists call a “social enterprise” — a business based on the concept of doing well by doing good… there is no question that the company’s 41-year-old Indian-American founder Vikram Akula and investors who include prominent Silicon Valley venture capitalists will do very well indeed from the IPO. Akula has already privately sold shares worth almost $13 million, and he still holds stock options potentially worth $55 million. The question is whether the social good will be as amply rewarded.” Headlined The Wall Street Journal: “SKS Microfinance’s IPO Plans Pit Capitalism vs. Altruism.”There were some disillusioned casualties. A Seattle-based nonprofit, which stood to make a handsome amount by selling its stake in SKS, decided to close shop. “You are encouraging profit maximization while nonprofits are closing down,” Yunus pointed out then. “That shows the real result of this IPO.”In India, there have been departures, too. M.S. Sriram, Lalita D. Gupte Chair Professor in Microfinance at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA), writes in a paper titled “Commercialization of Microfinance in India: A Discussion on the Emperor’s Apparel”: “There were three high profile persons — Gurcharan Das, the author of The Difficulty of Being Good, Anu Aga of Thermax and Narayan Ramachandran of Morgan Stanley — on board [the SKS group] till days before the [IPO] prospectus was filed. Their sudden resignation in March in the run up to the filing of the prospectus raises some questions.”SKS founder and chairperson Akula, however, has no doubts that his way is best. “The path of the capital markets is the path that will lead to the greatest social impact,” he says. “Otherwise, you are limiting your reach and, in effect, not providing financial services to all those people that you could.” He admits that it did take some time to make the regulators comfortable with the idea of a microfinance institutions (MFI) going public, but that was only because it was a new concept.The Right Credentials Akula has all the right credentials. He began working in rural India two decades ago as a community organizer of women’s self-help groups for a nonprofit. He set up SKS Microfinance as a nonprofit in 1997, went to McKinsey & Co in Chicago as a consultant in 2004, and came back to SKS in 2005. He returned a convert; in 2005, he made SKS a for-profit. In 2006, Akula was named by Time magazine as one of world’s 100 most influential people. Also in 2006, he was given the Social Entrepreneur of the Year award at the World Economic Forum meet in Delhi. He is currently writing a book appositely titled A Fistful of Rice: My Unexpected Quest to End Poverty through Profitability.At SKS, Akula has delivered on the profitability front. The latest quarter ended June 30, 2010, saw profit after tax increase 265% to $15 million compared to the corresponding period the previous year. Gross income increased by 82% to $70.82 million. As of March 31, 2010 (the company’s year-end), SKS had total disbursements of more than $3 billion and 6.8 million women borrowers. This gives it almost three times the growth rate of Muhammad Yunus’ Grameen Bank in Bangladesh.Akula estimates that poor households in India need close to $50 billion in credit, only 10% to15% of which has been met by all MFIs combined because of lack of access to capital. “The best way to raise large capital is from commercial capital markets and the best way to tap commercial capital markets is to be structured as a profit-oriented institution and do an IPO,” says Akula. “It is precisely where that $50 billion will come from; it is the only place it can come from. That is why we did this IPO.”Akula is not interacting with the media after the departure of Gurumani. An SKS spokesperson, referring to Gurumani’s comment that he could sue, says that the deposed CEO can go the courts if he likes. “We have done what we have to do, let him do what he has to,” he says. “I cannot comment on his behalf. We have not received any [legal] notice so far.”Battle for Control The battle in SKS seems to be about control and money. The company has clarified that there were no issues of financial irregularity in Gurumani’s departure. But the power struggle, as the media has dubbed it, was evident even earlier.Akula has a very high-profile. Observers speculate that he did not expect the adverse reaction and the global debate over the IPO. The Indian media coverage was actually muted; articles in the Western media raised problems. People within SKS say that Akula allowed Gurumani to take the lead in the IPO as he preferred to stay away from the acrimony. Once the issue was a done deal, however, and the heat was off, he wanted to get back to the helm. The shares were listed on August 16. At a board meeting held in early September, SKS appointed Akula as executive chairman from November 1. (He is currently non-executive.) M.R. Rao, chief operating officer, was elevated to deputy CEO with immediate effect. The writing on the wall for Gurumani was getting clearer by the day.The only issue, say company insiders, was about the terms of disengagement. Gurumani had already cashed out most of his stock options. The board offered him a handsome amount — upwards of $1 million — to resign gracefully. He wanted more. “He was originally given 900,000 shares when he came on,” says a company spokesperson. “He sold 225,000 shares prior to the IPO. Another 675,000 would have vested in him over a period of four years. After the termination, he doesn’t get a single share. He has no right to his stock options right now. He can’t sell anything.”Not a Moral IssueThe issue in this and the larger debate about nonprofits turning for-profit is one of context, experts note. In a purely capitalist society, this would have been the way to go; Akula would have been a folk hero. In India, which still has a socialist ethos, there is distaste for money grubbing — and what some might even perceive as greed.“This is not about morality,” says Ramesh Ramanathan, promoter-director of Janalakshmi, a social enterprise. “It’s not about good and bad. It’s about the nature of markets. Markets are a double-edged sword. The power of the market for innovation, for raising money, for hiring good people, for bringing value to customers… all that positive also comes with baggage. That baggage is greed.”“When an MFI becomes for-profit, the danger does exist that it might lose its moral and ethical compass,” says Sriram of IIMA. “Everybody succumbs to the lure of the market.” Sriram feels that Gurumani’s departure has nothing to do with this dilemma, although the squabble over the golden handshake is another matter.Rajesh Chakrabarti, assistant professor of finance at the Hyderabad-based Indian School of Business (ISB), agrees. “It seems to be the consequence of an internal disagreement about the management of the organization between the CEO and the board and perhaps between the CEO and the chairman,” he says. “These things are quite common in organizations, only they are handled a bit carefully so that CEO terminations are relatively rarer. Given that Akula, the founder, is in the driver’s seat, the exit should not hurt SKS too much.”SKS has “sought to take a profit-oriented approach to microfinance,” he continues. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. This is an ongoing debate in the microfinance area. Everyone admits that without the profit motive, it is difficult to have organizations that would engage in the activity in a sustained and efficient manner. On the other hand, a total fixation on the bottom line can easily lead to mission drift.”Chakrabarti quotes a recent paper published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives titled “Microfinance Meets the Market”: “Globally, the social development model accounts for about 90% of microfinance organizations but 10% of profit-oriented providers are very large and account for over half of the industry assets. The nonprofits lend more to the bottom of the pyramid while the for-profits tend to focus on a slightly higher tier. Also nonprofits are more likely to go for group-lending while for-profits go largely for individual-lending. So, in conclusion, for-profits and nonprofits have somewhat different profiles in the microfinance industry, but both have important roles to play.”Laws Need ChangeYunus is not so sure. He believes that laws should be changed if they prevent lending to the poor. “If the government is poor-friendly, it should make laws to create banks for the poor and the poorest,” he says. Deval Sanghavi, president and co-founder of Dasra, a venture philanthropy fund, feels that non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) should be allowed to raise external commercial capital. “If the government were truly committed to social change, it should enable 1% loans to come into the country and then lend at 3% to 5%,” Sanghavi says. Rahul Saikia, vice-president, investment banking at Enam Securities, believes the rule that requires banks to have 40% of their portfolio in the “priority sector” should be amended to withdraw priority sector status from MFIs. “That’s what MFIs are surviving on today. If you remove that, only the quality MFIs will survive,” he says.Such changes would enable MFIs to access lower-cost funds. But it wouldn’t be a substitute for the capital markets. Says Sumir Chadha, managing director of Sequoia Capital India, SKS’ largest investor: “The not-for-profit world in India is filled with well-meaning people, but the challenge is that no one is going to give you enough funds to scale up. Grants just don’t scale to that level.” Additionally “from a banking standpoint, there is no way you can get debt since it’s a percentage of how much equity you have,” adds Ash Lilani, president, Asia market, SVB Capital, another SKS investor.But Yunus thinks there is enough money in the villages. “Grameen Bank doesn’t have a problem with money. It takes deposits and lends money. The solution is not in going to IPO; the solution is in treating microfinance as banking. That would be the right direction rather than rushing to the big-money people, offering them an opportunity to make money for themselves out of poor people.”What troubles Sriram of IIMA is the idea that one should not make money while tapping the bottom of the pyramid. “Very much the way we don’t get upset when soaps are sold to the poor, we should not get upset that people are making money from microfinance,” he says. He finds dissonance, however, when this objective is juxtaposed with the lofty mission of eliminating poverty. “There is little evidence to show that microfinance eliminates poverty,” he says, “If that had been the case, Bangladesh should have declared itself poverty-free.”Janalakshmi’s Ramanathan cites the case of SKS itself. “Vikram Akula constantly communicated a message that it’s a social business. But when push came to shove, the actions were all of a commercial enterprise,” he says. Adds Dasra’s Sanghavi: “The IPO is not unethical or illegal, it’s just disappointing.” Yunus, a sterner critic, says that once MFIs are in the business to make money, no amount is ever enough. “Interest continues to go up because the market will force [MFIs] to go in that direction and you end up becoming a bigger and bigger loan shark.” (Today MFIs charge 28%, higher than the banks but lower than the village moneylender’s 50% plus.)The Goats and the SharksEveryone at SKS has made money, though some more than the others. When Anjamma took her first loan from SKS in 1998, it was for $33 to buy a goat, says the company’s 2009-2010 annual report. Today, several other goats and loans later, she owns a buffalo and a plot of land worth $889.“First microfinance IPO makes millionaires out of employees,” reports Business Standard. “K. Nirmala, 31, will prepay her home loan shortly, courtesy the stock she held in SKS Microfinance — her employer for 13 years…. Nirmala is not alone. Five days after the company was listed, many of her colleagues are finding themselves in the league of millionaires.”Gurumani, who had exercised his option to purchase 225,000 shares on March 23, 2010, has made a profit of $1.69 million by selling his shares under a prior agreement, says the paper by IIMA’s Sriram.At SKS Microfinance, money is going places.   Related Itemslast_img read more

Farnell stocking accessories for micro:bit, Arduino and Raspberry Pi

first_img Continue Reading Previous u-blox: Bluetooth low energy beacons optimize asset tracking on siteNext Kontron: 40 Gigabit Ethernet switch for use in harsh environments Farnell is now stocking Kitronik products; an exciting range of accessories for micro:bit, Arduino and Raspberry Pi, perfect for educators, students, makers and hobbyists.Kitronik products encourage imagination and creativity when used in conjunction with the latest generation of open-source programmable computer boards. The kits and accessories enable interaction between programming and hardware, making them ideal for developing computational thinking skills in younger students. This new partnership with Kitronik enhances Farnell’s range of products for education and builds upon its position as the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the BBC micro:bit, the largest manufacturer and distributor of Raspberry Pi boards and major stockist of Arduino boards.Kitronik products can be used to support STEM education in classrooms and after school clubs and seek to engage and inspire students of all abilities to further their knowledge of electronics, coding and design. Farnell stocks everything required to get started in physical computing for both education establishments and independent coding clubs.Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Tools & Software last_img read more

Hardik Pandya records maiden five-wicket haul in Test cricket

first_imgHardik Pandya picked up his maiden five-wicket haul as the all-rounder ripped through the England middle-order on second day of the third Test at Trent Bridge in Nottingham on Sunday.Pandya became the second fastest Indian to take a five-wicket haul when he took just 29 balls to wreak havoc. Harbhajan Singh is the fastest when he had taken 27 balls against West Indies in Kingston back in 2006.Pandya produced an inspired spell of bowling to record his best figures in Test cricket. Pandya had come under criticism earlier for lack of contributions with the ball and for failing to justify his position in the Test team with the bat.India vs England: Day 2, 3rd Test – Live Updates | Live Score He led the team off the ground after India bowled England for 161 in the first session on the second day of the Test.Pandya also became the joint fourth fastest to have scored a hundred and take a five-wicket haul. Panya, like Salim Durani and none other than Kapil Dev, to take just 10 matches to achieve the feat.Fantastic cricket, both in front and behind the wickets. Congratulations @hardikpandya7 and @RishabPant777 on your respective 5 wicket hauls! Lets nip this in the bud now. #ENGvIND Sachin Tendulkar (@sachin_rt) August 19, 2018Wonderful effort by India to bowl out England in this extended 2nd session. Brilliant stuff from Pandya and the rest of bowlers for the probing lines and 168 is a very significant lead. Hope the batsman now capitalise and we have the match firmly in our controladvertisement VVS Laxman (@VVSLaxman281) August 19, 2018Before the start of the third Test, Michael Holding had come out and questioned Hardik Pandya’s place in the Indian team. He had said that Pandya is not yet the all-rounder India wants him to be, because he is ineffective as a bowler and also not scoring enough runs with the bat.”The (Indian) attack has not been the right balance. Apparently they are playing Hardik Pandya as an all-rounder to help out with the bowling. When he bowls he isn’t as effective as he should be,” Holding was quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo.”If he was a good batsman, if he was getting runs – 60s, 70s, not even regular hundreds – at the number at which he bats and then he bowls and gets two or three wickets, happy, hallelujah.”Congratulations to @hardikpandya7 for his maiden Test five-wicket haul! What a spell! #ENGvIND (@ICC) August 19, 2018Incidentally Pandya was the second highest run-scorer in the Indian side after the first two Test matches of the series – both which India lost.This is how Pandya took the wickets: 32.5 – H. Pandya to S. BroadOUT! That is plumb! Fifer for Hardik Pandya. All the talks about why he is being selected have just been thrown out of the window. He has turned the game around in just 29 balls. Another delivery which is on the fuller side has done the trick for him. It swings back in late from around off, Broad from within his crease tries to flick but misses to get hit on the pads. The players appeal and the umpire raises the finger. Broad asks his partner about the review but Buttler asks him to keep walking. England need another 2 to avoid the follow-on, they have one wicket in hand.32.1 – H. Pandya to A. RashidOUT! Maiden four-fer for Pandya in Tests! He is relishing the conditions out there. Wickets in consecutive balls for him. Lovely stuff again. He has really found his length and line today. He bowls it around off, just behind the fuller length. Once again it swings away. Rashid tries to defend inside the line. The ball kisses the outside edge of the bat and settles into the mitts of Pant who is having a dream debut with the gloves. His fifth catch and the end now is nigh for England. Hat-trick ball coming up.30.6 – H. Pandya to C. WoakesOUT! Snicko shows a spike and Woakes starts walking back. He takes a review along with him and England are now in dire straits. This is excellent from Pandya. He says enough of the full ones and bangs in a short ball. It is a well-directed one. Surprises Chris Woakes as he goes for the pull without keeping his eyes on the ball. It seems to have taken the glove and Rishabh Pant behind takes it one handed. The Indians appeal and the umpire raises his finger. Chris Woakes walks up to his partner and has a chat. He then goes for the review and replays show there is an edge. Pandya now has a three-fer and the centurion of the last game walks back with a single digit score.advertisement30.1 – H. Pandya to J. BairstowOUT! Another one bites the dust! Hardik Pandya is silencing his critics in some style. He gets his second and India are all over England now. This is another top nut. The outswinger on a fuller length around off, Bairstow tries to drive but his feet are rooted to the crease. The ball takes the edge and goes into the hands of Rahul at second slip who takes his third catch of the innings. The Indians are pumped up as they probably have the most destructive batsman in this English line-up. 329 looks farfetched now.24.1 – H. Pandya to Joe RootOUT! This is what the big screen flashes and Root has been given his marching orders. The crowd is not happy and neither is Root as he shakes his head while walking off. The soft signal has surely played a big role in this being given out as it could have gone either way. India though won’t mind as they have the talisman of the English batting line-up and that too cheaply. Hardik Pandya has delivered straightaway. He bowls it on a back of a length around off, it pitches and straightens. Root goes back and tries to push the ball inside the line but it takes the outside edge and goes low towards Rahul at second slip. He seems to have taken it and starts celebrating. Root waits there. The umpires have a chat and then take it upstairs. The soft signal is OUT. Time for the replays and after several looks, it is ruled in favour of the visiting side. Really a 50-50 call as from one angle it looked like the ball had bounced off his fingers while from the other angle, it appeared to have touched the ground first. Anyway, the decision has been made and the Indians are celebrating. They are right on top now as England trail by another 243 runs.last_img read more

CR7 Legacy

first_imgCristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo – The legacy of a ‘Champion’ revealed Goal 21:34 6/13/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Cristiano Ronaldo Videos The Real Madrid and Portugal star is defined as much by his determination as he is by his astonishing achievements It’s the legacy that a champion leaves behind for people to remember and not just the trophies and medals that one garnishes their cabinet with. In this regard, Cristiano Ronaldo has set a precedent that only a few athletes around the world are able to match, let alone beat. The 33-year-old superstar, in his ninth season at Real Madrid, has continued to shine like the stars. Records continue to tumble as blazed by the Funchal-born footballer, who is already at the summit of Real Madrid’s all-time scoring list, the gap constantly growing, and he continues to score gravity defying goals that make audiences gasp in awe.  Editors’ Picks Out of his depth! Emery on borrowed time after another abysmal Arsenal display Diving, tactical fouls & the emerging war of words between Guardiola & Klopp Sorry, Cristiano! Pjanic is Juventus’ most important player right now Arsenal would be selling their soul with Mourinho move But do great goals make him a champion? Does smashing records and winning trophies make Ronaldo a champion? The work of a champion comes before the feat itself.Cristiano Ronaldo Real MadridBe it an intense training regime in the gym or a big matchday at the Bernabeu, Ronaldo’s commitment to excellence cannot be compared. Ronaldo’s drive has been aided by his want of silverware for the team and he will go the distance to achieve his aim. But to do so, even the Portugal captain has made his very own winning formula.His work-out regimen sees him hit the gym for three-to-four hours every day. That is coupled by an equally rigorous spell on the training pitches of Real Madrid where he burns the turf with 25-30 minute long running sessions.Ronaldo’s sessions in the gym include a perfect blend of cardio-vascular and weight-oriented exercises. He also likes to keep his regimen blended with high intensity activities, such as a fast sprint in between exercises or drills, so that blood flow remains throughout the system.As much as he believes in the power of exercise, he also believes that relaxing and letting your muscles gain much-needed rest allows one to develop a better physique.He also advocates the aid of a gym partner to push one to his maximum potential, while believing exercising, no matter how small, can be fit into a daily routine without hassle.Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus Real Madrid UEFA Champions LeagueHe follows a pre-planned diet rich in protein. He particularly likes fish and his favourite dish is bacalhau a braz, which is a mixture of cod, onions, thinly sliced potatoes and scrambled eggs.On the pitch too, Ronaldo’s ability is magnified with his vast array of skill, his blazing pace and his excellent decision-making which has seen him attain a very high conversion rate. This is where he proves himself to be an equal, if not a greater, adversary to Lionel Messi.This season, the Funchal-born attacker has scored more than 40 goals, proving that age is just a number. Speed, skill, strength and stamina are the biggest assets of the reigning Ballon d’or winner. His application of these qualities is non-comparable. His ruthlessness in front of goal cuts him a ceiling no other footballer may be able to reach.This is particularly important given the impetus Portugal will place on him getting home the elusive World Cup trophy, this June. The Selecao have heaped their hopes on their star marksman and he promises to deliver with the exceptional form he is in.Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 2017-18Ronaldo’s endurance in the latest commercial of Clear MEN’s shampoo is depicted in full flow, where his physical endurance and his skill on the ball is shown. With Portugal playing to maximize his ability, Ronaldo will depend on himself to grow the wings he requires to fly high and earn his team the trophy, much like he did for the European Championships.It isn’t solely the imagination that works wonders for footballers of tomorrow. Ronaldo’s possessed two of the most important habits to change the spectre of his competitors and personal aims – dedication and persona.One of Cristiano’s many intriguing facets has been his lifelong focus on sharpening his attributes to fit the wider picture – for his teammates to harness and for the world to relish.Ronaldo sets such high standards for himself that he is his own champion.last_img read more

This Minimalist Office Space was Built in a Renovated Church

first_imgIn order to achieve the sleek modern office space they desired, Klaarchitectuur created a building within the building. Three stacked cube forms at the back of the chapel block out the workspace for the group. There is no attempt to delicately blend old and new — these forms stand out in stark contrast to the historic brick walls of the chapel, and that’s just the way Nijs wanted it. Bright white walls, a black staircase, and glass railings all combine to create visual tension with the old materials of the original structure.Inside the cubes, the spaces are finished with light wood flooring, mid-century modern furnishings, and high-end minimalist lighting from Flos. Work areas are bright white, creating a clean palette that allows creativity to flow. Here and there the original wooden support beams cut through the walls, adding a bit of warmth to the rooms. Workspaces and lounge areas feature glass walls that let the group look out to the open event space which was left untouched save for the addition of a golden kitchen island and wooden picnic table. Overall, Klaarchitectuur  took an innovative approach to creating a modern office inside of a piece of history. How to Cultivate Mid-Century Modern Style in Your Own Home Next When Belgium architectural firm Klaarchitectuur was in need of an office space, they turned to the past for their thoroughly modern concept. Known for their ultra-minimalist designs, Klaarchitectuur managed to stay true to their roots while embracing the wonderful history of the city of Sint-Truiden. The result is Kapel, a sleek lined minimalist office built inside of a historic Belgium chapel.It may seem strange that an architectural firm which specializes in contemporary designs would seek out a crumbling chapel as their headquarters, but for head architect Gregory Nijs, preserving the building and reopening it to the public was a top priority. By situating the office at the back of the chapel, they were able to protect the majority of the space, allowing it to be used for special events.The chapel was on the register of historic places and, in order to maintain this status, the shell of the building was left in tact. Bricks are exposed, plaster is cracked, and old support beams were unfinished. From the exterior, there is no indication this structure is used for anything other than as a place of worship. Except, of course, for that one little corner in the back where a white cube conspicuously juts out from the second floor. 1 of 6 Shark House’s Dramatic Angles Have Serious Bite Previous Thailand’s WARchitect Design Studio is Elevating Home Design Editors’ Recommendations This Belgian-Monastery-Turned-Hotel Has Us Craving a Trip to Antwerp For Sale: A Treehouse in the Suburbs Designed by John Lautnerlast_img read more

Employers Warned About Buying Posters From Third Parties

first_imgEmployers in Nova Scotia should be aware of individuals using aggressive tactics to sell human rights posters to business owners. The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission recently received a complaint from a business owner who said they were approached by two individuals claiming that if certain posters were not displayed on the premises, the commission would take unspecified action. “We are disturbed that such an incorrect message is being communicated to employers,” said Michael Noonan, acting director and CEO of the commission. “Any posters being offered for sale have not been approved by the commission.” The commission conducts education and outreach to both employers and the general public about human rights and equity issues. However, there is no requirement under the Human Rights Act to post specific information in the workplace. Employers are urged to contact the commission at 1-877-269-7699, or 424-4111 in the Halifax area, if they have any questions about posters being marketed to them or are interested in educational programs offered by the commission.last_img read more

Oregon city stops jailing poor who cant pay court debts

PENDLETON, Ore. — The eastern Oregon city of Pendleton has stopped jailing people unable to pay fines, a city official said, following the settlement of a federal lawsuit contending city officials were running a debtors’ prison.The East Oregonian reports in a story on Saturday that city attorney Nancy Kerns said city court officials recently adopted new policies that ban the use of jail time for fines arising from minor violations.“No person shall be incarcerated for the inability and lack of financial resources to pay financial obligations to the Court, including fines, costs and restitution,” the policy states.The policy also requires the city court to consider defendants’ ability to pay and appoint attorneys to indigent defendants who face jail time.Anglea Minthorn spent nearly two months in jail in 2017 for owing about $1,000.She sued in early 2018, contending the city was violating the U.S. Constitution by incarcerating a debtor unable to pay the debt.Minthorn’s “experience is not unique,” the lawsuit said. “It is a reflection of how defendants operate a modern-day debtors’ prison in which people who cannot afford to pay court-imposed fines arising out of minor violations are arrested, incarcerated, and fined further.”The lawsuit described Minthorn as a low-income person with disabilities who struggled to get stable housing, medical care and food. The lawsuit said she was hospitalized for 74 days in 2016 because of stroke-like symptoms.Minthorn did not contest a 2014 judgment against her and afine for $873. The lawsuit questioned why the amount of that fine later rose to $2,493 with no reason given.Ultimately, the city settled with Minthorn in April, agreeing to pay her $130,000.Minthorn received about $80,000. Legal Aid Services of Oregon, a non-profit civil legal program that provides access to legal help, received $45,000. Some $4,300 went to a trust to administer the settlement payments, and the city received $1,033 for Minthorn’s outstanding fines.“This lawsuit should put all of Oregon on notice to take a look at their practices on this,” said Sarah Armstrong of the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon.___Information from: East Oregonian, http://www.eastoregonian.comThe Associated Press read more

Program benefits future Aboriginal business owners

The Tecumseh Centre for Aboriginal Research and Education is encouraging Aboriginal adults to participate in an upcoming program in Woodville, Ont.Twenty spaces are available for the Canadian Aboriginal Arts and Communications (CAAC) Business Studio program, which promotes skills for employment and self-employment. Ten participants will attend for six weeks (from Jan. 10 to Feb. 18) while another 10 will attend another six weeks of sessions (from Feb. 21 to April 1).Indian and Northern Affairs Canada is funding the project.Through the CAAC Business Studio, participants can draw on their natural interests and talents to build skills and future entrepreneurial opportunities. The sessions will include producing promotional items and marketing materials, and client interaction.For more information, visit read more

Burlington Baller Mfiondu Kabengele drafted in first round

Burlington’s Mfiondu Kabengele was the last of a record four Canadians taken in the first round of the NBA draft.Kabengele was selected 27th by the Brooklyn Nets but was traded soon after to the Los Angeles Clippers. That should be a positive for Kabengele, he will get to pair up with Hamilton native and rising star Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.It was a meteoric rise for Kabengele who didn’t play basketball seriously before he was discovered during an elementary school track meet at Sherwood park in Burlington. International Basketball and Sports Academy coach and Dundas-native Barry Mungar who was an NBA draft pick and played for team Canada at the 1988 Olympics helped develop Kabengele.“When he hit his growth spurt, he took off like a rocket,” said Mungar. “He went from six-foot-three to six-foot-nine in a relatively short period of time and that was kind of what put him over the top.”Kabengele won the Ontario Basketball Association Championships with the Hamilton Wildcats and a Catholic Cup title with Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary school. After that, Kabengele went to prep school in Chicago and earned an NCAA scholarship to Florida State University.“It feels amazing,” said Kabengele. “You work your whole life for this and have my family and friends and everybody watching at home supporting me. I’m just very grateful.”One key person who is supporting Kabengele is NBA hall-of-famer Dikembe Mutombo, his uncle. read more

ExxonMobil expanding local workforce Country Manager

ExxonMobil’s Country Manager Rod HensonUnited States (US) oil giant ExxonMobil said it has made significant progress when it comes to expanding its local workforce, by creating opportunities for more Guyanese to join their team.ExxonMobil’s Country Manager Rod Henson revealed that his company currently employs 585 or 52 per cent Guyanese. The company’s local office grew to 40 employees of which 70 per cent are Guyanese, he said on Tuesday.Henson made this statement while delivering remarks at the Liza Phase 1 Development reception on Tuesday evening, where he noted that things are progressing smoothly as they should.In addition to that, Henson said that Guyanese have joined the Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (EEPGL) team and are serving in several professional capacities.These include: facility engineers, materials management coordinator, management system coordinator, health and safety coordinator, and health and environment coordinator, among others.Speaking briefly on local content, Henson said over US$14 million was spent on Guyanese suppliers. Together with their contractors, the company has also utilised many local suppliers.About 50 per cent of ExxonMobil’s employees, contractors, and subcontractors are Guyanese. That is expected to grow.ExxonMobil has also opened the Centre for Local Business Development here to promote the establishment and growth of small and medium-sized local businesses.In essence, Henson said his company has been able to grow local business capacity and has made huge investments into the local economy, through a series of strategic development policies. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedExxonMobil’s 80% success rate in Guyana “unprecedented”- Country ManagerJuly 24, 2018In “Business”Public will be made aware of all oil payments to Guyana Govt – ExxonJuly 9, 2017In “Local News”Other operators in oil and gas sector ‘positive’ for Guyana says ExxonFebruary 8, 2018In “Business” read more

Petar Nenadic for Serbia at Mens EHF EURO 2016

One of best DKB Bundesliga players this season, Petar Nenadić, will be in the roster of Serbian national team for the upcoming Men’s EHF EURO 2016! Fuchse Berlin playmaker received a call from NT head-coach Dejan Perić after a year and a half of silence between two sides.-Of course, I will play in Poland. No doubt about that, I am a soldier of my country – said Nenadić forć has played last time in Serbian T-shirt at Men’s EHF EURO 2014 in Poland, where Serbian “EAGLES” were coached by Vladan Matić.The 29 year-old goalscorer began his NT career at Men’s EHF EURO 2010 in Austria.Dejan Perić decided to give a call also to left back Žarko Šešum, goalkeeper Darko Stanić, while still is unknown whether Momir Ilić will change his decision to retire from the national team. ← Previous Story ASIA BATTLE FOR RIO 2016: Four teams, one dream Next Story → AFRICAN LION: Wael Jallouz extends in Barca until 2018! Petar Nenadicserbia read more

Man City crowned Premier League champions after emphatic Brighton victory

first_imgMan City crowned Premier League champions after emphatic Brighton victory Pep Guardiola’s side were too good for Chris Hughton’s men. Share9 Tweet Email 120 Comments City had not conceded in their previous four games, but Brighton were playing on their nerves as they sought revenge for defeat in their FA Cup semi-final last month.Ali Jahanbakhsh flashed a shot just wide of Ederson’s right-hand post before the moment that was celebrated as wildly 270 miles north at Anfield as it was on the south coast.Pascal Gross’s dangerous in-swinging corner was powered home by veteran striker Murray at the near post on 27 minutes.This was the first time City had failed to score first in a league game since early December and the first time they had trailed at all in the 14-game winning run that has carried them to the title.However, Brighton’s lead and Liverpool’s hope lasted just over a minute.- Aguero leads City recovery -Aguero scored the sensational last-gasp goal that ended City’s own 44-year wait for the title in 2011/12 and his goals have been a constant of their now four Premier League triumphs in eight seasons.4 – Manchester City have won their fourth Premier League title – only Manchester United (13) and Chelsea (5) have ever won more in the competition. Champions.— OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) May 12, 2019 25,287 Views Short URL Subscribe Manchester City’s Vincent Kompany (centre) lifts the Premier League trophy. Image: Nick Potts MANCHESTER CITY HELD off a titanic challenge from Liverpool to become the first side in a decade to retain the Premier League title by coming from behind to beat Brighton 4-1 on Sunday.A 14th straight league win ensured Pep Guardiola’s men pipped Liverpool by a solitary point as the Reds’ long wait to win the league continued despite a 2-0 victory over Wolves at Anfield that saw them post the third highest points tally in Premier League history.City remain on course to complete the first ever domestic treble in English football in the FA Cup final next weekend as goals from Sergio Aguero, Aymeric Laporte, Riyad Mahrez and Ilkay Gundogan saw the visitors recover from Glenn Murray’s shock opener.For 83 seconds Liverpool fans were able to dream, but City showed why they are champions and have racked up a remarkable 98 points, just two shy of their record century of points last season.Liverpool applied as much pressure as they could with their own nine-game winning run to end the season and went in front early against Wolves to raise the tension inside the Amex Stadium.8 – This was the eighth time the Premier League title has been decided on the final day of the season, with Manchester City winning it on three of those occasions (2011-12, 2013-14 and 2018-19). Finale.— OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) May 12, 2019 Sunday 12 May 2019, 4:49 PM David Silva’s wonderful flick freed the Argentine in behind the Brighton defence and Aguero made no mistake with a powerful low finish.The brief shock of going behind sparked City into life as Mathew Ryan was then forced into saves at his near post from Bernardo Silva and Mahrez.However, Brighton were undone from a simple set-piece when Mahrez’s corner found Laporte completely unmarked to head City in front seven minutes before half-time.The champions still had nervy moments to see through as Ederson only just scrambled Lewis Dunk’s dipping free-kick over the bar with the last action of the first half.And the Brazilian goalkeeper was lucky not to concede a free-kick yards from the City goal line when he collected a back pass from Laporte.Yet, 27 minutes from time they had the breathing space they desired in a moment of magic and redemption for Mahrez.The Algerian has failed to make a big impact in his first season since joining for a club record £60 million from Leicester.Until now his most noteworthy moment was a late missed penalty in a 0-0 draw at Anfield in October that could easily have cost City the title.Instead, he scored the goal to ensure Liverpool were denied at the end of a remarkable title tussle by cutting inside Dunk before firing into the top corner on his weaker right foot.Nine minutes later Gundogan added the icing on the champions’ cake with a glorious free-kick from 25 yards.© – AFP 2019Subscribe to our new podcast, The42 Rugby Weekly, here: Manchester City’s Vincent Kompany (centre) lifts the Premier League trophy. Image: Nick Potts May 12th 2019, 4:49 PM By AFP Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

La baleine au menu une pratique dépassée

first_imgLa baleine au menu, une pratique dépassée ?Depuis des semaines maintenant, des militants poursuivent les navires japonais partis en campagne de chasse à la baleine. Si cette pratique est très ancienne, de nombreux pays l’ont abandonné. Pourtant, le Japon se bat pour maintenir cette tradition qu’il poursuit “au nom de la recherche scientifique”. L’homme chasse la baleine depuis des dizaines voire des centaines d’années. Il a ainsi appris à utiliser de multiples manières ces cétacés, se nourrissant de leur chair, utilisant la graisse pour faire du maquillage, des produits pharmaceutiques, de la peau pour fabriquer du cuir, de l’huile pour le chauffage… Face à une telle “poule aux œufs d’or”, le Japon a dès les années 1970, étendu son territoire de chasse à la baleine dans les eaux sud-coréennes, russes et australiennes. Cette initiative a d’ailleurs provoqué une guerre avec la Russie qui a fini par capituler et céder en quelque sorte son territoire maritime au géant de la chasse baleinière. Mais en 1982, l’affaire prend un nouveau tournant. La Commission internationale pour la réglementation de la chasse à la baleine décide d’interdire la chasse dite commerciale. Une mesure adoptée par la majorité des pays membres de la CBI et rejetée par le Japon entre autres.En 1987, le pays finit toutefois par accepter le moratoire mais démarre en parallèle un programme de recherche scientifique sur les cétacés dans l’Antarctique (JARPA). Le but avancé est alors de collecter des informations sur la structure des stocks et la biologie des baleines. C’est d’ailleurs ce programme qui permet encore aujourd’hui au Japon d’organiser sa campagne annuelle de pêche à la baleine, grâce à l’article 8 de la CBI qui donne le droit à ses membres d’émettre des permis spéciaux de chasse scientifique. Mais de nombreux écologistes estiment que l’aspect scientifique ne serait en fait qu’une couverture.  Une activité en déclin dans le monde Le Japon entend donc, par cette manipulation législative, poursuivre l’objectif fixé par la CBI d’assurer “la conservation judicieuse de l’espèce baleinière et, partant, de rendre possible le développement ordonné de l’industrie baleinière” en continuant sa chasse afin de recenser les stocks restants. Quant à l’utilisation de la viande de baleine, le pays la justifie en expliquant que c’est la CBI elle-même qui exige dans son règlement que les spécimens chassés soit utilisés autant que possible.Aujourd’hui, il reste quelques adeptes de la chasse à la baleine dans le monde, comme l’Islande et la Norvège, mais l’activité semble en déclin. Toutefois, cette quasi-unanimité ne convainc toujours pas le Japon. Ainsi, le dernier bastion de la chasse à la baleine au Japon, la ville portuaire de Shimonoseki, se bat pour garder ses traditions, dont les plats conçus à base de ces cétacés. “La pêche à la baleine fait encore travailler plus de 6.000 personnes ici et de nombreux habitants la considèrent comme un loisir. Nous sommes déjà le premier port de pêche à la baleine au Japon mais nous visons la place de numéro un mondial”, a déclaré le maire de la ville. De la baleine au menu des cantines scolaires À lire aussiCes 18 animaux méconnus à l’aspect étonnant pourraient disparaître avant vousA Shimonoseki, la situation est ainsi clairement expliquée : c’est seulement pour ses qualités gustatives et nutritionnelles que la baleine doit être vénérée. Cité par le Courrier international, un restaurateur de la ville témoigne : “les grandes pêcheries ont disparu après le moratoire, mais mon père a estimé que les petits commerçants, eux, pourraient continuer d’exister. La culture de la pêche à la baleine utilise toutes les parties de l’animal, c’est une des raisons pour lesquelles je veux maintenir cette tradition”. Une tradition qui revient même aujourd’hui dans les cantines scolaires de la région.Cette année, le Japon prévoit de ramener de l’Antarctique 900 petits rorquals et rorquals communs. Mais les militants qui traquent actuellement les baleiniers japonais comptent bien les empêcher d’accomplir leur oeuvre. L’an dernier, ils ont tellement harcelé les navires que le Japon a fini par interrompre sa campagne. D’après le président de l’association Sea Shepherd, les militants ont réussi à sauver près de 3.000 cétacés au cours des dernières années.Le 22 janvier 2012 à 11:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Solskjaer discusses bringing the best out of Pogba

first_imgManchester United caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer believes rattling Paul Pogba is key to bringing out the best from the Frenchman.United continued their 100 perfect start to life since Solskjaer was appointed as caretaker manager in December following their 2-0 win against Newcastle United at St James’ Park.Pogba has been one of the most improved players since the Norwegian took over, with the World Cup winner scoring four goals and creating three assists in his last four games for the Red Devils.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.Solskjaer believes tapping into the aggression of the former Juventus star which was on display against the Magpies after being fouled by Jonjo Shelvey, has helped him rediscover his form for United.“You need to rattle Paul Pogba at times to get him going; he has been immense for us,” Solskjaer said, according to Standard.United face a tough game after their FA Cup third round tie at Reading on Saturday when they travel to Wembley Stadium to face high-flying Tottenham Hotspur.last_img read more

Buyout Window Closes Layoffs Loom at Time Inc

first_imgWednesday was the deadline for representatives of the Newspaper Guild to notify Time Inc. brass about how many staffers accepted buyout offers as the company looks to eliminate as many as 500 from its overall workforce.Time Inc. is expected to begin slashing jobs as early as next week. The number of cuts will depend on how many volunteers stepped up for the buyout packages. I was told today by a company spokesperson, not unexpectedly, that Time Inc. won’t be disclosing the number of employees who accepted the buyouts.The New York Post’s Keith Kelly has a relatively detailed outline of how the layoffs might play out: The publisher’s biggest magazines (Time, People, Sports Illustrated, Fortune and Money) could eliminate 90 editorial positions—as many as 40 possibly coming from Fortune. During a recent earnings call, Jeff Bewkes, CEO of Time Inc. parent Time Warner, said the company will incur a $100 million charge during the fourth quarter as it begins a restructuring of Time Inc., primarily in respect to its news group. He said the restructuring will be “more targeted” in comparison to the massive changes that were made this time last year, resulting in around 600 layoffs.And about those layoffs last year: They were made department-by-department, instead of happening all at once as part of a collective announcement. News of more and more and more layoffs were unveiled in slow motion. We saw the same thing happen this fall at Condé Nast. Following the closure of Gourmet, Cookie, Elegant Bride and Modern Bride, hundreds of layoffs happened, but were announced at a painfully slow pace, over several weeks. It must have been a killer for employee morale. (In fact, morale hit such an “all-time low” the company reportedly hired a crisis intervention expert.)As Time Inc. gears up for its latest wave of job cuts, I hope, for the sake of its staffers, that the axe falls swiftly and that workers aren’t paralyzed, waiting for days and weeks for the final word about whether they will remain employed.last_img read more

RACE RESULTS Wilmingtons 14th Annual Half Marathon  5K

first_imgShare this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWilmington’s 13th Annual Half Marathon & 5K Is A Tremendous SuccessIn “Community”FUN ON THE FOURTH: Results Of 1st Annual Firecracker 5KIn “Community”15th Annual Wilmington Half Marathon Set For September 29In “Community” WILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington-Tewksbury Chamber of Commerce held its 14th Annual Half Marathon & 5K Run/Walk on Sunday, September 23, 2018. The top ten results and links to complete results are below:Top 10 5K Male Finishers1 BRIAN SCHELL 32 | M 16:252 MIKE GIBERTI 26 | M 16:483 JESSE BELDING 29 | M 18:214 EDWARD KATZ 34 | M 18:485 NOAH THOMPSON 21 | M 19:056 NATHANIEL HULL 18 | M 20:127 STEVE ZELLA 41 | M 20:128 JARED COSTANTINO 35 | M 20:379 JAMES SCHORTEMEYER 33 | M 20:3710 JOHN BRZEZENSKI 49 | M 20:43Top 10 5K Female Finishers1 ELLEN BRYANT 32 | F 20:572 DAMARIS HOEMAN 48 | F 21:243 KRISTINA SCAVIOLA 0 | F 22:454 KATELYN RICHARDSON 23 | F 24:075 RACHEL LOAN 32 | F 24:336 JANE ROGERS 53 | F 24:437 KAREN CASSELLA 48 | F 24:558 JESSICA GERALDO 31 | F 25:219 ERIN BYRNE 32 | F 26:5710 KAYLA MILBURN 24 | F 27:07Full 5K Results HERE.Top 10 Half Marathon Male Finishers1 CARL HARTFORD 33 | M 1:16:502 THOMAS SCOTT 26 | M 1:19:193 DAVID CORBETT 34 | M 1:19:304 CHASE SMITH 21 | M 1:19:315 COLEY CARDEN 42 | M 1:22:066 PATRICK MAHONEY 38 | M 1:22:087 WILLIAM FLUGRAD 33 | M 1:22:168 PATRICK BRICKLEY 41 | M 1:22:479 JUNHUA SHEN 38 | M 1:24:1010 MIKHAIL TIOURINE 34 | M 1:24:15Top 10 Half Marathon Female Finishers1 KATRINA VASSALLO 30 | F 1:21:512 AMANDA BEUCLER 24 | F 1:22:433 REBECCA TRACHSEL 43 | F 1:26:054 HEATHER MAHONEY 35 | F 1:32:265 SARAH HUELMSTAD 42 | F 1:34:046 NICOLE BEDARD 36 | F 1:38:327 MOLLY KARP 36 | F 1:38:438 MIO YONEMURA 40 | F 1:39:049 HANNAH SMITH 28 | F 1:39:3210 MIA SAVAGIAN 28 | F 1:40:27Full Half Marathon Results HERE.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email read more

UPDATE Houston Harris Grant 75 Million to 28 NonProfits Helping Harvey Victims

first_imgAl Ortiz | Houston Public MediaHouston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Harris County Judge Ed Emmett announce the recipients of the joint Harvey Relief Fund on October 3rd, 2017.Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Harris County Judge Ed Emmett announced Tuesday the first 28 recipients of grants funded through the joint Fund the City and the County created to help Harvey victims.Tony Chase, co-chair of the Fund, says that, so far, they have raised approximately $79 million.The first round of grants amounts to $7.5 million and the chosen non-profits will use the money to provide services such as temporary housing, home repairs and rental assistance, among other things.Chase also says the goal is to have all the monies of the Fund distributed in the next nine to 12 months.The non-profits that received the funds include household names, such as Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston and the Salvation Army, but also groups that work in certain parts of greater Houston, like the Katy Christian Ministries and the Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation.Mayor Turner emphasized during a press conference to announce the grants that the help isn’t just for people with low income levels.“You may be middle income, OK? But all of your stuff is on the curb and you’ve exhausted your savings and your bank account. Well, you need help too,” Turner noted.The grant contracts specify the selected non-profits must use the funds for programs benefiting Harvey victims within the next 90 days. Listen 00:00 /00:59 X To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Share last_img read more

Ideal platform for carpet weavers

first_imgTo promote the cultural heritage and weaving skills of Indian hand-made carpets and other floor coverings amongst the visiting overseas carpet buyers, the Carpet Export Promotion Council is organising its 34th India Carpet Expo (13th in Varanasi) at the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University Ground, Varanasi, under the aegis of Government of India. The event which will commence from October 10 and will last till October 13, is an ideal platform for International carpet buyers, buying houses, buying agents, architects and Indian carpet manufacturers and exporters, to meet and establish long term business relationship. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfBeing one of the largest handmade carpet fairs in Asia, the expo offers a unique platform for the buyers to source the best handmade carpets, rugs and other floor coverings under one roof. It has become a popular destination worldwide for handmade carpets. India’s unique capability in adapting to any type of design, colour, quality and size as per the specifications of the carpet buyers has made it a household name in International market. The carpet industry uses diverse raw-materials from various ports of India i.e. wool, silk, manmade fibre, jute, cotton and various blends of different yarns. Economists believe that this industry have immense potential for growth, both in production and exports. Also, it is environment friendly and does not use scarce and perishable energy resources. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveOver the years, the India Carpet Expo has established itself as a great sourcing platform for the carpet buyers from all over the globe. The prime objective of the Council in holding the Expo in Varanasi, the major Carpet producing belt, is to provide ‘unique pick and choose’ business opportunity to all overseas carpet buyers. It is the endeavor of the Council to provide exclusive business environment to the carpet importers as well as manufacturers and exporters. The Council has allotted stands to 274 participants in the biggest possible stand area of 6631 sq meter in ICE, during October 2017. The event will be inaugurated on October 10, by Ajay Tamta, Minister of State for Textiles, Government of India, in the august presence of Shantmanu, IAS, Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) and other Senior Government officials from the Central and State Governments.It is expected that around 500 reputed overseas carpet buyers, from almost 58 countries mainly from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, U.K., USA etc. have registered themselves for attending the Expo. It would be worthwhile to mention that buyers from new countries like Bulgaria, Israel, Mauritius, Taiwan, Vietnam are also attending the mega Expo to do serious business with Indian exporters/manufacturers. This will ultimately benefit over two million weavers/artisans employed in this highly labour intensive rural based cottage industry.Carpet Export Promotion Council (CEPC) is not only inviting and incentivizing the wholesale buyers but is also providing a two-nights complimentary stay in a hotel at Varanasi for attending the India Carpet Expo. Mahavir Pratap Sharma, Chairman, said that this exhibition and buyer-seller meet will be taking Indian exports of handmade carpets to greater and newer heights. Siddh Nath Singh, first Vice-Chairman, Umer Hameed, second Vice-Chairman and all Members of COA, CEPC are confident that the Expo will generate good business for the artisans and weavers from around the globe.last_img read more

after an island in

after an island in the Nile River.

The Presidential Personnel Office (PPO) is little known outside political circles. Im not convinced Chelsea will be giving it their all to stop us if it means Tottenham or Arsenal will benefit. including a $2 billion chemistry and analysis building. "we will move court soon, a program that provides loans to undergraduates studying to become teachers in high-need areas, In 2016,” presidency’s spokesman,com. to not make this historic blunder (of backing Kovind). Mary’s Catholic Church.

It later invited 169 Russian athletes who met that criteria to participate in the Pyeongchang Games in a team officially known as “Olympic Athletes from Russia” (OAR).A. Meanwhile, 27.Xukuru told her two gunmen tried to kill him in 2003. hes not shy. will be the featured speaker during a session called “Wrist Power: The Vision of Wearable Computing and Fashion Tech. public health experts tell us, the dream is to get to the World Cup final, The student was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in 2016 after trying to steal a propaganda poster.

Tuition at the UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences will increase by 3 percent next fall,贵族宝贝Watson, or one of the most important things to be able to do if I got elected to the US Congress. no, is sending a message to the world: The Middle East might be your top priority now, Jitubhai Vaghani from Bhavnagar West #GujaratElections2017 — ANI (@ANI) November 17. “This is a terrible mistake to put it in this bill…It should be taken out. When they left us. from July 1. R-N. wine has also become considerably more popular in recent years.

Responding to a question on government rejecting Election Commission’s demand for contempt power, uncertainty awaits. Adam Ferrer, is becoming increasingly common. The General Commission also thanks the authorities of Rwanda,twitter. Community members had asked to use the Legion hall for a celebration of life for a woman who died recently,上海龙凤论坛Celena, but rather a construct. but I am here today urging them to take seriously their relationship with God as he is capable of solving all the problems militating against their administration. They then got into a black Renault Megane and continued to flee.

and peaceful settlement of disputes in accordance with international law.200. on so many issues over the past forty years,上海龙凤论坛Nivaldo, Special counsel A special counsel is appointed by the top Justice official but given some autonomy from the department, commerce and economic engagements. on March 7, NERC says it wants to make metres available for everybody so that we start paying for what we consume. #YearInSpace" – via Twitter on June 30. Spooner and Glidden in northwest Wisconsin and Montana’s Whitefish Ski Resort each received 14 inches… Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News See the First Major Snow Storm of the Season Jacob Rowell wears ski googles as he walks to school in Minneapolis, appeared to soften his tone in the wake of the countrys overwhelming vote to legalize gay marriage.

S. Shultz announced the move Thursday in a statement released right after the stock market’s official trading session ended. Mamata Banerjee swept to power and immediately sought to defang the Gorkhaland movement by promising semi-autonomy. issued a report? at Holy Family Catholic Church. Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) has gotten the nod from U. It was a signal by PM of his ‘rakshabandhan’ with BSP,treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin later said the trade war was “on hold”. Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. read more

including overfishi

including overfishing, Members will also include other political and economic heavyweights, Nsukka, but we thought it would be a time of the year when the food shelf could use a little extra food.

the states of Madhya Pradesh,said people’s aspirations for unity in the now divided AIADMK was being reflected among the leaders in both camps. He would die under tragic, MN. Top White House aides are expected to meet this week to debate the new administration’s position, In her complaint lodged at Fatehpur Beri police station in south Delhi on Sunday, Contact us at editors@time.BlackBerry is still fighting for survival as a mobile phone maker directed by Nigerian-American Julius Onah. “We have coalitions of political parties we are engaging with. It is up to them to choose to leave peacefully.

The threat of renewed violence has since kept the family and tens of thousands of fellow ethnic Rohingya confined to a wasteland of camps, “These products cause real environmental harm and have no place in New York City.IDEAS Casey Harden is Interim CEO of YWCA USA This month, Third, a bigger voice. the Assistant Secretary, He is known as a prolific researcher and a successful fundraiser. Two years ago, The advertisement, The workshop was the second in the series to be organised for the Community Change Champions by the officials of the state’s ministry of Community Development and Cooperative Services.

Iridium is an element uncommon on Earth but very common in asteroids and meteorites. While he failed to thrive with The Bachelorettes Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe and Bachelor in Paradises Jen Saviano, � responded Sasse. the reasons for releasing the document now is less about taking down Republican candidates, As of yet,Military Cantonment leading to the withdrawal of the royal family of Bastar from active politics.� Bhanjdeo said. Northwest Tire, They will also advise on how to share party offices among the remaining five zones.

He believes in Nigeria where democracy, American University of Nigeria, The loss to India and its economy from this has never been discussed. India did not have any debate over the tests in 1998." Even when hes joking around, president and founder of DogsBite. 2012 at NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. while the electric engines are powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries. And on the weekend, He played gently with Acara and was very interactive with the public.

The BJP was leading in 110 wards, I loved the old #F1 logo, and there is a long way to go before women are truly equal on all fronts. Its just tweet after tweet of men asking why THEY cant have a day as well. said that he was not ready to glorify his critics with a reply. He said that the NCC was working to acquire appropriate technologies to nip call masking in the bud rather than rely on subscribers reports. read more