Do business to avoid these ten taboos and put the right attitude of the nine

a bogey: sit door and other passengers. Business does not run not to live, rapidly changing commodity markets, commodity exchanges pay attention to timeliness, difficult to see take off the door. Only run, in order to know the market information, identify the opportunity to profit.

avoid: to save up money. After earning not want to invest, put money into a living dead money, only insatiable, constantly expanding business scale, development and expansion of their business to strive for further improvement.

the five note. Look down on this small profit, want to become a fat man, so it will never make a fortune. Only from small to large, slowly Many a little make a mickle., step by step, and finally to climb the peak of wealth.

: avoid thermal heat treatment. Got popular information, they rush blind action, do not fully prepared to fight the battle unprepared battle wins less. Only careful analysis of the market, to be sure, to be launched.

nine bogey: Hi heat up cold. The main reason why people are doing more and more things to do, to know that more than a carrot". Only spotted humble place, burst unpopular, it may have a market

Nine methods:

1, the bold decision – to overcome the uncertain behavior of

2, challenge vulnerabilities – completely change their defects "

Guangdong aluminum doors and windows franchise business tips

Guangdong aluminum doors and windows stores how to attract more customers, in addition to product quality, a successful Guangdong aluminum doors and windows franchisee should also know the secret of the operation. In ensuring the quality of high-grade windows and doors products in the shop, but also in the service and advocacy efforts.

Guangdong aluminum alloy doors and windows in the regional market promotion is necessary, but the effect is quite fast. Because the stores in the daily lives of consumers every day can see, there is a sense of security and stability, so the stores occasionally engage in some promotional activities, giving consumers a visible discount will bring great benefits.

wait until consumers into the store after the purchase of aluminum alloy doors and windows in Guangdong shopping guide staff to do a good job reception. Always remember that consumers pay because they get what they want, not what they think they want. In fact, the consumer’s purchase psychology will change, look at the store’s shopping guide staff can grasp the freedom. Smile service, appropriate questions, the opportunity to explain and sincere commitment, these are the secret weapon to retain consumers.

Guangdong aluminum alloy doors and windows franchise business to the market needs of practical practice, in practice, constantly sum up experience, strengths and weaknesses. In addition, want to win a good source, Guangdong Aluminum Alloy joined the shop doors and windows should also pay attention to shaping the brand reputation, for example, usually on the regional consumer service better, increase product added value, a good grasp of the details of each service, to win the favor of customers.

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2017 – how entrepreneurs choose to join a of leather

leather market, has been a concern, high-profile choice. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the leather market, no doubt, is very wise, very choice of business opportunities. Easy to learn to start fast, successful business to choose how to join leather?

now, for all kinds of leather goods store appeared on the market, bringing convenience to people’s life, also let people travel more convenient, so it is indispensable for many leather bags, but the bags will be more conducive to our long-term use. Well, so many investors are very optimistic about the leather market, so many investors have chosen to run a bag leather shop, but how to operate to make money?

leather to make money?

in the operation of luggage leather shop, the store’s sales staff need to have good service attitude, so that customers will be willing to patronize. Of course, sales people in the face of customers, to learn to use their favorite way to serve the customer. Luggage leather sales as much as possible to create opportunities for customers, so that the luggage leather to talk about their own, say the hearts of the demand.

to learn to understand the needs of customers, seize the opportunity to provide customers with the services they want, so as to ensure that the results of your sales, so that customers are willing to come to the consumer. Leather luggage sales to customers to be patient, to observe the consumer’s attitude to its neat, they sell the items required, meat after the massage to seize the best opportunity to make your products faster to be sold out.

actually, if you join the leather market, is also a very exciting. Hurry up and move on. How about joining us to realize our wonderful life? High quality entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurial success is just around the corner!

Back to the rural entrepreneurs need to remember these six points

rural development prospects, many young people decided not to uproot herself back to my hometown in rural entrepreneurship, to open his own shop when the boss. But at the same time there will be a lot of doubts, such as: Rural Entrepreneurship simple? What is the best choice for rural entrepreneurship? Rural entrepreneurship will be able to succeed? Wait。 Here is a brief introduction to the next time you need to pay attention to what rural entrepreneurship.

first, to suit their own.

As the saying goes:

" gehangrugeshan ". Therefore, we should try to choose their own professional, experience, interest, expertise can hang the hook project.

two, to identify the selected project or product market prospects.

for entrepreneurs to visit the local market. The development of the project should have a direct profit. Some products are in great demand, but the high cost, low profit, busy shouting There are plenty of people who earn a.

three, from reality, not tandaqiuquan.

is a project aimed at the best appropriate intervention, with less investment to understand the market, wait until you know when to go, a lot of investment.

four, we should try to choose a larger potential projects to develop.

select the project not to others, do pick up some popular profitable industry, without any assessment, a head in. You know, those industries tend to be saturated market, even if there is a little space, the profit is not as large as the early.

five, to carefully investigate and scientific choice.

nowadays, all kinds of information fill every corner, many people choose the project according to the information. Therefore, we must look at the information, good analysis, without the field investigation and understanding of the existing user management, do not easily invest. Heavy study, a look at the information released by the company’s strength and reputation, of course, to the local business management department to understand the situation: two to see the project maturity, how there is no equipment, services, production can not be immediately listed; three to see the project implementation in the number of business such as how the.

six, should be three " or ".

project implementation process, must first pay the work, do not take their hard-earned money, only a contract or agreement, it is easy to pay each other; must not believe in each other’s promises in the contract should be completed, in order to prevent the other party to the contract brings its own losses; not beg rich heart.

Fabric home textile franchise business inventory

There are many ways to manage

fabric home textile stores, businesses can find a suitable plan according to the actual situation. Xiao Bian to provide some business methods, hoping to help join the business to do investment management business, so that more peace of mind. If you want to make a profit, don’t miss it.

first, give full play to the linkage effect of old customers and reputation effect.

two, and the target customer base or home improvement company to carry out in-depth cooperation, while the use of the authority of the designer’s recommendation effect and reputation effect to stimulate and inspire customers to buy.

three, targeted marketing, and Real Estate Company, residential property, wedding companies, Civil Affairs Bureau and other joint promotion.

four, group purchase direct market development, through 30 to 50 key enterprises focused on the choice of units, using welfare gifts, custom, group purchase group purchase group purchase group purchase, replacement mode upgrade textile shop to increase income ability.

five, revenue is the profit minus the cost, the smaller the cost, the higher the profit, it must be a good cost control, which is an important means to improve the ability to increase revenue. This includes optimizing inventory structure, reducing inventory costs, strengthening information management, reducing opportunity cost;

six, to achieve customer resource sharing. By using Home Furnishing concept, with the same level of furniture brands brand, to achieve customer resource sharing between the textile, customer resources, to achieve the "cap" centralized product sales, to reduce the overall cost of the brand promotion, especially in the mall shop, building materials City shop, network group purchase the channel use effect is obvious.

fabric home textile stores a lot of business methods, business prospects. If you have more appropriate skills, you can get a better development. Do you have any tips to share? Many franchisees have expressed their willingness to learn about it, hurry up! Can not miss!

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Entrepreneurial guidance do network sales must read business

Internet era, many business owners are very concerned about this piece of network marketing, network marketing can not only reduce operating costs, but also get a better marketing results. How can I make a successful sales of network products? So, the following Xiaobian to introduce some of the skills of network sales.    

1, network sales to do a good job planning.

2, how do you need to plan an independent website, what should be paid attention to?

3, how to promote your product information.

here can be said to be a major, we need a long time to do this thing, in fact, if really understand the operation steps, and resolutely implement the unconditional down, so that in three to five months later, your phone will be many. The promotion from the blog, B2B (register quality enterprises network members),   forum, encyclopedia, library, quiz, Post Bar, video to the specific operation, the operation time is not so simple, need a lot of details, or we need to pay attention to the skills of operation, to improve the coverage of information products.

4, how to reply to the customer.

5, in terms of the need to pay attention to what.

priority among priorities, the quotation is not simple, there is a lot of skills. Why do I say is the priority among priorities, because I do a lot of years of sales can be said to eat a lot of losses in this area, so many workers do not pay attention to the things in this area, but it is very important, is to promote customer orders at all, is to do long-term business.

is above several matters need to pay attention to in network marketing, network marketing cost is relatively small, the effect is more obvious, we can refer to the above method to operate your own products in the sales network, to produce better results. Finally, Xiao Bian hope that we can achieve good results in the network sales!


Harbin each year will be funded 40 outstanding college students venture

can improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, is an important work management activities. In order to help college students start their own business, Harbin will sponsor 40 college students to start their own business projects to help them tide over the lack of funds.

must meet the reporting conditions in the city area, county (city) business, independent entrepreneurial projects, as the legal representative of the enterprise business college students; the right to register and obtain a business license issued by the administrative department for Industry and commerce, have sound financial regulations and a fixed place of business, more than the normal operation of 6 months, no bad credit record and illegal business projects; to comply with the direction of Harbin City Industrial Development and employment demand, good market prospects, entrepreneurship has significant effect, economic and social benefits, with some advanced technology and development value; enterprise to obtain better economic benefits and social benefits through the operation of this project.

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Car beauty shop must focus on integrity management

The number of

cars increased gradually, unlimited auto beauty market potential, so many novice entrepreneurs have opened a car beauty shop, store business and want to quickly fire up, the biggest trick is to be honest.

investment advice

1. car beauty shop overall risk is not the largest, is the loss of the shop rent, Limited workers wages and little inventory." The main reason for the failure of the beauty of the car is the "business" and "looking for business," the difference between passive waiting and aggressive, winning or losing is self-evident."

2., the store’s location is very important, preferably in the transportation hub, or a car dealership, car spare parts center and gas station, in addition, the station, parking lot, residential areas are richly endowed by nature place, this will ensure that in the lower level of the early start, through business number the advantage to complete the primitive accumulation of capital.

3. shops adjacent to the best peers in business, to produce a population effect.

4. business integrity is the most important, the most reasonable profit."

investment experience

the first single business to earn 30 yuan

"at that time few private cars, even the bus is not much, so to the store car decoration is not much." Mr. Wu said, fortunately, there were few car decoration shop on the street, so the business is still too.

"shop, received the first single business is to give a new car with the sun when the sun film film, the price is 88 yuan, he also successfully netted 30 yuan." Wu told reporters that at that time the technology and products are not advanced now, some of the quality of raw materials used for car decoration is the level of 80s, so the price is not high, make money is also very little.

10 years to develop into large

that Mr. Wu has more opportunities, "I introduced about 3000 kinds of car decoration products, to meet the needs of different consumers." According to reports, the car decoration products market profits are also growing: a film of the sun, there are more than and 100 dollars in the price of high-grade, there are 5 to $6 thousand, the higher the price to earn more."

80 young people focus on the research of Hefei folk

the Chinese nation has a history of five thousand years of civilization, in the long history of the past, left us with a wealth of national treasures, folk culture more and more attention, but also a lot of folklore researchers. Xiao cold is one of them, he is keen to study the customs of Hefei, as well as urban geography.

said that the study of folklore, it seems that the image of the older scholars. But now, like Hefei local life stories of young people more and more, as 80 after Xiao Han is one of the more representative color.

2007, Xiao Han from the field back to the hometown of Hefei, began to study in the local chronicles of Hefei and city geography, in the ordinary alleys between the city of Hefei for the past, come into contact with the local and city geography many folk folk culture, gradually love this life and close to the body and mind.

said: "I am a native of Hefei, want to know more about their hometown, also want to let more people know the city of Hefei."

talked about these years focused on the excavation and research of Hefei folk, his understanding of the home can be used to contain the opening of the word to summarize.

Hefei is an immigrant city since ancient times, is located between the north and the south, the traffic extends in all directions, thus formed an open city character. Hefei has Chaohu, hundred-percent is the land of plenty, fertile soil and water conservation, no worries about food and drink. In such an environment, life of the people of Hefei is "a little bit" mentality, for the stranger came to Hefei is the sincere enthusiasm, inclusive.

is now engaged in local literature and folklore and folk studies are not in the minority, but the age of Xiao Xiao, who is an independent research is very few. As the Anhui Folklore Society teacher evaluation: Xiao cold, although it does not belong to any university or research institutions, but he is the real Hefei folk study on the road alone."


nearly ten years, Xiao cold running in the vast urban and rural land in Hefei, mining those little-known or even spread a long time of folklore and stories. Which encountered historical data access restricted, message circulation occlusion, consume a lot of manpower and other difficulties, but Xiao cold has not stopped the footsteps, but one into another naturally or half unconsciously between faint and wonderful world: folk culture rich, for Xiao Han, can not return and happiness within. It is often a plunge into the experience of all kinds of interest and fun, not only excavated a lot of research value of Hefei folk stories, but also accumulated a lot of research experience.

now, he has a better recommendation for Hefei