The province’s first slow release fertilizer production line put into production

recently, I provincial science and Technology Department organized experts to Qinghai University and Qinghai Rongze agricultural biotechnology limited company take "the whole film crops special slow release fertilizer development and demonstration" project was carried out on-site inspection and assessment, the project "R & D and production of urea formaldehyde slow-release fertilizer" all the monitoring data in line with national standards, the province’s first the urea formaldehyde slow-release fertilizer production line officially put into operation, fill a in the production of slow-release fertilizer processing field blank in our province.

it is understood that, as of the end of 2015, in the province to promote the use of the whole film double ridge cultivation technology has more than 8.7 hectares. In the more than and 10 years of application, in addition to good water retention and drought resistance and other advantages, the difficulty is too large, high nitrogen loss rate, low utilization of fertilizer and other defects have gradually emerged. In order to solve this problem, in 2014, Qinghai University and Qinghai Rong Ze Agricultural Biotechnology Co., Ltd. jointly declared the development and demonstration of the whole membrane cultivation of slow release fertilizer development and transformation of agricultural science and technology projects. According to the present situation of our province fertilizer R & D and production of blank project, combined with the advantages of scientific research and production advantages, with more than two years developed for potato and corn planting in our province "ureaform slow-release fertilizer formula. And in the modern agricultural demonstration park in Ledu city in the East Sea area, completion of our province’s first urea formaldehyde slow-release fertilizer production line, annual production capacity will reach 20 thousand tons, annual output value is expected to reach 54 million yuan, covering more than 20 thousand hectares of farmland.

according to technical engineer Wang Qingguang introduction, the province’s "urea formaldehyde slow-release fertilizer" R & D and production is to meet the country’s "2020 fertilizer use zero growth" industrial policy and objectives. According to reports, "urea formaldehyde slow-release fertilizer" by the compound fertilizer, formaldehyde and urea through the processing of chemical reaction to obtain a kind of organic fertilizer. Due to the growth of crops in the fertilization period only need to apply fertilizer once again do not have to re apply, save labor and save costs, in China’s southeast coastal areas and Hunan, Hubei and other places are widely used. At present, our province’s production of urea formaldehyde slow-release fertilizer compared with ordinary fertilizer, not only reduce the dosage by 10%, and efficiency increased by more than 10% to more than 15%. In addition, when the urea formaldehyde slow release fertilizer was put into the soil, the nitrogen loss rate was smaller than that of the traditional fertilizer, which avoided the pollution of the groundwater.


The province opened the Green Fair Investment curtain

to do the 2016 Green Fair related preparatory work, in early April, the Provincial Department of Commerce composed of foreign Invitation Group, went to Beijing to visit the Ministry of Commerce Investment Promotion Bureau and other departments and business associations, in-depth docking exchanges, to carry out the 2016 Green Fair invited foreign companies.

at present, the Qinghai provincial government adhere to the development of the concept of innovation, harmony, green, open, shared, around the "The Belt and Road" construction, ecological protection, circular economy and the "13th Five-Year" major development opportunities, enhance the level of opening up, focus on building economic cooperation and exchange platform, relying on the province of national economic and technical Saline Lake in the Development Zone, chemical industry, energy and chemical industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, building materials industry, light industry characteristics, new energy, new materials, equipment manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection, information industry, infrastructure and financial fields, and strengthen the world of multinational companies, overseas capital advantages of cooperation, and through the Green Fair this comprehensive display platform. To promote our cooperation with the foreign strategic investors toward the deep-seated, all-round, diversified development.

During the

, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the relevant person in charge of the relevant departments and business associations introduced the province’s investment environment, investment policies, the advantages of the industry, the consumer market and the 2016 green fair. And invited more strength and in line with the green development of Qinghai investors to invest in Qinghai.

The person in charge of the

investment promotion agency of Ministry of Commerce, China overseas Chinese Investment Enterprises Association, the United Nations Industrial China Association of enterprises with foreign investment and development organization representative office and other relevant departments and associations have said, will further strengthen communication and contact with the Commerce Department of Qinghai Province, continue to focus on economic and social development in Qinghai province.


Xining City area two characteristics of cultural taste smell

Yangko twist up, gongs and drums knock, dragon lion dance, red lanterns hanging high up…… With the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival footsteps approaching, the cultural backbone of the city of Xining has also begun to offer a wonderful cultural package for the public and busy.

this year, Chengzhong district two cultural activities to promote the advanced culture, to show national art style "as the main line, highlighting the" safe and civilized, small scattered, healthy and economical effectiveness "principle, mining show Plateau Characteristic and local characteristics of folk culture, create a set of community culture, the traditional culture in rural areas as a whole, Fire Festival the two cultural packages.

according to reports, the city area will be launched by the broad masses of people welcome the "art show, farmers basketball, Spring Festival Lantern Festival lantern festivals and cultural activities such as" the beginning of the eight month this year, Yu Zheng in the South held folk Shehuo is the beginning of the nine month high pay New Year’s call, Simon stadium held City District Spring snake show a new look "excellent fire performance. During the first fifteen days of the Lantern Festival, the city will be on the south, North street lamp poles permanent lighting renovation, the use of point, line structure, which brings the artistic effect of smart. To build the "central Longmen dragon" theme in the Grand Cross, build the theme "happy central" lamp group in the center of the center of the square, in addition to the layout of "central charm" and "auspicious snake spring", "happiness Avenue" and "Yingbin Avenue", "welcome", "brilliant eighteen", "lantern riddles Gallery", "Happy Garden", "twelve zodiac series" group of 9 lights, creating a "sleepless nights" scene. (author: Sheng Nan Zhang Yongzhi)


To have the advantage of dried herb

expands dried fruit market, we have set up in the eyes of the goose, with the emergence of well-known brand nuts such as: such as three squirrels, Ichiban shop, becheery etc. we can see the development opportunities in the future market of nuts, dry pot to join the selected items to choose what is good?

from the development of dried fruits, since the reform and opening up, with the improvement of people’s living standard, demand for dried fruit with dried fruit in the market continued to expand, to provide a great impetus to the development of the fruit industry, according to the survey, basically, every family will have to buy fruit in a certain period of habit. Visible fruit market outlook. In the future, with the continuous development of our economy, I believe there will be dried Baicao garden to join the market more development space.

How to join

BaiCaoYuan nuts

BaiCaoYuan nuts join has the following advantages:

green natural: from natural growth, collection, processing, no harmful to the human body chemical additives, fully meet the growing needs of modern green health.

nutrition and health: containing biological elements in a variety of health benefits, food benefits to the body, especially the green natural nature, is completely healthy food.

delicious health: natural fragrance, crisp, sweet and delicious, simple sense, make people feel pure, natural, cordial, lead a person to endless aftertastes. Not only that, many are in the nuts roasted seeds and nuts products on the basis of traditional, through careful research, combined with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and nutrition developed many nourishing health, nutritious and delicious, the four seasons are suitable diet products.

BaiCaoYuan franchise high-end fashion: with dried green natural, healthy and delicious food trend growing trend, combined with the original health products by cultural quality products, carefully designed for different ages and the function of the product portfolio, with excellent brand packaging, make green fashion, noble Luxuries.

in order to join the largest development, BaiCaoYuan nuts also launched a special seven operational support, including five security operations, including technical support, training support, distribution, advertising promotional planning support special support, and five operational security risk protection system, perfect the strict regional protection policies is one of the the reason for investors. The protection and support, so that stores can improve operation strategy, optimize inventory, and standardize the market behavior, to ensure the brand’s market visibility and reputation, promote the sustained and healthy development of the entire brand. Join the union invited preferential roasted seeds and nuts dried fruit, create the ideal.

we all know the current situation of the development of dried fruit industry >

The two development in Qinghai oilfield has been successful in deep profile control

In order to reconstruct the cognition system, reconstruction of well network structure, restructuring process ground center of Qinghai oil reservoir of Gasi E31 "two development" deep flooding test in the end of this month. The test group had 40 tons of oil wells, the test is successful, provide technical support for the full implementation of the two main Gasi oilfield development.

of Qinghai Oilfield "two development" deep flooding test work from the beginning of July 15th this year, the test focuses on the three-dimensional geological modeling and reservoir numerical simulation, log interpretation of water flooded layer evaluation, dominant flow channels and other aspects of fine qualitative identification. Based on the fine stratigraphic correlation and fine structure review, the distribution model of the single layer and the division of flow units, the distribution of remaining oil, and the interpretation of watered out layers are established. Select the reservoir development of contiguous, the remaining recoverable reserves and water benefit rate high, dominant flow channels generally 1 -6 and IV -4 layer as the object of deep flooding, a total of 15 wells, 30 wells of deep flooding test, flooding the Nissan 12.1 tons of oil flooding. Nissan 53.4 tons of oil, 2675 tons of oil accumulated during the test. (author: Ji Haijian)


Slow blocking Paul Chang did the hearts of the people

"now Xining city traffic jams become homely food, see the government began to break the traffic problem, slow blocking Paul Chang news, I am very happy, because the government is really to do the work of the people’s hearts!" Since the municipal government started the city’s mobilization, public participation, the benefit of the masses of the slow blocking Paul Chang campaign, many members of the public, the driver and traffic experts have made this newspaper expressed slow blocking Paul Chang work praise and affirmation.
Luo Huining of secretary of provincial Party committee during the four meeting of the twelve session of the National People’s Congress, the Xining traffic demands, "an antidote against the disease, comprehensive measures to control traffic congestion, the actual effectiveness of the benefit of the masses". Governor Hao Peng also pointed out in the work report of the provincial government, Xining make full use of the north-south high-speed link, the construction of a new pattern of network traffic outside the ring." Lu Zhonghe said: "traffic congestion has become a direct impact on our quality of life and well-being of the big problem. See the provincial government is so concerned about the traffic problem in Xining, as ordinary people really happy, the government attaches great importance to the people’s livelihood slow blocking, in line with the people, caught in a timely manner".
"traffic jam" has become a common problem in each city, the contradiction between supply and demand of less number of vehicles is a worldwide problem, but in order to let people travel unimpeded, to the construction of the city’s life happy city pace bigger step further, the municipal government attaches great importance to city traffic management. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun pointed out that we must do a good job of blocking traffic governance in Xining, the provincial capital city should bear the obligation and responsibility to play. Mayor Wang Yubo made the request, and strive to improve the short-term traffic congestion in Xining, long-term cure.

Xining airport passenger traffic exceeded 2 million passengers

September 22nd 17, with the arrival of the flight from Xining to Wuhan ZH9106 landing, Xining airport has created a new historical record – only in the past 9 months to complete passenger throughput of 2 million passengers.

reporter recently learned from the Qinghai Airport Inc, in recent years, the provincial Party committee and government attach great importance to the development of Qinghai airport, introduced a series of preferential policies and measures to support the development of civil aviation in our province. The Qinghai Airport Inc is also actively coordinating the airlines to increase the transport capacity of efforts to gradually improve the route network, to further enhance and optimize the service measures, air transport production to maintain a good momentum of sustained, rapid and healthy development.

this year, the Xining airport has added Fuzhou, Xiamen, Ji’nan, Qingdao, Yinchuan, Ordos 6 navigable points, the 7 routes, connecting East China, Southern China, North China route network to further improve. At present, a total of 9 airlines operating 34 routes in the green, 29 city of Xining airport operations, overnight capacity reached 5, the peak day security transport movements 104 sorties, 13800 passengers in July and August, the transportation production growth rate higher than two times over the years, creating a record high of Qinghai air transport. (author: Ni Xiaoying)


Xining City Public Security Bureau to ensure the safety of public facilities in the provincial capit

Recently, the Xining municipal public security organs to strengthen the prevention and control of key areas, easy incidence area, incidence period, stolen or destroyed, water supply, drainage covers a much smaller city of Xining, to ensure the safety of urban water supply and drainage. The Spring Festival approaching, Xining water gas group company conducted condolences to the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau, to send them to "protect public facilities construction of safe Xining" banners, letters and 50 thousand yuan condolences.

according to the municipal government arrangements, especially in the fight against theft and destruction of city public facilities of illegal and criminal activities of the special action, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau carefully organized, scientific deployment, strict measures, solid work, to mobilize the security detachment, special police detachment, patrol and other public facilities, in the investigation on the basis of Mopai, increase patrols and density of theft, destruction of public facilities case prone areas and periods, especially increase the night patrol efforts, some of the key positions, to prevent sticking, increase efforts to protect and prevent the destruction of municipal facilities cases occurred in a short time, uncovered a number of municipal public facilities theft case made initial results, save a few million economic losses to the water supply and drainage enterprises. (author: Yao Bin)


Xining traffic police adopt golden ideas to create a safe and orderly flow of traffic


since the implementation of open project, Xining city traffic police detachment attaches great importance to the smooth project "to collect golden ideas" for readers advice, careful study of the implementation of personnel, to create a safe and orderly flow of traffic environment. At present, part of the city’s road traffic conditions have been significantly improved.

it is understood, according to the smooth traffic project "provides the reader with golden ideas" and the related reports, the city traffic police detachment personnel through field investigation and argumentation, have solved the "Nanshan Road junction lights not bright", "Xi Huang highway 14 km road gas station near Yongjun no warning signs," "traffic marking cannot read", aiming at the difficult problem of pedestrian crossing, the city traffic police detachment of some sections and intersections of the signal re timing; after school hours, set a fixed duty post in a lot of traffic at the school gate, increase traffic to divert efforts to escort students across the street; the vehicle Luantingluanfang etc. the presence of traffic safety area, combined with the current development of winter traffic rectification work, increase patrol management, ensure the smooth road in the public order; Park turntable signal timing, according to the cycle of traffic flow and flow changes in the situation with reasonable, fine management.