Optimization of branch website select the pros and cons of the two level domain and two level direct


two domain names, the main form of main branch website domain name, such as "bbs.admin5贵族宝贝, Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝". The website and so on, believe that most webmaster understand. Some of the big portal using the domain name to branch construction and so on. Why, the weight of the two level domain is given in the search engine is higher than the two level directory. In the optimization of consistency, the same keyword ranking, ranking the two level domain, often will be higher than the two level directory

four: both according to the potential is

two domain

: the advantages and disadvantages of

two: the advantages and disadvantages of

in the above two points, more owners will think two level domain name completely at a disadvantage, but is it? The construction of two directory sites and a two level domain name always can not match advantage: can increase the weight of the main station, master station to enhance the effect of the ranking, the weight between main station and sub directory can that is complementary to each other! Presumably, two level domain name will be lost, in the search engine optimization rules, the two level domain was used as a new station building. In the process of observation, assessment of which to experience accumulated weight of a series of short time is not too high the weight lifting. But if the update slowly, the search engine will gradually reduce the weight of

! two level directoriesWhat is the

two directory, the website is usually a subdirectory of the main website construction, the general forms such as "www.*****贵族宝贝/bbs/," this type of website. So what are the advantages of this website? The author to say here is that such sites tend to optimize the starting point is relatively high, can be in the construction line after they inherited part of the weight of master station. What are the new audit period will not, as long as the master has included weight, two directories will be search engine will take. But the disadvantage of the same level as the optimization of inferior by comparison, if the situation in the search engine rankings will be far better than the two level domain name.

three: the planning analysis of

in the website development process, if the construction branch of different contents, the author recommended the use of "two domain" construction site, because it is not associated with the theme of the content, with independent of the two domain names are more likely to raise its own weight. But if the branch website construction, and is closely related to the main website content, the author recommended the use of two >.

website development to a certain size, in order to promote more services, so the construction of sub station in the original site. But do not want to use the new independent domain name, domain name and website still choose to do the construction, in order to improve the overall influence. But what is the use of two level directory construction better, or the use of the construction of the two level domain is better? There are many webmaster in the period of struggle. Today is on the above binary content to do a analysis, hoping to give some in the confusion of the webmaster choose Views:

Love Shanghai issued new initiatives to support more mobile web site

from the beginning of 2014, love Shanghai to speed up the mobile of its own transformation, but also greater efforts to promote the transition to the mobile network. As of the end of 2014, the number of mobile stations increased by 105% over the previous year included the love of Shanghai. Data report agency CNNIC survey also showed that the love of Shanghai mobile search users penetration rate has reached 96.3%.

November 17th, Shanghai Senior Product Manager Molili love to share some love Shanghai mobile friendly guide to Mobile friendly. The guide pointed out that when the mobile users in the mobile phone on the spot according to one of the search results, in addition to meet the demand of the search results, search results, page loading speed, page browsing experience with mobile terminal adapter and other factors, will affect the mobile user experience satisfaction.

requirements for service quality is improving, so love Shanghai for the overall quality of the site also began to set up a new living standard, to change user friendly site requirements. The mobile terminal is concerned, but also the mobile represent the general trend, accelerate "

mobile users not only to love Shanghai more and more attention to the mobile terminal, also let love Shanghai began to control the quality of the site and user experience.

in order to improve the mobile user experience, love Shanghai also began to encourage the webmaster actively strengthen the construction site in the mobile terminal.

of course, in addition to mobile friendly guide, love Shanghai also introduced the service in the mobile search new product transfer from APP AppLink. Love is on the Shanghai AppLink integrated solution of mobile Internet App content and Html5 content of the seamless open. According to love Shanghai, love Shanghai customer service through AppLink access, can let users love Shanghai by clicking on the search results, tone has been installed in the user equipment App, and enter the contents of the corresponding interface. AppLink Product Manager Huang Yuhan also said that all businesses will be connected to the Olympic Webmaster Platform to submit their own data and use the services in the near future.

after 3 months of the season for love in Shanghai Webmaster Platform from more than 3000 registration website selected 80 finalists final, and select the 29 award-winning site. In November 17, 2015, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform invited dozens of new sites, together to explore how talent shows itself in the waves of entrepreneurs, get more resources to support the love of Shanghai.

love Shanghai in promoting the transition to the mobile website at the same time, also began to develop a new collection of standards, forcing the site keywords, abandoned before the title of the Party style.

The rise of mobile Internet and

three months ago, Shanghai love second "butterfly action game launched for webmasters. Unlike the previous game, the love Shanghai more attention in the mobile terminal construction site, will also search for website engine evaluation, content quality, user experience and other factors are included in the rating criteria.

How to update the enterprise website content quality


of each industry is industry related knowledge, terminology, users want to understand the content, at the same time, in the creation of the article should always stand on the user’s point of view, think about if you are users will want to understand what, if you really do not know, then, can through the online message, and love Shanghai know, SOSO ask these places to understand what is more concerned about the common problems of users, and then put it in the solution, users often concern, understanding of user needs. When you put on

case service experience

wrote articles of justice evaluation

for enterprise site, updated every day is very difficult, it might as well let users for our initiative to add to the content in the user questions, experts to solve the user answer questions, daily updates will have, this type of content to help users at the same time, also for their own site to increase the original and the quality of the content, we Why not?? while improving the user experience of the website, the interaction with the user.

for many enterprises have had a lot of customer service, have their own products, if your customers can according to your product or service to take the initiative to write something, even if only a few words is also very good, talk about your product or service benefits, what are the functions of these it is of great value, can put them in order on the web site, these are successful cases. If the customer is not written manually, only verbal discussion said, then you have to put the customer’s comment text into finishing the case made on the site.


home expert Q & a section

each industry has its own products, software and services need evaluation, users want to see some fair reviews in the choice, can effectively help users to select which home products or services better, believe that many users want to see this kind of content, if we are users will want to see these unbiased and impartial evaluation, not quite a detailed list of products or services of the advantages and disadvantages, can help the user to select a suitable for your product or service, put these articles on the website, trust can be very good to improve the website.

update site for enterprise website content, believe each Shanghai Longfeng staff will be very troublesome, every day to add website content is a very painful process, want to break the head also don’t know to find good content can be updated, many Shanghai Longfeng personnel will say, so enterprise site content updates, usually what activities did not want news, every day to update their own news website, is not an easy thing. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/ zhenduan/ Shanghai, Shanghai Longfeng) and everyone is talking about how to update the

FAQThe enterprise website quality content?


Thinking for counter attack, Shanghai dragon long tail keywords breakthrough point

is now more and more long tail keywords by the attention of webmaster, mining long tail keywords is a headache. But the user has some habits do you have on. The title plus the number of hits will be much higher, such as six skills, Shanghai dragon chain love Shanghai platform outside the chain of seven etc.. The long tail word timeliness and pertinence. As long as you go to the summary, you will find a big secret, the traffic is your most concern about how to retain customers.

the long tail word has several people to do? You do, your flow.

1, Shanghai know love. To love Shanghai know that you can always find the long tail word many users really really search.

tourism industry as an example


long tail word mining platform

industry forum. See what users are most interested in what the title, what right do the long tail word.

how to find a breakthrough in the


page with the tourism competition now is more and more intense, so the fierce market you can do? The answer is yes, Taobao is still not off so intense that so many people are doing. Can mainly see if you can find a breakthrough in the industry, to find their own traffic sources.

do the most difficult problem is how to layout keywords, nor how to send the chain, but not how to promote. But how to retain customers, how to retain users? Stay as Water Leakage basin is difficult to fill the natural weight cannot accumulate, whether you do good is of no avail details. We talk about how to keep the user is different, is actually better than peers think a step. Most people give up will encounter the first bend, and you have to do is to go the higher the amount of user’s website, his weight will be high, ranking will be good. Keep the user on the web like Water Leakage touch, even if you how gorgeous, you are dissatisfied with the water sheng.






first, you have to have some understanding of this industry, we are very concerned about the word, you will not have to pay attention to. We are concerned about the words, certainly many people already do, there are some big companies, but they are you together. For a new station, what will we look for our flow. We thought, between the people, the biggest difference is that the strategies and ideas. We pay attention to the long tail keywords we are not care. You travel, you have to pay attention to what we still do not have to pay attention to key words. For example, you go to a meeting, you may want to play after the end of the meeting, this time you want to hire a guide to show the way. And call some of the long tail word came out. How much is it rent XX guide.

Keywords ranking unstable rescue method experience

1. no signature propaganda, because of instability, we all love to big BBS to publicity, but the forum website needs to have many points to let you send the chain or to other places of publicity, so many webmaster first thing beautiful signature, water everywhere, as a result, it will cause website ranking the possibility of instability.

now the website is more and more difficult to do, want to put the site keywords ranking up, it is prohibitively difficult, because even a few days went up and down, to see every member in each big forum post propaganda, oneself also follow publicity, but the effect is very poor, and even had to row up keywords the rankings off, this shall not let me consider it carefully, not easily publicity.

these days busy do other things to the site to delay some time, the thought that these rankings must be gone, but didn’t expect to come back at the website rankings by the more before, this let me understand a truth, love love Shanghai is stable. During this time, the website is normal, is not to promote, so it will not lead to the rise and fall, say "and" simply not appropriate reason is propaganda, many webmaster in publicity when love with signature irrigation, we all know that post irrigation is difficult to collect, especially that article is one or two words, even if the collection of this article will be gone, the result is bad, will make your website ranking poor.

signature in the blog or know love Shanghai and other places, some people will ask Shanghai love to know how to use the signature, the method is very simple, you love Shanghai registered account, fill in the personal data, write on your website or QQ in personal information, in time to answer the questions you can write some personal then we can see me to keep up with the information and so on, if they take a fancy to your reply will click on your username into your personal information, personal information can not only see your signature, but also pay attention to your love in Shanghai? In choosing the best choice you are good at side, such as I am I will choose the Internet this kind of problem do Wangzhuan this kind of problem, associated with this site propaganda comparison >

is the best way to do not use the signature, so can also propaganda, no signature you can go to the water, the best is the quality of some of the articles promoting the bottom keep up with your web site keywords and web site, that is stable and good effect. If you must use the signature, you can reply when someone else’s article, find some quality some article to reply, was collected chance than a few gossip articles much better.

there is a full of copying others article propaganda own site, it is very difficult to copy articles included, even if included a moment, tomorrow will disappear, and this is the result, this result is not allowed for the love of Shanghai. So, I summed up the points, we hope to help a bit:

You can use the

2. clever use signature propaganda

Magical love Shanghai website snapshot quickly uncovered behind the problem


this paper will be to show the use of a love Shanghai to quickly identify the case snapshot website, hope to provide a reference for all flexible use of snapshot love Shanghai. The first to introduce the general situation of the case. The case involves the website "www.***.net". The problem is: at the bottom of the site navigation links in the specific circumstances of It is without rhyme or reason. disappear, see Figure 1:

disappeared Figure two

should have been the bottom note is "the copyright for all network, please indicate the source: 贵族宝贝***.net for network, thank you!" but the results into "the copyright for all network, please indicate the source: 贵族宝贝 for

, a website with the domain name


!The midpoint of

please carefully look at a position below a red line, it is in the user experience of the web site, you will find the domain name of the website is missing. Not only is a "user experience" this strange phenomenon, the other at the bottom of the navigation text appeared this phenomenon. In addition, the bottom of the content page reprint articles about notes a similar problem, illustrated as follows:


love Shanghai snapshot is very important to search engine optimization, but do people all pay attention to the site of the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai. Often removed from the forum, you will find that talking about issues related to love Shanghai snapshot post really is too much. However, careful observation you will find the post topic is mainly concerned about the update snapshot of love Shanghai.

, the bottom of the article reprinted without annotation domain name

network, thank you!"

in fact, flexible use of the website snapshot love Shanghai can play an unexpected role. Not long ago wrote "love for Shanghai opera was included in the number of crimes Quebec server upgrade", is the use of a case of love Shanghai solve practical problems website snapshot. Interested friends can go to see 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20120530/434717.shtml.

We all know that

first discovered this kind of phenomenon, a very strange. There is also a little bit ominous feeling: this site is not to black people! Because this few are my hand in the template input domain name information, has no problems, suddenly disappeared, there seems to be someone against me. I think, eyes straight jump, sweating sweat! Two days before hackers see Telecom took over the A5, did not think today is my turn, true tianduyingcai

opened in June 7th with the home page snapshot, even good, not what problem "

Love the sea search Shanghai dragon, the Japanese website reached four station full resolution


highlights: a peculiar domain 1. of Japan’s Shanghai dragon website domain name: 贵族宝贝yes- Shanghai,.Net/. First, the.Net is not the most senior of the best domain suffix, secondly it in yes and Shanghai Longfeng middle added the "-", worth plummeted, according to common sense, the search engine is not love.

search results are really strong……………….


Shanghai Shanghai dragon


love Shanghai natural ranking results we love Shanghai natural ranking results. No. 1 and No. 6 blue arrow is love Shanghai products ranked side and Shanghai encyclopedia no ground for blame, love and the weight of the highest quality, in the first row is none. Secondly, in second webmaster tools is one of the tools we detected Shanghai Longfeng personnel must use, high visibility, wide applicable people, many webmaster webmaster to use statistical tools, webmaster tools bring huge traffic and chain. The third is the highest reputation of the Shanghai Phoenix Forum, registration number, originality is very high, the study and discussion of students and workers in Shanghai Longfeng are very popular.

main interface – 2. a translation into the main interface, first of all we see is not.


fourth: Shanghai Longfeng Countermeasures of YES-.Net – sytec Corporation and Shanghai Longfeng lumira, in fact do not leak, and. Wait, I will master a comprehensive analysis of the magic of the Japanese website, how to get love Shanghai fourth, which makes us domestic enterprises too much to handle ah fifth is very Wang ZAC, Shanghai dragon stick a day, read Shanghai dragon combat password students know, Zac is the first person in Shanghai to study the Dragon, a few of the valuable reference books, but Zac has 3 weeks with a new, slip.

we have had a doubt, sigh, anger, puzzled the mentality of open in the fourth row of the Japanese website! (in order to facilitate the understanding and view, the webmaster here will give you the original Japanese website translation view)


China in Shanghai Longfeng fried domestic like a raging fire, in order to further open the stationmaster I learn, love Shanghai enter Shanghai dragon. The scene makes me completely stunned, Japanese site yes- Shanghai dragon appeared in Shanghai natural love home page four! I once thought that computer is a problem, or love the Shanghai crash, but 20 consecutive days of view…. We still look at the picture of

in Japan, YAHOO Japan is the first good, Google has to stand aside. I have to go to Japan to see how YAHOO

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform officially launched Discuz structured data plug-in

third, rich web content in search of love Shanghai show, enhance the rate after the user clicks to install the plug-in, plug-in push through quality content can be obtained in a richer display in Shanghai in search results, improve the user clicks.

Step four: enable

some time ago to see the famous IT blogger Lu Songsong article, claimed that love Shanghai Webmaster Platform will launch a Discuz program for the website included the plugin, designed to accelerate the contents of the forum included, and display quality resources, click rate and enhance the quality of the display rate of resources.

for download version of the plugin, unzip the file directory to the Discuz platform, /source/plugin


Step one:

first, automatic submission of sitemap, to ensure the content included. Install the plug-in, can traverse all forum posts, the automatic generation of sitemap submitted to love Shanghai, which included the historical content of the forum.


application center, this plug-in for Discuz! X2 and above version, and the version of X2 and X2.5 and above version two installation package, with the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform official correspondence between and application center with Shanghai Webmaster Platform corresponding with love.

in the management center application page – list of plugins directory, enable "baidusubmit" plugin;

is a new station in Chaling I in the forum after the installation, the submission of data will show the number of records, probably because it is not too much so new.

plug-in, verify the BBS web site, successful validation plug-in installation is complete.

actually, this article is to write yesterday, but no time to go to work yesterday. As a senior Discuz third party developers, so go to the application center has become my habit. Yesterday I went to the application center, home found the name of love Shanghai sitemap plug-in, the cut-off time is approaching 1000 downloads found.


;Step two:

landing Discuz platform environment to administrator account, in the management center application page – install new plugins directory, find the plug-in "baidusubmit" installation;

second, submit a new real-time content forum, speed up the collection. Install the plugin, when a new forum post, will be pushed to new posts real love Shanghai, greatly enhance the new content of the forum included the speed.

and install this plugin is very simple, even entry-level webmaster can also realize the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform described the use of independent function plug-ins.

In fact,

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform introduces three main functions of this plugin:

Step three:

How to do web site optimization effect is good that you really know


want to is the need to continue to optimize the website as a popular website, website optimization to special care and patience, to continue learning website optimization experience, to optimize their websites, improve their ranking, fame will create a site. These are small as small website optimization method we sort, I hope you need to optimize your friends can learn more, early website optimization, website development to get better.

1, rethink the website

for many website managers, will find their own website while building up, but there are a variety of problems, the urgent need to optimize site can provide better access to experience. Even the website managers, for the website optimization problem is also not much experience to say, so the website optimization in the end how to do? The following small for everyone to tidy up the website optimization method, hoping to provide a little reference information for website optimization friends.

in the optimization of the web site, to rethink what is the positioning of their own website, the user is what kind of, like the user what kind of content, structure and section of the website and what kind of, all these problems should be reconsidered, lest after need frequent changes, like site location an outline of the same, only to determine the further optimization is possible behind the good outline.

website optimizationThe

for many website managers, will find their own website while building up, but there are a variety of problems, the urgent need to optimize site can provide better access to experience. Even the website managers, for the website optimization problem is also not much experience to say, so the website optimization in the end how to do? The following small for everyone to tidy up the website optimization method, hoping to provide a little reference information for website optimization friends.


to do a long-term and stable website will have a powerful server can often change the server, thus in the website optimization, if the site had not open or open too slow and other issues, it is necessary to avoid changes to the server, the server will change because of the site’s ranking cause adverse effects.


site is still the most attractive website content, website content is not new interesting enough, other aspects of website do not use. The content of the website of the title to the selection, different pages to write independent description of each column to write 7-8 articles, and to constantly update and update is a long process, not a moment to update too frequently, then for a long time with new, this is very bad for the development of the website.

3, the web server and the

The use of anchor text need to pay attention to the problem in Shanghai Longfeng optimization

First talk about the important role of

then analysis the anchor text links should be how to set. Generally speaking, the anchor text is actually a keyword web content on the page, usually on the home page description, although there are words of the site, but it can’t set the anchor text links, in addition to the column page keywords, should not set the anchor text. Set the anchor text link is relatively simple, usually a lot of free site program with intelligent setting function, only need to select the keywords, and then click properties, set to jump URL, it can form a link anchor text. Here, the anchor text links to the final jump on the page and the content must have the keyword relevance, if there is no correlation, then not only will not have a good optimization effect, but also bring great negative impact to the site.

finally talk about the set anchor text link, should pay attention to the problem. This need from the following aspects to pay attention to. First, in addition to the above mentioned in the description page, column page in the description of the contents, although this time should not appear keywords, but set anchor text >

anchor text. The anchor text set with two aspects of the role in the website content, is a good experience for the user, the other one is able to produce a good experience for the love of spiders in Shanghai. For the former, when the user opens the content on your site, if there is a certain number of keywords to your website content page, but these words often make the user feel confused, this time will be set to link anchor text keywords, then the user can open the anchor text link, can quickly locate the specific connotation keywords, to help users to quickly understand the relevant content.

as for the latter, set the anchor text link for the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization effect is relatively significant. When love Shanghai spider to your site, the anchor text links can guide the spider crawling the corresponding content, and then guide the love of spiders in Shanghai through your website, and effectively enhance the content included the number. With the increase in the number of content included, will help improve the weights of the website, and then quickly improve website ranking.

although many Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel attaches great importance to the construction of the anchor text links, but for the role of the anchor text, anchor text content and the need to pay attention to how to set up and set the anchor text when the problems are not very clear, this paper is a detailed analysis of the content, so as to optimize the staff to provide a the guide.

we know that in the process of website optimization, an anchor text links the existence of a variety of settings, by setting the anchor text, mainly to the organic connection of website content, so as to form a whole, so as to help the user to quickly find the location of the corresponding content, but also conducive to enhance the site can be love Shanghai search engine spiders machine fast crawling, which is conducive to the website optimization effect of promotion.