51Talk acquisition of 91 foreign teachers Gong Haiyan face defeat, dig enterprise users



DoNews feature in January 19th (reporter An Hong) "I hope you do too much attention and acquisition related questions", media communication at the 51Talk acquisition of 91 teachers, CEO Huang Jiajia solemnly asked. He also revealed that, after the completion of the acquisition, 51Talk will continue to adhere to the foreign teacher 1 to 1 product strategy and to Philippines foreign teachers as the main resource for teachers two core, and to teenagers and enterprise users for the development focus in 2015.

91 foreign teacher value is seriously underestimated, Xu Xiaoping enthusiastic push

January 13th, live online English education platform 51Talk announced that it has completed the overall acquisition of online English brand 91 foreign teachers, their teachers, staff and technical resources to be integrated into 51Talk, and 91 foreign teachers will be hired to become the founder of Gong Haiyan 51Talk consultant.

3 year old 51Talk, "like" in the final "Jiayuan founder" aura Gong Haiyan founded the 91 foreign teachers, once viewed as grass root: entrepreneurial star. It is understood that the acquisition was completed by the company’s common angel investor Xu Xiaoping’s enthusiasm to promote, the acquisition process is very smooth.

"91 foreign teachers is a serious underestimation of the company", Huang Jiajia believes that although did not get good operation, but in the current market segments, 91 foreign teachers still occupy a very important position in the market, with the acquisition of value. Huang Jiajia further explained the launch of the acquisition of the reasons:

first, enrich the content of courses: 91 foreign teachers have included adolescents, adults and 22 courses, three categories of more than 2000 points of teaching courseware, can further enhance the acquisition of 51Talk in course content advantage.

second, mature technology platform: 91, foreign teachers always attach great importance to the technical research and development platform, users can directly in the web page and client classes, 51Talk enhanced 1, 1 foreign teachers service users experience is beneficial.

third, diversified user groups: 91 foreign teachers, the previous user groups include 3 – 16 years of young user market, which is also one of the 51 directions for future development.

fourth, many enterprise executives resources: 91 foreign teachers and currently 58 city, Canon has employee training cooperation, 51Talk future 2B enterprise users very favorable.

and most importantly, 91 foreign teachers have well-known brands and Gong Haiyan’s personal influence. Huang Jiajia said, Gong Haiyan two pioneering, in visibility and media exposure are given 91 foreign teachers are very strong brand value.

focuses on developing enterprise users and does not rule out continuing to acquire

although the amount of the acquisition of confidential, but Huang Jiajia revealed that the acquisition of YISHION >

BITAUTO Yuan Hui why the car electricity supplier so difficult


so strong vertical category, why can not become the mainstream of the electricity supplier craze


Yuan Hui, assistant to the president and deputy general manager of Yi Yi Pai

as the vertical field, automotive and real estate subdivision has been doing very well, even the easy car network, Soufangwang such listed companies, but this two so the vitality of the vertical category, but can not become the mainstream commodity boom in business. Of course, as the property, due to intermediaries, developers and supply and demand problems in this area is indeed difficult, but as a relatively standardized car products, why is it so difficult?

In fact,

this topic in our internal view is not consistent, because after all, BITAUTO have yet to achieve automotive electricity providers, and car O2O, we have been studying the stack mode and doing some water, but can see is still a business industry represent the general trend of the road, there must be such a company out.

, but there is no Chinese companies in this regard to make, in fact, the U.S. car electricity supplier has not been fully made.

first of all, the problem is the payment process. Of course, now many payment platform has solved the problem of bulk payment, but for individual users, after all, a car is a big expense, and Chinese consumer habits is a Car Buying, rarely choose the loan to buy a car. In this regard, the United States is slightly better than China’s foundation, they used to buy a car loans, and credit more developed.

the second issue is the credit system. Users will have a lot of worries about buying a car on the Internet, and it’s not clear whether businesses selling cars via the Internet are trustworthy. In addition even if the car is basically a standard, but more users are still willing to go to the store to look at cars, and enjoy the store and service as well as a series of Car Buying follow-up such as insurance, licensing and other services.

third problems, but also the most important issue, is the contradiction between auto manufacturers and distributors. A few manufacturers are dozens of brand stores, more than several hundred, most likely to more than 1000, so many brand stores is he planning channels, but also the distribution network, once achieved the online sale, the dealer to do what


this is actually a difficult point to solve a contradiction, how to plug the interests of dealers into the car electricity supplier inside the chain to do. If a brand, such as Mercedes Benz, in an electricity supplier or vertical media website opened a direct outlet shop, then the dealer becomes a customer to the store to mention the car service channels.

Of course, there are a lot of

Home Furnishing shop has been implemented online sales, customer service line shop decoration, also can through a certain way to the combination of online and offline, but for the automotive industry, which requires a conversion process.

, the most important thing is that many stores are defined as 4S, and this S includes sales

I’ve been a dirty webmaster for years

wanted to end this life many times, but every time she went out, she couldn’t find a better job and went back to the Internet career I had no use for.

to be honest, I’m not a bad guy. I’m a hot blooded young man. I’ve been studying in University for 2 years. I’ve gone to Shantou, worked for several years, worked as a foreign enterprise, and also worked as a private manager. I did a lot of work and worked as a director. Wandering for a few years, what experience, and nothing left. Money, woman.

sometimes hates myself a little bit. I think I’m the one responsible, the diligent and the smart. From 4 years ago to join the webmaster career, then what all don’t understand, follow Liaoning eldest brother learned a little SEO fur, began to make a living in the webmaster edge of the internet. A rough calculation, also earned two million. But there are only 50 thousand of the stations that have just been sold at Admin5. Age, parents hurry home. I recently prepared to wrap up my burden and return to the hometown where I grew up and raised me.

actually site, I have always wanted to do seriously, I did a year of our small city site, and finally even the space costs have not earned back.

I did a year of agricultural information network, and finally sold only one ad, only a total of 50……

I’ve been working on a student’s website for a year, and finally called a hacker to just delete one of the pants head pages.


I want to live, in a long walk in the dark. From SEO, I made a bunch of erotic keywords. I know that these sites are blocked, and use these keywords to do some entertainment click advertising effect is good, is the Qihoo Uusee do like advertising, mutual collusion. Let’s go around the internet. Finally, throw away the net. And I just count the clicks and ads behind my back……

in the domain name, I also do a lot of wicked things. I know I was late to enter the domain name ring. The fat was gone, and even the soup was cold. I have registered some domain names of enterprises, and then sent mail to these enterprises. That half a year, I every day at 3-4 on the Internet in the domain name, all day in Enom and other domain name. One of the most impressive teachers in the northwest. The domain name of his school website is gone. Looking for me, I was also short of money, a cruel hearted, looking for him to 3000. Later, he bought the domain name at the cost of 4 months’ salary to keep his teacher’s job. After that, I gave up trying to grab the domain name.

in the promotion of garbage sites, now the mass Discuz vulnerabilities, and some Blog are sending loopholes, I find someone I requested to write out, and then sold to some people engaged in the promotion, now see a lot of alienated mass. I feel ashamed. My dream, my dream, my life, and finally on this road of no return.

Ling Kai personal Adsense – lack of online staff to work

I started from the site to now almost three years, and in the industry is also a small reputation. Ready to start the site recently a lot of friends asked me, what is the most difficult to do? To tell the truth, for me, the biggest difficulty is not creative, do not promote, but can not find suitable business partners, the premise is that I don’t have enough energy and resources to recruit, manage and motivate employees.

all roads lead to Rome. In this absence of energy and money, I can only think of other ways to do my work carefully. And some entrepreneurs after more than a month of discussion, the author finishing three years to do their own webmaster experience.

number 1: not doing "non main business" work. This is very typical thing, a person’s energy is limited, doing anything, then nothing can be done well. Like I am good at planning and promoting, then I will do this part of the best, and other, such as development, design, to the right people to do.

second: hire employees to work. Hiring employees requires space, office equipment, daily expenses, and so on. For personal Adsense is not very realistic, there are funds can consider.

third: the "non main business" of the work to those who use this as "main business" of the workers to do.

some time ago, I found the webmaster online trading forum, there is a special channel for individual workers to provide recommended workers – on the task of China to hire online workers. The task China worker for the program, design, planning and other aspects, they do not need to manage your site, do not need to provide office space and equipment, they are also more cost-effective than you hire employees much cheaper.

Several considerations for online hiring workers at

1, publish tasks as needed.

tasks are learned, the site name, site like LOGO tend to creative work, suitable for the release of Witkey task, we benefit by mutual discussion web design and program development; high technology content suitable for releasing the bidding task, and then invite workers perform tasks; time is very urgent for people to find a suitable service from a business after the invitation of fast communication task.

2, know how to take the initiative to find workers.

2 million workers, webmaster can according to their own needs, to commercial service search workers, invite high credit value, ability of workers to complete the task. The first two pages of the search page are workers with high credit ratings and high levels of activity.

3, the task must be clearly described, you can refer to the task of China’s "good way to describe."".

tasks must be clearly described, saving communication time and communication efficiency with workers. Some employers because they do not have time to communicate with workers, and so on after the completion of the task to see the results, the results are not satisfied, and later found that their description is not clear. >

Local SNS website become craze, new talent is kingly way

The last time the

in "portal field test the water SNS webmaster ready to seize the opportunity" mentioned in the SNS on the Internet has already become the darling of the portals such as the current support blog mentality to support the new SNS. Many webmaster also followed all the big portal, also to start the local SNS website.

SNS is still in the childhood in this field of China, and has not brought any benefits to each webmaster and major portals. But look at the Internet in the form. Microsoft in 2007 to $240 million to buy Facebook1.6% shares, which is worth $15 billion, a sum equivalent to almost two of global top 500 enterprises and Xerox karpov. Even Facebook’s Chinese apprentice has attracted the attention of many investors. Last year, the campus network belongs to thousands of oak interactive access to Softbank 450 million U.S. dollars of investment, another domestic SNS website 51.com has also received Shi Yuzhu’s $51 million favor.

why SNS so hot, in fact, the reason is very simple, that is, can bring unlimited amount of traffic and popularity, in the flow and popularity, is countless benefits. FaceBook, founder and CEO of Mark ·, Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) announced earlier this year, FaceBook new users in the United States 1 million per week, in the world this figure is 5 million. Users are Internet Co’s largest resource, with users, that is, occupied the future market revenue heights.

visible, SNS is a bank, now just save money stage. Banks are always making money, and that’s something sooner or later. As long as SNS grows up, he can sit back and collect money. Therefore, these large Internet users are willing to continue to test the water on the SNS, who would like to share this soup.

webmaster and the portal manager different, not so much money, not so many entrepreneurs to design SNS construction site, the webmaster business SNS website how? SNS website is what to make money? Stationmaster net (admin5.com) Wenyang think, advertising and website constantly the value-added service is the main form of the SNS website to make money.

because many webmasters do local SNS website, and many websites, advertising revenue is the most popular revenue on the internet. But SNS is not like any other web site. Advertising is always annoying users. Take the school network, in the happy farm, between friends and students stealing vegetables, farming. The potato chips used a small program of this kind to advertise themselves, and did not bother users, or were they keen on growing pleasure potatoes for sale. Do these ads not only brings benefits to the owners, but also give users increase the fun of games, increase website viscosity. This advertising model makes SNS shine. >

ZY net 1 stationmaster do 10 websites and 10 stationmaster do 1 websites

specific data has not been counted, do not know how many stationmaster is in celibacy, fight in the technology of a few websites and update. Also do not know how many stationmaster collaboration runs a website.

before, I also registered no less than more than 10 domain names, novels, games, portals, anime, jokes… Domain names are also available, com, CN, net. Was also a rookie, bent bigger (see my first "anti yo net" column, too much, no center). Until last year he noticed a person so many website real tired, not so much time to manage, so every day only for hundreds of IP, there is no meaning and value of strenuous efforts, wasted youth, life. So, 10 years of "disarmament" policy. Only 5 main stations are left. One of them is everyone familiar with "webmaster romance network"". It’s not a dumpster, it’s all a station. But the 5 stations are still full of trouble and can not be taken into full consideration. Recently also in the "careers". Otherwise it can only be death road one.

personally, I think a person can have many stations, which involve all trades and types. But don’t force are distributed to these sites, you can reserve the domain name registration, or after the line in there waiting for Baidu, PR is coming, do not be too concerned about, a few months to see it, because the station is what we call "zombie station". Unless you have enough funds and people in place, you can start your zombie station". Otherwise, put him on the "zombie" first,


then again, everyone has his or her own interests. Do stand, divided into several types: 1 earn money, 2 interest; 3, earn a little money when interest. However, the ultimate goal is to hope that their stations can be accepted by Internet users, thereby bringing economic benefits. This is the ultimate goal, we need to stop to consider the potential value of the site as well as the development prospect, list all your domain and online website, choose your favorite, the most affected areas, to research the art or function, which makes you a stand on the user’s experience to quality this is a leap, first half sentence title, if you do only start a domain name, so webmaster, can tell you that you have not far from success. Because you are now a webmaster, do a web site attentively".

below to talk about cooperation operations, that is, 10 webmaster do 1 web sites". Actually, this is a very simple but very difficult thing. Simply because if you want to set up a company operating a website, you can recruit 10 people, this is not necessarily the personal webmaster, but also can do it, because the webmaster is not how high the threshold (except Technology), as long as there are people in training, will soon join. But not everyone can start a company, at least now without funds or with a steady job. Most of the webmaster or a person standing alone, every day in addition to update is propaganda, a person tired enough

The eight circles network CEO Zhang Libo talks about the Southern life gateway

eight world network CEO Zhang Libo talk about Southern life portal

current guest: eight circles net CEO, Zhang Libo,

local topic: eight circles network, Southern life portal

participates in the interview: QQ group 57322806


1, website background

Fang Qingbin: Mr. Zhang Libo is welcome to a business interview in www.citymetre.com. First of all, I’d like to ask Mr. Zhang Libo to introduce the basic situation of the eight boundary net.


Zhang Libo:

good evening, the eight world network (www.8jee.com) was established in August 2005. It has been more than two years since. Earlier, we mainly takes the eight cards into the business model, we in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou and other places signed a business 3000, and issued eight community card 30 million copies in the three city. In the middle and late, we switched to the Internet based model, and now the main mode is the local life portal. More will be a feature of the media.


frankly speaking, we haven’t realized the real consumption share yet. We will still take this as our direction, but it’s a long line. At this stage, we are creating a local community consumption and life media, a bit similar to the "boutique shopping guide" interactive version of the network.


overall model, is from the community consumer media to the community e-commerce development in a main direction.


the first stage, advertising is our main mode of profit; in the second stage, the transaction will become the main body of our income. 08 years, we belong to the first stage.


we from the previous catering oriented direction, after the development and adjustment, to form a "shopping + marriage" based, food supplemented by the direction. Dining at this stage will not be our main target, because we can not earn money, we pay attention to female consumer goods.


this is the current situation of the eight networks. The development of the enterprise and the transformation is very difficult, but generally speaking, the past few months, our development is very rapid, in the target, I am planning to do the eight sector net in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Hongkong and other places. The entire Pearl River Delta is very vigorous consumer areas, this is our plan, thank you.


Fang Qingbin: Thank you for sharing. Now let’s go into the dialogue.


two, interview dialogue



1" and "pass"

Soft advertising is beneficial or harmful to the forum

recently, a lot of network promotion executives in my blog and I exchange said, BBS now audit is more and more strict, so, BBS marketing operation will be more and more difficult. Yes, this problem is becoming more and more obvious. The chance that the article is approved by the forum is now getting smaller and smaller. So, is this soft advertising message good or bad for forum administrators,


personally believes that there are several reasons for this situation.

stand in the BBS administrator’s point of view, they don’t want to see their site appear garbage information, affect the quality of the site information at the same time, also will site browsing crowd lost information on the site. However, Guangzhou network marketing experts believe that if it is not malicious in the forum "filling" spam information, the forum administrator can appropriately relax the scale. Because "soft Wen" is through artificial modification, he in the publicity of their own information at the same time, but also today’s outstanding phenomenon reflected. And this kind of information is what web browsing people want to see because they’re hungry for useful information. From this point of view, the soft soap advertising on the forum itself is beneficial (of course, administrators should also do a good job of audit).

that BBS administrator will not do, after all, the site is also hope to profit, they don’t want "non cooperation" advertising information appear in their own site. If you want to send this kind of advertisement, you can pay for the forum promotion.

reality is what kind of? "Spread partners" advertising information, because they think they pay, then they can release a large number of advertising information, their own in a flagrant way unscrupulous, but let the forum into "garbage dump"!! this kind of machine and post what is the difference. You gain the benefit, but hurt the reader.

mutual benefit is not just economic, can also be content, as long as the text can reflect certain social problems, as long as the forum visitors want to see, the administrator can do more (may be sent to your forum on the move is original.)

is another poster not a short time to publish the same type or the same kind of advertising, it will not only make the administrators very disgusted, will also allow visitors to have visual fatigue, even on such information without hate, is not conducive to the dissemination of such information, even opposite. The negative is not conducive to the spread of information. On the contrary, it is not only disgusting to disseminate high-quality information in a planned and step-by-step way, but it will make us look forward to better information.

soft text determines the quality of information dissemination, but the rational use of channels for network marketing is everyone’s common wish. Forum soft text marketing should not be the forum and "information" mutual aversion, mutual dislike of the opposite situation, and should be mutual respect and mutual use of cooperation scenarios.

welcome everyone to enter my blog, and I exchange BBS marketing related knowledge: http://jason.>

Share the development course of Chinese literature website with new stationmaster

some type of website is several years before the birth of the Internet, such as blogs, such as making friends, but the literature website is with the Internet age, like news website, can be said to be one of the first type of site.

literature website can become "veteran", there are objective reasons. In the early days of the Internet, the content of the website was mainly composed of words. There were characters, editors and fans of words (or literature lovers). In the print era, published literary works through newspapers, magazines and publishing house, after contributing often requires a long waiting period. The emergence of the Internet is simply the gospel of literary lovers, publishing work has become simple and fast, literary sites have also naturally produced.

is not clear about the course of development of foreign literary websites, but I still have a good understanding of Chinese literature websites. The development of Chinese literature websites is closely related to the development of China’s Internet. It can be divided into four stages: the forum stage, the short stage, the long stage and the diversification stage.

I, forum phase (1997 -1999)

Internet just entered China 97-99 years, Chinese website is not much, the person that can get online and the person that gets online also is very little. At that time, Sina, NetEase form several major portals: community, forum has become a literary writers you place. Xici.net, Tianya, CILU appear professional forum website, enrich the literature lovers network life. Although these forums are now developed into a comprehensive forum, but when it was established, the literature section is undoubtedly the most fiery. So far, these forums have a strong humanistic color. Many Internet writer is from these websites became popular, such as wood, Murong Xuecun ten years.

two and short (2000 -2002)

this stage can also be called "professional stage", that is, there have been a number of professional literary websites. These sites are common: 1, with a short literature, essays, short stories, poetry is the three most important genre, the novel rare; 2 registered users, the main purpose is to publish, reading is secondary; 3, the article must be reviewed in order to send table, website editor is very important who holds the power of life and death; 4, original articles are generally an article published only in a web site; 5, almost no commercial elements, the author published works without income, readers read free; 6, generally to provide users with essays and diary, message board, web interface are good-looking; 7 China, there are elements of traditional culture strong.

under the banyan tree and netrose is representative of this stage, the former prevailed. Because of financial strength and publicity properly, banyan under both quality and reputation are the boss of the time, a large number of well-known writers recruited, representatives of Li Xunhuan, Ning Caishen and Anne baby. The first is netrose founded by individuals, but its design is very beautiful, in a gentle.